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Relationship: Listen to How You Talk

Listening is an important factor in a happy relationship. Unless you listen to your partner you will never know about his or her feelings. Listening carefully to your partner improves your married life but listening to yourself does wonders. It is equally important to listen to how you talk. Listen to the tone of your talk. Generally we do not care to consider to how we talk and what impression we give to the listener. But it is important to listen to you.

Sensitivity is the core factor of all the feelings. A sensitive person has the ability to conquer all. A person is sensitive about you; you definitely react in a positive manner. Be sensitive towards your relationship and feel the bliss of it. If you are sensitive then for sure you are going to listen to how you speak and how your partner feels about it. You have to listen to the tone when you speak. Are you polite, soft and sound caring or just the opposite? When a person is harsh, impolite, rude or uncaring in speech he or she is destroying the relationship without realization.

How you speak to your partner has a great impact on the opposite sex. None of us like to be spoken in a rude and harsh manner. We feel hurt and insulted. And when you speak in such a tone to your mate then you are definitely hurting your partner and doing harm to your relationship. It is a must for all of us to mind our tone, improve the way we speak.
Whenever you speak see how your partner reacts. See the facial expression. You’ll know how you’ve spoken. This is how you learn to listen to yourself to how you talk. If you have got a rude answer you will know that you haven spoken in a manner that is unpleasant and something not appreciated by your partner. You do not have to take special classes for that but little care take makes you a changed person with a pleasing tone when you speak. You have some steps to be kept in mind and follow them.

Firstly be polite, especially when you want something to be done by your mate. This is not hypocrisy but good etiquette. Your partner will be happy to do the task and not offended when spoken otherwise. If you speak in a bossy way, your partner is not going to like it and maybe the work is not done.

Secondly never speak in an angry tone even when you are not. You give an impression of not liking the person spoken to. The mate unnecessarily develops false feelings of not being admired and cared for. Change your tone. Be soft when you talk. Do not give your partner a false impression.

Show concern when you talk to your partner. When you ask for something to eat ask her too to join you. When you want you partner to help you clean the room, do ask if he is tired or not.

Listening to how you talk is a significant factor in maintaining a relationship. If you learn to listen to your talk you will not hart your partner unknowingly. When you talk, talk with emotions. Never sound dead. The partner should feel what you talk. You say you love him or her, does he/she feel like that. Make your partner feel you really love him or her but for that first learn to listen to how you talk and say, “I love you”.

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