Sunday, April 29, 2007

Relationship: Memory Box

There was a little girl who got a scrap from her teacher for being the best student in the class. She was very happy and kept it with her all her life even after she got married. Whenever she was nagged for being inefficient and incapable in future she looked at it and got the strength from it and lived her life happily without feeling dejected. It was a reminder that she was the best. The central idea out here is that always keep with you the mementoes and moments that play a vital role in your life and boost you up when you feel low. These moments are could be anything, a greeting card which you received from your lover when you met for the for the first time ,old movie tickets, passes of a theater or dried flower which your lover gave you long time back. There are husband who keep the first sweater knitted by their wives till date as a special souvenir of their love. There are many wives who keep the first dress presented by their husbands as a reminder of love. Such are the couples who build a strong and long relationship.

Such souvenirs are a booster in your life that remind you of the happy days and moments of your life and pep you up. They bring back that life in you that you had once. Just a look at those reminders fills a kind of energy in you and revitalizes your faded love.
Always keep such souvenirs as greetings cards, movie tickets, love notes, anniversaries cards from your mate and many other things you did r and enjoyed together, in a memory box. Make a memory box, a drawer or any convenient place where you can just open and see these mementoes that remind you of the happy times spent together.

Whenever you are feeling low and find the love to be fading out of your relationship then open the memory box and feel back the lost love. Remember the special time spent together and enliven your relationship. You will fall in love again with the same vigor and vitality. Just the look at those mementoes makes you happy and makes you realize that the love is still there. They take you to the best time of your life and freshens you up.
When your lover is too busy and does not have time for you do not sulk and feel low but look at those mementos remember the happy times spend together. You feel the presence of your mate and realize that he loves you; it’s just the work that’s keeping your partner away from you and nothing else. Many times when our partner is not with us because of some genuine problem at times we go too far to think in the negative. Do not assume in the negative. Only a look at it will fill you with positive feelings and always remind you of the love between you and your partner.

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