Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Relationship: Lighten Up

Don’t get serious all the time. Poke fun at yourself and your partner. Just lighten the mood. Happy people take themselves lightly. The key to a happy relationship is laughter and fun. Laughter is the medicine that helps you reduce the stress you are undergoing. Try not to take things seriously all the time. Laugh and have fun it will help you face problems in a better way. Be happy and make other happy.

Often when couples are going through some bumpy spots in their relationship things get serious. The reason could be some serious tension or something they don’t know, whatever the reason learn to lighten up the mood. You don’t have to take things seriously all the time. You do not have to take every comment, every remark or a look seriously. If any of the partners makes a mistake let it go. After all it is from the mistakes you improve. If you make a mistake not to forget to poke fun at yourself it only lightens the tension. Just drag the sense of humor out of you, learn to be jolly and fun loving.

Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with your relationship? Do you have fun in life? If not then who is responsible. It is in individual’s hands to make him or her happy, and it is in the hands of the partners together to make their relationship happy. While fulfilling the daily demands of home, work society commitment etc we forget to entertain ourselves. We just forget to have fun and enjoy life. Try to take things easy in life as they will help you fulfill your demands in a better and easier way. Learn to relax and have fun along with your work and mistakes you make.

The best way to ruin your life is to take away laughter from your life.
Laughter and fun have a magnetic power in them, they always attract. People always love to be with people who make you laugh and lighten the tensed mood. Have fun together. It has been rightly said-Couples who play together stay together. Have fun with your partner and your children. Enjoy every moment of time spent together.
Have fun at dinner table rather than sitting quietly or just having formal talks.

Happiness is a choice. You are the creator of your own happiness. It is in your hands to be or not to be happy. The choice is yours. So if you really want to be happy and are not happy lighten your mood. Whenever you are tensed in your relationship or work try to release the stress either by laughing at your mistake or if you cannot do that then watch a light comedy film. Remember that you are responsible for your happiness and for that always remember to lighten up the tension thus making you and your partner happy. Therefore take the remarks positively and lightly.

The fun factor in a relationship has its own significance. Be light hearted and let things going. Take things seriously but at the same time have fun be light hearted. If you cannot change things accept them and are happy.

Build a positive attitude! Always look at the brighter side of life. Try not to look or take statements or remarks of your partner in the negative. Accept the criticism and learn to improve yourself. A negative remark made by your partner is always not to let you down but to point out your weakness and make you better.

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