Friday, October 12, 2007

The Secret Of The Perfect Kiss

Set The Mood

Set the mood by treating her like a queen. Take care of her every need so she can just lay back and let the day's stresses wash away. If it's your first date, just relax, take your time and make the entire date all about her (which means you have to tell her stuff about you too!) Look, she wants to feel like a million dollars, so treat her as though she is.

Pick The Right Situation

Take her out to a restaurant, for a moonlight walk, or cook dinner at home. Whatever the situation, create an ambience that's all about romance. Make sure the music is just right, give her your full attention, and if at all possible use candles! Candles are the secret-weapon of romantic guys everywhere. There isn't anyone who doesn't look mysterious, and glamorous by candlelight.

Sweet, Sweet, Breath And Soft, Soft, Lips

Guys, no one likes fish-breath! Or cigarette-breath come to that. Now wine-breath or chocolate-breath may just be OK, depending on the tastes of your partner, but you know what? To play safe, brush like a dentist! If you can't do that, then always have breath fresheners with you--any brand as long as they are peppermint or spearmint--and don't forget the lip balm.

Learn From The Masters

Too may guys dive straight in and have her pinned against the wall in three seconds flat. Look. She's most likely very tentative so be tentative too! She'll like that a lot. You must have watched the masters at work in those wonderful old classic movies starring Bogart and Cary Grant? It may take an entire 90 minutes to work up to THE kiss, but when it finally happens the sexual tension is just explosive! Well watch those movies again. Take note of the body language; the flashing eyes; the meaningful looks; the brushing of fingertips. What's NOT being said is louder--and way sexier--than any porn movie!

Nuzzle Her Neck And Kiss Her Face

Why do so many guys miss this amazing ace card? Unlike guys (most) women are slow starters. They take a while to warm up, and this is sort of kissing foreplay. Spend some time "investing" in the kiss to come.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

More Passion and Romance - How To Get It

Your wife has to feel loved, adored and appreciated by you before she will risk feeling sexually vulnerable and allow herself to open up. She needs to feel secure in your relationship and your love for her. Romance is the fastest, shortest, and quickest way to more fun, spontaneity, passion, and intimacy in your relationship, and not to mention making her fall head over heels for you all over again!

Remember how you treated your wife when she was just your girlfriend? She can probably look back on your courtship with fond memories of you being filled with desire for each other, and where romance was an integral part of your relationship. Many times after couples get married and get settled into their routines they let romance take a back seat to life. They get caught in the trap of thinking that they’re just too busy and it would take too much work to keep the marriage new and exciting. Romance is about keeping your courtship alive long after the wedding day.

Don’t make the mistake that most husbands share of associating romance with sex. Romance is always about love, but only sometimes about sex. A lot of men consider “sex on demand” as being the main ingredient of romance. On the other hand, women typically list things such as being made to feel special, uninterrupted time together, and non-sexual affection as romance. In March 2007, Men’s Health magazine asked 1000 women to rate nonsexual tactics that would put her in the “mood”. The highest rated answers were the simple things:

  • We laugh together, watching a T.V. show or move.

  • He cooks dinner and cleans up.

  • He surprises me with a sentimental gift.

  • He unexpectedly draws me a bath.

Being romantic does not have to be difficult or costly. It’s all about tuning into your wife and listening to what she would enjoy.

Adrienne Taylor is the author of Getting Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger. She has surveyed thousands of swingers around the world. Get your copy of her book at:

Learn how to get your wife or girlfriend into the Swinging Lifestyle. Start by visiting her web site at:

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Friday, October 5, 2007

7 Signs that she is a Fraud

If you are looking for love and marriage abroad, it is very simple to get it right, believe me! There are thousands of honest, sincere women who will be genuinely interested in YOU!

But after you are meeting a nice girl that seems to be right for you make sure the person you are talking to is FOR REAL.

Frankly, looking for a partner abroad is not any different than any other search - search for a house, a second-hand car, or whatsoever, in one simple yet important detail: there will always be people that will try to take advantage of you.

The perception that you have built about dating scams can make you be cautious and suspicious all the time! That is even worse. Chances are you will make the same mistakes as other guys and destroy what was a really good and honest relationship - just because of being paranoid about scammers.

But what if I tell you that there are some specific signs that can make you solve the enigma of sincerity in your relationship and find out that the person you were corresponding with is not who she said she is?

1. Money is a key object to know a scam. At some point she begins to ask for money, frequently asking that it be transferred through wire services. She commonly states that the money is needed to help resolve a family tragedy or arrange for a trip to the United States. A copy of a fraudulent U.S. visa is sometimes attached to prove good intentions.

Beside this, there are other subtle signs that can make you be suspicious from the first e-mails she is sending you.

2. The most prominent is the fact that scammers don't really read your letters. They don't remember what you have written - actually, they don't relate to the content of your letters at all. They don't answer your questions.

3. Things move very fast, and she falls in love with you within 1-5 letters. Those letters she send to you could be sent to anybody: "her" letters are pure monologue that becomes more and more obsessed with "her love" to you and her desire to be together with you despite of everything that separates you.

4. She doesn't want to provide you with her phone number pretending that she doesn't have a phone or that she didn't speak English. Paper can bear anything, you know that. But even phone conversation can give you more clues of what's really going on (though men usually tend to misinterpret subtle signs excusing them by the language barrier).

5. Your name usually appears only once, or does not appear at all in the correspondence she is sending to you. She uses "darling", "sweetheart", "my love" and so on instead, because she is probably afraid not to mix the names of her victims or is sending the same messages to all of them only changing the names.

6. She lets you know from the very beginning that she is a student or how little she earns, including the size of her salary even though you never asked about it. But she never asks about the state of your finances - neither uses the word "financially secure" in her description of the prospective partner.

7. She writes you almost every day (keeps sending you photos even if you did not ask for) and in her letters she talks a lot about trust, honesty and sincerity. :)

So of course you must be aware of the fact that there are some individuals out there who may try to extract from you some amounts in cash, but remember that not all pretty girls you are meeting online are swindlers. Many men who were looking for a foreign wife, and met a wonderful girl without problems, are very surprised to find information about scams - they did not know that such a thing exists!

It is you who takes the choice and the risk.

Enjoy but don't get fooled.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dating Blindly

Knowing the person you are going on a date with, at least on a friendship basis, is one key to being successful in the whole dating game. As we have all learned (the hard way), blind dates are not typically successful. Dating people you meet online is also tricky and in most cases as “blind” as any date can get.

As more and more online dating services pop into existence it seems to be considered normal to meet and date people from the Internet. Without the aid and guidelines of a bona fide dating service, and even sometimes with the support of a reputable online dating service things can get out of hand quickly because unfortunately it is simple to be untruthful online.

When you have only had a few typed conversations with someone it is easy to predict they are interesting and charming. Instant Message conversations and Electronic Mail correspondence is a great way to get to know someone slowly. However, scheduling a dinner date with “Oscar or Olivia Charming” after only seeing their face in a grainy picture once or twice and before meeting them for a non-committal cup of coffee you might be reserving a ticket for disaster.

You don’t always know if the picture you are receiving is your online friend now or years passed. You can’t even be certain it is your online friend at all. There is an amazing trust factor that comes into play with meeting people online with which you might potentially date. Rules of caution begin with the basics.

Do not share your last name, your physical address, or your landline telephone number with anyone you meet online. There are safe effective ways to begin a relationship with an online acquaintance. The most recommended is to find a well-established, reputable online dating service. Word of mouth is a good bet when searching for the perfect online dating solution for your particular needs.

That’s not to say people have not successfully met, life-long friends or clear-cut soul mates in blind date situations or on the Internet. However the lesson learned from friends and family members who have experienced online and blind dating is to follow your heart but truly listen to that little voice that is your gut instinct.

Blind dates can be fun for the most adventurous of the dating clientele, but if you are more traditionally a reserved participant in the dating game you might want to consider some less exciting means by which a date might occur.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going in for the Goodnight Kiss

Nobody wants to be rejected. So how do you know when it's alright to go in for the first goodnight kiss? Well that's a very difficult call to make since every woman/man is different. As a male, I will tackle this topic from the perspective of the man.

Body language is a great way to tell if they're into you. Lets begin by looking at some of the things women do that show they're interested during the conversation:

Playing with and/or twirling hair (this is a tough one and can be confused with a simple case of OCD)

Raising their shoulders straight up and leaning towards you

Hands are open with her palms facing up and outwards

Lots of giggling

You know she's what?

It's time to go in for a kiss. Since she's in to you, there will be many opportunities throughout the night to make your move. If you wait until the last minute and hesitate (at the door or end of the date), you pretty much lost your chance. So be on the safe side and try to do it about midway through the date.

So what if you're not sure?

Just go for it! What's the worst that can happen...they say no? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose; you'll probably never see them again anyways.

Here are three different approaches to the goodnight kiss:

Silent: Making eye contact and then leaning in about 90% of the way

Polite: Asking them if it's alright to give them a kiss

Brave: Telling them that they have nice lips and asking if you could kiss them

So you chicken what?

Nothing. Opportunities come and really comes down to the person and how they choose to handle the situation. Some people can care less, while others take it harder. But the worst is when you regret not going in for the kiss when you know you should have. It happens to us all...we meet someone we really hit it off with or maybe a friend we always had the biggest crush on but never the nerve to let them know. Before you know it they're gone; it's like clockwork, they either meet someone or move across the country. And in the end all you're left with are those two dreaded words, what if?

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mini Love Letter - It's Magical!

In a relationship, one of the most important aspects to enhance the relationship or take the relationship to the next level is honest communication between people. If you study communication in depth, there are basically only two methods, verbal and written. The written form is the most effective but can be also the most damaging if care is not taken in writing. People can forget what is being said but what is being written sometimes lives on over decades. This is the reason why love letters are so precious and effective.

An even more effective method is writing mini love letters or sometimes this is called love notes. In my relationship counseling, I often teach others how to develop their own love letters as an effective means of communication. The most important characteristic of an effective love letter is that it must reek of effort from the writer. However, writing love letters often can be quite difficult and time consuming. The mood, the time and the environment must be right to create an effective love letter.

In a lot of relationships, couples often suddenly feel the love moment. The love moment hits one suddenly. It may come when one is engrossed in doing a task and a sight triggers off a pleasant memory and one feels a warm feeling overcoming the entire body. It is in these moments that one should seize to write a love letter. Sometimes when it may not be too convenient, then a mini love letter or love note becomes a viable option.

What is a mini love letter? It is a short letter usually consisting of 1 to 3 sentences. It can be sent on a physical scented paper, an email or even a mobile short messaging. It is even more effective when the mini love letter is written in an unconventional medium such as on a pencil, bottle, tree bark you picked up and even on a piece of nice cloth. When mini love letters are written in an unconventional medium, it becomes a treasure.

Are mini love letters effective? Well, if you think about it, mini love letters are a multi-billion dollar industry already – your greeting cards are mini love letters! Notice how many words or phrases are there in the cards which you will easily pay $3 dollars to as much as $15 per card? Those cards are mini love letters written for you and you just have to pick one out. Although, it is a nice gesture, the problem with those is that your recipient knows that you bought it. So, the best mini love letters are those that come from your thoughts, your heart and those you created yourself. If you use a very unconventional medium, the mini love letter becomes even more pleasurable to the recipient. With an unconventional medium, your mini love letters ‘reeks of effort’ which will automatically radiate from it, and the recipient will recognize that instantly.

An example of a mini love letter on an unconventional medium would be:

Take a pencil and scrap off consistently one side of the pencil until the wood is exposed. It does not have to perfectly flat but it would make writing easier. Then take a felt pen marker and choose a love phrase e.g. “Without you, my life would be empty of all inspiration, love Joe”. Wrap up the pencil with a ribbon and present it when you next see her.

The best part of such a mini love letter on an unconventional medium is that it will be unique, the only one kind in the entire world, and this makes the mini love letter a treasure in itself.

I can assure you that pencil will never be sharpened, and it will be the most treasured pencil in the world for the recipient. Go ahead and write a mini love letter to someone close to you today.

Catherine Preth is a die-hard fan of love and everything around it. People need it more now than ever before. Catherine is the author of where she teaches people how to do the simplest thing to enhance relationships between people.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

7 Funny Replies That Work Online!

If you have spend some time talking online, you know there are some question that women ask you all the time. How to answer to these question to make sure that you are getting her attention and interest? Just try using next lines:

1.When she is questioning you about your marital status just say:
“Well, my dog hates the way I do coffee, it hopes I will find someone else that will make him a coffee every morning”

2. What is your age?
“I am a little child... when I am sleeping, a mature man when I am making decisions and an exploring teenager when I have the opportunity to talk with an interesting woman”

3. Do you have children?
It is a simple question to reply but you can say more than yes/no, and earn some points. So..
If you Do Have Kids you can answer “Oh yes, I have...(a 2 years old boy), he is a nice kid, and he is very responsible for my haircut.” :)
If you don't have kids: “No, I don't have kids yet. I'm still looking for the woman willing to take the risk of having good looking kids, like me. :))“

4.What happened with your ex ?
This is a hard question, don't give specific details, be serious and pass quickly over this subject. You can say something like : “I never joke about my love life. We just didn't match with each other/We couldn't pass over some problems together. and decided to go on on separate ways.”

5. What are you doing for living? What is your job?
Now, maybe you are hating your job but don't let her know that. Be enthusiastic and positive: “I am working in (domain) and I really like to wake up every morning with such a job. Sometime I forget putting my socks on in my hurry to reach at work”.

6. What kind of relationship are you after?
“I really want to find someone that can take me as I am, someone that can accept how gorgeous I am. :) “.

7. What are you doing in your spare time?
“I haven't to much spare time but I rely like to... (read GOOD books / watch GOOD TV Shows / listen GOOD music / share GREAT time with my friends).” You have to be selective and a little demanding... make her understand that you are not just wasting your time anyhow and with anybody available. So she will feel good that you are spending YOUR time with her.

The idea is that you have to be funny but serious at the same time. Make her curious, with every question you are answering her you have to make her want to know more about you. Just be different, be original.

Good luck and have fun!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Increasing your odds at the bar

Picture for a moment the lion as he comes across a herd of delectable gazelle in the savannah. The lion circles his prey, crouches in the shrub, and then pounces on the unsuspecting gazelle. The lion does not go after the fastest gazelle because he knows that he will never catch it; rather, he goes for the slowest.

If the goal is to catch food in order to survive, the lion was successful because he went after what he knew he could catch. The fastest of the gazelle’s is used to the advances of the lion and is quick to react. The lion knows that if he chases that prized gazelle, he will be passing up all the other gazelle in the process…so he lets it go. But in the end, even the fastest gazelle will eventually fall victim to a swifter and more cunning adversary

Its a Lose-Lose Situation

Now imagine you’re hanging out at the local bar. Whether you’re in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or Vermillion…the setup is always the same. The women are concentrated towards the center of any location while the men hover eagerly around the periphery.

Women don’t go out to the bars alone, there are always going to be at least 2 or 3 friends along with them. As the women get comfortable around the center, the men will encircle them and slowly come in for the kill. But unlike the cunning lion, they prey on the most attractive women in the bar. Like clockwork, there will always be a woman that is clearly more attractive than all of her friends. Each man will make his approach at the attractive female, and one by one, they will all be rejected.

Just like the quickest gazelle, the attractive woman is used to these advances and even the cleverest approach has already been anticipated. By chasing the most attractive female, that male has automatically lost out on winning over her friends.

It’s not rocket science

Actually, its Game Theory economics—John Nash won a Nobel Prize for this. Nash states that rational self-interest hurts everyone, and instead, everyone wins through cooperative games. So if you’re out with a couple friends at a bar and you see that one attractive woman hanging around, remember that she has probably been hit on the entire night and already eluded some of the best. Sure we want the most attractive catch, but remember that there is only one of them and many of you. If everyone goes after the one girl, nobody will win because each will attempt to undermine the other. On the contrary, if you decide to go for her friends instead, everyone can come out a winner in the end.

Think about it.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

10 Reasons Why SOME eRelationships do not Work

You are single, bored and you just have nothing to do. It is another miserable day like the day before. You need someone to talk to and you are turning on the computer, browsing some... dating sites. There are so many people... singles, like you are.

What should you ask from them? Can they change your life for better?

The answer to the last question is up to you. Would you let a person you have met online to change your life? Are you willing to do this? Do you trust someone you have met this way?

SOME people simply do not have the courage to let an online relationship to develop and change in a normal healthy relationship. Are you one of them?

Let me re-ensure you that online relationships really are working, and yes it can change your entire life, in a good way. :)

But there are some impediments or mistakes which are leading to the end of the relationship between two people that could have had a good future together:

1. First of all if you do not take people you are taking to too seriously, you will be treated the same way.

2. Being too secret and reserved. If you do not tell things about you and you are not working to develop a relationship, nobody will make this for you.

3. Trust or lack of trust is the biggest impediment of an eRelathionship. You have to try to get the people you are taking to trust in you, and then find out if that person is a trustworthy one. There are so many ways to check out this.

4. Being shy. If you are interested in someone and you want to meet her/him offline, let her/him know this. What do you have to lose?

5. Fear of disappointment or fear of becoming a victim of someone with bad intentions can make you paranoid. It is good to be preventive but not exaggerate about this. It is not funny and will pull people away.

6. Unbelieving. If you do not believe that an eRelathionship can become something more then it is, you will not pay too much attention and... You get exactly what you give and some more, don�t you?

7. Do not make that relationship a priority in your life. Any human needs to feel that is important for someone, that is the center of someone life, even if you have meet that human online. Don�t you feel the same? Wouldn't you pay more attention to someone if you would know that you are a priority in his/her life?

8. Not making the next step. Talking online can be fun but it is not enough to get to know a person better and after a while it can become boring. Talking on the phone can help you two to develop the relationship and do not forget that you can feel chemistry only when you two are meeting face to face, touching each other, feeling the smell of her/his perfume.

9. Beeing insincere, pretending that you are something that you are not will lead you eventually to the end of any relationship. So be honest from the very beginning, maybe you have just meat the match of your life, don't take the risk to lose her because of a stupid mistake.

10. Thinking that online dating sites are some kind of shops where you can find a lover like you find a pair of shoes, and if you are braking the shoes you can go back to that shop and buy another pair just like the first. It is not true, every human, every soul is unique. If you lose her/him it is for good. So I am sure that you will have problems like all couples have but it is worthy to make the effort to solve these problems together.

Be happy that the technology gives you the chance to meet your match online, but do not waste this chance, it could never come back to you.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Logic Of Females - Or Lack There Of

Many males complain that they don't understand females. Many females complain that they don't understand males. We also have the classic saying that men are from mars and women are from venus. Physically both sexes are very similar and are of the same species so what is the problem?

After much reading on the subject, there seems to be a general consensus that there is a fundamental difference in the way men and women think. The bottom line is that men think with logic but women think with emotions. This is why a male gets so frustrated with a females sometimes irrational behavior.

Additionally, a female rarely says directly what she wants. Instead, she will use reverse psychology by asking the male a series of questions until she gets the desired answer. If she does not get the desired answer she will take the huffs and give the male 'the cold shoulder treatment'. She thinks this will alert the male that something is wrong and he will do what she wants….with out actually telling him |:(

Meanwhile the male is left dazed and confused as to what happened. After which an argument is usually required to get to the bottom of the problem. The whole situation could have been avoided if the female had stated directly what she wanted in the first place.

When asked why they do this, most women will either answer that they don't realize they're doing this or they simply don't know why. Many an argument could be avoided if what came out of a girls mouth was the same as the thought that was processed in her brain. But alas, it is not.

The classic example is a couple driving along a road. The female is hungry so she says to the male 'would you like to get something to eat?' The male replys 'no thanks I'm not hungry at the minute' and keeps driving. She then takes it thick because she didn't get the answer she was looking for. If she had said 'I'm hungry, pull in at the next shop so I can get some food' he would have done just that without question.

This all stems back to the fact that a female thinks with her emotions, not logic. This is why a male cannot understand a females rational. Males cannot read between the lines. They are not psychic or clairvoyant and they need everything spelled out to them in black and white.

Males often also complain that females are moody, have mood swings and show irrational or erratic behavior. This is especially apparent in times of stress, emergencies or significant events where body chemicals and emotions are highly stimulated.

Because a females behavior is affected by her emotions and her emotions are affected by her body chemistry and her body chemistry is in a state of flux from one month to the next, it can only be expected that a female would exhibit erratic behavior that is a mystery to a man whose body does not go through a constant monthly cycle of change. Re-read that last paragraph guys if it went over your head.

Unfortunately this behavior is genetically built into a females body. So sorry guys, you are going to have to live with it and while you can't get rid of it, you can at least be aware of it and try to understand it.

So in short, guys need to try to interpret better what a girl is saying, as it may not be exactly what she means. Girls need to try better to say exactly what they mean, if they want their guy to do what they want, without playing head games with them. Whether this is actually possible (as it goes against our genetic programming) is another case entirely.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

How to Pick Romantic Personalized Jewelry

Looking for a great romantic present for your wife, girlfriend or fiance? We recommend personalized jewelry - personalized jewelry is a very romantic gift and it could be personalized with different things, such as a name or the first initial. Your gift recipient knows how special she is, because the gift with her name or initial on it is just for them.

We have put together these tips to help you find a perfect piece of personalized jewelry for that special woman in your life. Here are our tips to help you find that perfect personalized jewelry:

- Personalized Rings. Personalized rings make great gifts. You may personalized a ring with different things. Personalized couples rings may include first initials or birthstones of both people in a couple.

Or, personalize that ring just for her - there are many possibilities. Rings personalized with a birthstone are great, so are initials rings (a ring personalized with her first initial), or name rings, rings with her name on it.

- Personalized Necklaces and Pendants. Personalized necklaces are very popular; necklaces personalized with a first name of the wearer used to be all the rage a few years ago, and they are still pretty popular.

There are many different personalizations to choose from. You may pick for the name to be written in regular letters or script letters, and you may pick a birthstone to be added to the necklace. Personalized necklaces and pendants come in many different looks and concepts. Take a look at a few different ones, and pick the one that reflects the style of the woman you love.

- Personalized Bracelets are also very popular, and there are many to choose from. Some bracelets are personalized with the recipient's name. Others may be personalized with both of your names. Yet, others may have her birthstone or a few of her birthstones on it, making it one of a kind bracelet just for her.

Next time when you are looking for a romantic gift for the one you love, get her a personalized piece of jewelry. You will be glad you did - she will love it!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kissing Tips - Make a Kiss More Passionate

Kissing is something that most couples do. Kissing well and with passion, however, is far less common. All too often, people fall into boring ruts and monotonous techniques that make kissing an undesirable prelude of more exciting activities to come. This is especially true for couples who have been together for awhile. To keep kissing fun or to rekindle the flame that was once there, observe the guidelines below.

1) What you do right before a kiss will set the mood. Gaze into their eyes and pay your sweetie a romantic compliment.

2) Hold your partner firmly, but gently in your arms. Put one arm around their back and put the other around the base of their head.

3) Occasionally, put both of your hands on your partner's cheeks to intensify the moment.

4) Kiss other places than the mouth. Add variety and intimacy by breaking away to kiss the cheek, forehead, neck, or anywhere else you feel is appropriate.

5) While maintaining a slow rhythm is essential to establishing intimacy, occasional bursts of intensified and quick movements (with tongue and hands) lasting several seconds will increase the passion.

6) Break the lip lock every few minutes to make a compliment about your partner's kissing ability, passion, or how sexy they are.

7) Location will determine the intimacy of the moment. Don Juan, himself, would have trouble creating a sensual moment in a busy school hallway with people walking by. Isolated areas are the best place to unleash your passion.

8) Use your hands to freely caress your partner's body. You can caress the hair, stroke their back, etc.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Secrets for Success in Meeting her Parents

There is nothing as stressful and intimidating as having to meet the parents of your girlfriend for the first time. But, if you know how to handle this, you will see that can be a real interesting experience.

It comes a day in your life when you figure out that your relationship with your girlfriend is getting serious and she has to take you to meet her parents and family. This is a big step in your relationship and it is very important to make a good impression from the beginning, if you want that they agree to meet their girl anymore.

There are several occasions in which you can meet her parents, such as a holiday or birthday, picking her up for a date, or just a dinner in family prepared special for the meeting. No matter in which circumstances you meet, for impressing her parents you must be prepared.

First of all, dress to impress. You must be presentable at your meeting, that's why the best to wear is probably a suit. Your performance will be judged by the first impression you make in their eyes.

Before the big meeting make sure to find out from your girlfriend all the details about her family, so you will know what to talk with them. Ask where her parents work, about their personality if they are very serious or they have sense of humor, and if they like funny people or much reserved, to know how to act with them. It is important to know some details, to not refer to her grandparents if you don't know if they are still alive.

Also asking questions about her family will show her that you really care, that you are interested, and ready to do all the sacrifices that are necessary to make their parents like you. Remember that in the first meeting you must make sure that they observe your good manners, to prove her parents that you deserve to be with their daughter.

If the meeting takes place at their home, don’t forget to bring a gift, such as flowers, a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine to show that you are polite. Be confident, give her father a firm handshake, and as a sign of respect call him Sir.

You have to make a good conversation, but also be prepared for many questions towards your family. Don't panic, relax and look in them eyes and answer as nicely as you can. Be prepared to answer at the question about what do you want to do in the future. Speak about your job, family, sports, but don't bring any discussion about money, politics or personal questions. Asking questions about their family will show your interest about them, as far as your aim is to get along with both partners, to get on their good sides.

Keep a smiled face to show you are friendly; be personable, polite and respectful. Flatters her mother's look or clothing and compliment her cooking by finishing your plate. You may offer your help to clean up the dishes; this will certainly impress her mother.

Be yourself, to see from the beginning how you are, and don't show too much affection towards your girlfriend in their presence, one kiss is enough, to not think her parents that you are over reacting.

Before you leave tell her parents that it was a pleasure meeting them and they have a very special daughter.

You will see that it will be harder with her father which wouldn’t accept easy that now it is another man in his daughter life except him, but if you conquered her mother you will see that she will be the one which will invite you for dinner and will defend you in front of her husband if she really likes you.

So, meeting her parents can't be so bad, and if you really success with this meeting it will base a great friendship between you, which will have a big positive effect on your relationship.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

7 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistable

The key to being irresistable to men is more about you and less about them.

It is about accentuating every one of your strengths both internally and externally and reveling in them. So before we show you how to flirt, tease and seduce, we are going to teach you how to pamper, indulge and revel in the delicious power of being a woman.

1) Before going out to socialize or even see the one that you are currently dating, take a few minutes to visualize what you want to happen. Picture in detail exactly who you want and what you want to happen between you. What qualities will your perfect lover have?
How will he look at you? How will he touch you? Add in as much detail as possible. Knowing what you want is the first step to having it.

2) Before seeing the man you are dating or stepping foot outside the door, take care with your appearance. Look in the mirror and identify all the things that you like about yourself. If you focus on the qualities that you like about yourself, you will have far more confidence in yourself than most women out there. That will show and give you an edge.

3) Accentuate those positive qualities. For example: If you have full shiny hair make the most of it. Let it flow down your shoulders. Play with it in front of the one you desire. Men have a fascination with hair. If you have full pouty lips, apply liner around the edges then fill in with a deep gloss that accentuates your skin tone, then apply a lighter coat just in the center of your lips. This will give them even more sex appeal.

4) Play up your eyes. A lot of flirting is done with eye play. Look at him then look away. Use your eyes to tell him everything that you are feeling, everything that you would like to do to him.

5)Wear clothes that accentuate your assets. Hint at your curves without exposing them. Remember less is more. Incite his curiosity. Make him want to see more.

6) Wear a delicate scent. Apply your perfume twenty minutes before you go out the door. A woman's scent is enticing. Overpowering perfume, on the other hand, is a major turn off.

7) Take care of your whole body, not just your face. Most women wash their face daily and moisturize but what about the rest of you? Take care of your skin. Use a good sugar scrub on your body and follow with a rich moisturizer. If your body feels silky smooth, you will feel and act sexier. Plus the man of your dreams won't be able to resist caressing your smooth, silky soft skin.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The breakdown of relationships and why they fail

All females need sexual tension from a prospective or existing partner to consider having or continuing to have, a physical relationship with them. Lose this from the start and you will become mayor of the friend zone.

Definition of sexual tension - Cocky and funny. A loud mouth, walking the thin line of winding her up without overly offending her. Posing as a challenge and not doing everything she says without a bit of give and take.

No sexual tension = a dead relationship.

There are 4 general types of relationship.


Familiarity without sexual tension. (Usually the male not opening his mouth to challenge a girl he REALLY fancies.) This leads to complacency in that the female becomes numb to the presence of the male (because he doesn't stimulate her emotionally through lack of communication) and associates him as a social partner only. This leads to, the friend zone. The male is permanently seen as a non sexual friend only. Once a female has made up her mind that you are a friend and she says the F word. It is the kiss of death for any attraction you have for her. You will never have a physical relationship with her from this point onward and will spend the rest of your time with her, hearing how she got off with this great guy at the weekend. All the while you're dying inside. When you eventually tell her how you truly feel and she rejects you. She will sit and wonder why you are not answering the phone any more as you were a great listener to her problems.


Purely physical attraction. After a while a lack of sexual variety leads to complacency in both parties. Boredom / lack of sexual tension makes both parties become fed up with each other quickly. This leads to a breakup of the relationship and both parties go their separate ways. This type of relationship can be prolonged if both parties are willing to explore their sexual fantasies and keep variety in the bedroom. The long term feasibility of such a relationship is still in question.


Physical attraction + sexual tension equals love at first site. Female tries to change male to her ideal image of a man. The male resists, lack of conformity equals continued sexual tension which equals a long lasting relationship viewed as love in a love hate relationship.


Physical attraction + sexual tension equals love at first site. Female tries to change male to her ideal image of a man. The male conforms and no longer poses a challenge. Female gets bored as there's no sexual tension any more. Relationship starts to slip. Male thinks everything is ok as he is doing everything she wants but in reality, she has lost all interest in him. It is at this point that she will either stay with him in a purely partnership arrangement or leave him as soon as a better male comes along that stimulates her emotionally.


The above scenarios do not take into account over possessive partners that bully or smother their partners to the point that they leave or attack them. This is known in some circles as 'a bunny boiler'. So named after the film fatal attraction where an obsessed Glenn Close cooks the family's pet rabbit in a revenge attack for Michael Douglas spurning her advances after a brief sexual relationship.

Usually over possessiveness stems from the insecurities or lack of trust in one partner. (They may have been hurt in the past and are determined to not let it happen again, to the point where it becomes an obsession.) Or they're a total psycho, run for it!

Relationship number 4 is the most common. In general you will see it while at the shopping center. The husband pushes the trolley and every time the wife speaks, it's either yes dear or no dear. The husband has conformed to do what the female requires in order to have a quiet life. The female thinks she is superior, in control and has mastered the art of man handling.

In reality she is destroying the mans animal attraction to her. She is slowly numbing him into an affair with someone else. Little does she know it but as he no longer poses a challenge to her, she is slowly becoming numb to him. As his animal instinct is tamed and he finds her attractive less and less, they will suddenly, one day, find themselves in a loveless marriage.

They will at this point be co-existing in a purely partnership based relationship for the sake of survival or because of children. This has lead to relationships breaking up after 30 years of marriage and both partners wonder why their marriage is so lifeless.

It has been described as 'the spark fizzling out'. In reality it is the lack of sexual tension or sexual variety. Remember, a female thinks with her emotions and a man thinks with his…..err….physical attraction mechanism.

If a male no longer stimulates her emotionally, she will seek it elsewhere. Equally if a female is no longer sexually attractive to a man, he too will look elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong ladies, some things can't be reversed, like aging and the passage of time, but there are ways to grow old and still be sexy to a male partner. A boring sex life is a recipe for disaster and being sexy is more than a lack of wrinkles. If in doubt, it's time to start experimenting in the bedroom to see what pushes his and your buttons. Explore each others sexual fantasies and do things you only dream about at night while your partner is asleep. You'll be surprised how quickly your relationship bounces back as a result.

If you have any sense you will heed my warning weather you are male or female, married or just starting a relationship. Try to keep the sexual tension alive between the two of you. If not, you will be on the next train to dumpsville wondering why he or she slept with someone else.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ten Tips On How To Get That Guy

1. Show the Guy That You Are Vulnerable

Men need to feel needed, yes it may be from the dinosaurs but it does still apply. I do not mean that you have to be weak, give in to whatever he wants, and put up with any way he treats you I am not suggesting that. Many men like strong women, but strong women who put out that they do not need a guy often end up alone. It is fine to be strong but try and temper it with "ok here is a situation where I can be vulnerable". Men have a strong protective instinct, though they may rarely show it.

2. Let The Guy Think That He Is Doing The Hunting

Men love the thrill of the chase, it is in their genetic makeup, it is definately a male thing. Play a little secretive and hard to get, and men will flock like bees to honey.

That means having a sense of your own worth, men hate women who are clingy. They are not props, they hate boosting a womens ego all the time. In fact men want a real balanced person. Make him feel he wants to make the first move and do the chasing. Women learn to manipulate men at a very early age. By the age of five most girls have learnt how to wrap their father around there little finger.

3. "Let The Guy Think That He Is Mr Right Rather Than Mr Right Now!"

Stroke their egos, they are not a ticket to go out and pay all the time, let them know that you really value them as a person.

4. Laugh At His Jokes

This is imperative that a man feels he is funny and witty and is an extension of three, they are valued for their sense of humour. Where would we be in life without laughter.

5. Never Call Him After The First During The Next Week

If a guy is interested in seeing you again, trust me he will call you in the first week. He will do this even if he says he has to go out of town. If you call him, you come across as over-anxious. You appear desperate, and are more likely to scare the guy off. It is OK to ask him out the first time but not the second.

6. If You Are Dating Online Get A Professional Photo Taken At A Studio

When dating online you have to market yourself to be successful. A professional photographer will know how to get the best shots out of you and make you look your very best.

7.Don't Go Out With Your Girlfriends In Large Groups

Some men feel that approaching a women in a large group is intimidating. Go out in smaller groups, and make it easier for an interested guy to approach you.

8. Approach Him

Be confidant enough to approach him and ask him if he wants to go for a coffee. If you're not sure whether he is gay or not, then approach him anyway.

If he gives you the brush-over then you have lost nothing, but you can pat yourself on the back for taking the initiative, most men will be flattered by this.

9. You Like Him But He Is Ignoring You

Guys are insecure, and they want to feel liked, and popular. Start ignoring him for a while, not rudely, you don't have to make an issue out of it. Just look right through him, and he will start to be piqued. There is no guarantee here he may not take it any further, it may just boost his confidance, but you have not lost anything

10. Don't Appear To Be Desperate

Desperation is a real turn off for men. It is an indicator that a woman is going to start to get clingy, and that is not good. Appear yourself and show a friendly interest.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

How to Create Great Online Dating Profiles

Making an unforgettable online dating profile is a lot like making an unforgettable ad. Just like that 30-second TV commercial that sells you that new brand of tooth paste, you have to 1) stand out in the middle of a sea of profiles, 2) attract their interest in the first sentence so they’re not tempted to click on to the next person on their list, 3) arouse (pun not intended) their curiosity enough so that they want to find out more, and then 4) make them email you.

Grab their Attention

Start with the photo. The eye moves faster than the mind: grab their eye, and their attention, so they’ll actually stop and read what you’ve written. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not about how gorgeous you look, it’s how much your photo captures your personality.
For example, where should the picture be taken? If you’re an outdoors girl, then share one of yourself standing on a hiking trail. If you love animals, then choose one cuddling a kitten. Immediately, without saying a word, you attract the interest of those who probably share your interest. That’s a lot more powerful than a generic studio glamour shot!
Avoid blurry photos taken with a webcam, or overcluttered backgrounds that steal the attention from you. And in general, wearing a bright solid colored top can help catch attention. Take a look at the pictures on the covers of magazines: see how they’re carefully styled so they stand out on the news stand? Take your cues from there.

Attract their Interest

Advertisers have something called “unique selling proposition”: one value that makes them different from competition. So you have shampoos that claim to make your hair shiny, and another that claims to have a beautiful smell. They don’t try to be everything, and neither should you. Think of two or three things that are important to you (hobbies, passions, your life’s goal). Keep an upbeat tone, and show it to a trusted friend and ask him what he would think if he read it and didn’t know you.

Arouse their Curiosity

You can’t tell your life’s story in a few sentences, and you’re not supposed to. Just as ads don’t actually narrate all the product benefits but give you just enough to want to try it, your profile should just “tease” their interest. After all, if they get in touch with you, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other. So how do you get them to pay attention? Ask a question, give just half of an anecdote, or a teaser like “find out why I can never look at a lemon meringue pie the same way again.” (Note: this also breaks the ice and gives them something to write about in their first email.)

Make them Email You

You know how every sales pitch you read says something like, “Call this number now!” Well, your profile needs that to. Close with a friendly, unintimidating line that will boost your reader’s confidence. Even if it’s something as simple as, ‘I’d love to hear from you!” Why does that one line mean so much? Because it makes the reader feel like you’re talking to them, waiting for them, and makes writing that introductory email less intimidating.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Men's Killer Dating Mistake and how to avoid it!

Once you are good at meeting women online,or anywhere for that matter… The next step is to be able to qualify the lady quickly. By qualify I mean to decide whether to see her again and allow her into your life. This is a very important skill for many reasons.

Here is the Killer mistake a lot of men make!

They spend too much time with a woman they should have "disqualified" 20 minutes after they met her. Mainly because they're glad to meet any woman who shows an interest in them.

What's the best way to avoid the pain and hassle of a bad partner? To be able to disqualify a future partner!
Not easy I know.

See, the men that are good with women, don’t waste their time and energy on someone they instinctively know is going to be trouble. These guys have good qualifying skills, being able to move on quickly from un-responsive or unsuitable women. Then spending their time with only highly qualified dates.This is ‘effective time management’ for producing the best results!

So how do you qualify you ask?
Mmmmhhh, good question and a skill not practiced by many.

Let’s look at it and give an example.

What men good with women do is to have clearly defined criteria and as soon as they identify a trait that is outside of their criteria, they politely discontinue interest and move on.

You need to know what your desired outcome is, Whether it is finding one lady for a permanent one on one committed relationship. Or you may want adventure and good times without too much commitment. If you don't decide your desired outcome, you can't define your ideal dating partner. Once you do know your outcome, however, the next step is to define the criteria of the "ideal dating partner."

Once you have that criteria defined, you want to as Quickly as possible find out if a woman fits that criteria. If she doesn’t, then you need to spend your time identifying those who do. This is where most men make the ‘Killer mistake.’

They stick with a woman they should "disqualify" , hoping she'll develop the traits they're looking for. If she doesn't fit your criteria, decide and move on quickly. Then spend your valuable time and energy finding one who does.

Heres a common example. If you're looking to be married, and you're dating a woman who says, "I just want to have some fun and meet people, and if it goes further, we'll see what happens,"
then you need to disqualify her. She's looking for fun and adventure, not marriage, so she’ll be hard work to change to the traits you are looking for. And waste your valuable time…Fair enough? So you’ll need to find and spend time with the type of women that suits your criteria. Write your criteria down and look at it BEFORE you send kisses, winks and emails at online dating sites.

If you just want to date and meet as many women as possible, which I did when I first went online to get experience, Your criteria can be small. However this Gets frustrating and disappointing as you are not spending quality time with quality women. Then a Year has gone by and you’ve had a lot of fun, but still not a really special, high quality woman in your life, that I’m sure you desire…

So the key to avoid the ‘killer mistake’ with online dating or any dating, is to define what YOU WANT.Then put as much time and energy as you can with women who fit that criteria, quickly moving on from women who don't. As hard and harsh as that may be, your success with women will be a direct result of how you manage your time! This will lead you to finding the type of woman who you want and look forward to spending time with.

This leads to a feeling of well being, success and contentment.

Good luck, I hope you’ve got value from this article.


Mick Jones


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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tips on Getting Over a Breakup

It is always difficult moving on after a relationship ends. Everything seems to remind you of your ex. It’s normal to feel this way, but there are ways to move forward more quickly.

1.) Allow yourself to grieve. Getting those feelings out allows you to clear your mind and move forward. Just don’t get stuck in this phase. Get those feelings out then start taking small steps toward your future.

2.) Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t lie in bed all day, get out, take a walk, eat healthy. Exercise, sunshine and fresh air along with a healthy diet will do wonders for you mood.

3.) Rely on the support of friends. Get out and do something fun. Going out with friends will get your mind off your ex and will remind you that you are loved.

4.) Change your environment. Get rid of or put away the things that remind you of your ex. Rearrange your furniture or paint the walls a fun color.

5.) Engage in your favorite activities. Get involved in all the things you love but may not have had time for when you were in a relationship. This is a great way to get in touch with yourself, reconfirm who you are.

6.) Try something new. If there is something you always wanted to try now is the time. Take a class, go on a trip even if it’s a low-budget day trip, or start a new craft or business venture.

7.) Pamper yourself. Try a fresh new look; get a haircut or experiment with a fun new hair color. Give yourself a home spa treatment or plan a day at the spa.

8.) Read some self-help books or articles. This is a great way to help you work through the hard times or an area you are having difficulty with.

9.) Catch up on movies you haven’t seen or books you haven’t read. Getting lost in the plot will temporarily take your mind off of thing.

It won’t happen overnight but eventually you will start to notice the fog and your spirits lifting.

This article may only be re-published with the accompanying link and credit information to

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Lori Grudzien is the Managing Editor of the website LifeChoicesWeb.Com a website dedicated to “Living a full life, by learning to love yourself”. Topics include Health, Aging, Divorce, Relationships, Career, Stress, Anxiety, Self-Esteem & Self Help.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Tools" For Picking-Up Girls

We all know that approaching woman isn't easy. It can be embarrassing and downright difficult. But, if you know what you are doing and have faith in your own forces you can get the one you like.

Impressing a woman is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with females. There are many components that go into impressing a woman.

If you want to learn how to impress a girl, then you should do your best to be positive. Keep in mind that smiles and jokes are great bonding mechanisms that you can use to impress a girl.

There is a charm and seductive attraction that some guys have, so they have all the girls they want. This magnet is called charisma, and it is very important if you want to attract the woman of your life. But, if this is a problem for you, you must try some tricks to pick-up the woman you want.

For example, use your dog to pick-up girls. You have a dog? Now its your chance. Take a walk with your dog on the place where you know your special one passes by every day. Any girl likes dogs. Small ones are very cute and the big ones make you look hot.

So, if you are with your dog out and suddenly your girl pass over. Make sure that she sees you. If it happens that your dog had a bad behavior and starts barking at her you might apologize and tell her to not take it personally. So, you can discus with her. Show her that your dog know some tricks and while your dog is sitting and rolling over you' re getting to know the girl.

Babies. Every woman love babies. Your friend is married and has a baby? Join your friend when he goes out with the baby and show interest by playing with the kid when she passes by you. Next day you can offer to watch out the baby for your friend and take him to a walk to show her you like kids. But make sure she has saw you in the day before with your friend to not think that the baby is yours. If the baby is crying when she passes by you, you might be lucky and she might offer her help to make the baby stop crying. So, you get to talk with her and may ask her for a date.

Use some magic tricks to attract her. You are seeing her every day and you don't have the courage to talk to her. First of all, relax. One of the biggest turnoffs for women is a guy who’s uptight. Just relax and you’ll be fine. After you start talking with her use some magic tricks to impress her and attract her. You may say that you are good at magick and you are offering to guess her future by reading her hand. She'll definitely laugh but if she's ok with this you may tell her that she will have a glorious future.

Don't forget to make her laugh. Laughter is all you need to attract women easily and quickly. If you are able to make her laugh any time and any places it will be easier to you to get the woman you are looking after for some long time.

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How to Seduce Her and Get Her to Trust You - ONLINE!

Before you start looking for the woman that you want, make a clear idea of the type of woman you are after in your mind.

Now you can set some specific details, which are more important for you, like: she has to be a good mother, a sexy blonde or a smart brunet, the housekeeper type of woman or a career woman... and don't forget the age and the relation type you're after.

This will allow you to choose the right online dating site for you ( is a new one and might work well for you). Then, you will have to make your profile as complete and realistic as you can. Take time to view some women profiles that contain the specific details you have fixed and pick one, maximum two of them.

If you are interested in more than two women, never, but never talk online with more of them in the same time. Women can feel if you don't give them your complete attention.

Now cames the hard part, and the most important: the approach part: Don't forget! In online dating the most important thing is to GET HER TO TRUST YOU!

If you selected a site that gives you the possibility to contact women by e-mail, your first e-mail is the most important. Introduce yourself and say something specific, that is special about HER (you should read her profile carefully for this).

Tell her the location on the web where she can find your profile, and be direct and ask for an online talk (date) to get to know you each other better. Don't write a long email.

If you have fixed an online date, do not be late! By doing this you will lose her from the very begining.

When you're approaching her online, after you break the ice with an open question, the very next thing you should say or do is to introduce yourself. Just use your first name then allow the woman you're talking to to offer you her name (if she is using a nickname in her profile). Pause for a moment. If she doesn't offer it, ask her what her name is. Then, and this is very important, use her name in the very next sentence you are writing to her. Using her name works like magic to make her more interested in you.

Never talk about your ex in the first dates and don't forget the women don't want to be a shoulder for you to cry on. Be positive and enthusiastic. Make her laugh and feel good about spending time talking with you.

The next thing you want to say or do is compliment her. Call attention to some detail about her, and flatter her in a totally positive way. Be sure to avoid obvious compliments at all costs.

Also, always find ways to agree with her. Never disagree with a woman when you first meet her. One exception, which works all the time is if she initiates a conversation about sex with you.

One time when I was talking with a women online she started to tell me that she would like to see me only with a towel on me and I said to her that “Hey.. don't you think things are moving a little too fast in this relationship?” :). At the first time we date she confesed me that she only came to the date because I have impressed her with that line. Imagine that. :)

Keep in mind that if a woman likes you or would like to know you better, she will give you free information to follow up on. If she's not attracted to you, she won't give you much of anything and it will be very difficult to maintain a decent conversation with her.

At first time, don't talk more then one hour or one hour and a half, then pretend that you have to go, but don't forget to tell her that you have a great time talking to her and never be shy about asking her for her phone number. Be direct. You can say something like, "I have to be going now. But I'd love to hear your voice, sometime. Can I call you?" Without the all important phone number, you will never get anywhere with a woman.

Do not call her in the same day you have talk with her online, suspence can be healthy sometimes. :)

Good luck, and be smart! She will be “on fire” just to get to know you better.

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Let’s Meet For Coffee

Let’s face it, potential dates will not jump on the hood of your car as you speed down the highway from home to work and back. You have to slow down, step out of your comfort zone and really put some effort toward meeting people in order to make the dating scene seem less like a torture chamber and more like the fun it is meant to be.

But once you have an exciting prospect there is a whole new set of dilemmas. And delights. If you are like most people when you find an interesting person to date, a billion questions tramp across your mind. Should I act as interested as I truly am? Should I try to remain aloof? Will it scare him or her away if I bare my soul in the first ten minutes? Should I pace myself and introduce my passions slowly?

Since there are plenty of dating books but no real manual out there, these will continue to be legitimate and timeless questions. Unfortunately the answer to all of them is simply this: you have to trust your instincts with most things when it comes to dating.

However there are a few questionable aspects of the dating scene that you can eliminate simply by setting a few subtle boundaries. To insure a comfortable beginning and attempt a peaceful middle while leaning toward a happily ever after to any date (especially the first date) you must have a strategy. Most people will agree the first date is the most awkward simply due to the fact you don’t really know what to anticipate. That is also the great fun of first dates.

Taking the guesswork out of one part of the first date trauma (or drama depending) it is a great idea to simplify that first “date” by meeting for coffee during the early evening or mid day. Not only does that give you an opportunity to escape in as little as fifteen minutes if the experience is perfectly dreadful, it allows the date to last as long as it needs to if things are rolling along nicely. And caffeine can be as effective as alcohol when it comes to loosening tongues and inhibitions!

One certain way of enjoying your first date is by being honest and attentive. If rejection is the one thing all humans fear the most, acceptance has to be the one thing everyone longs to experience. Be kind, courteous and respectful even if you don’t feel the date is going the way you wanted it to go. Sometimes the person who does not fit our instant criteria is actually a genuine compatible match for us.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten Things You Can Do To Increase Your Appearance By At Least Two Points

Maybe you are a simple shy person who did not already have a date because you do not know how to approach woman. This does not necessary mean that you are too ugly and you will spend all your life alone. You just have to make some changes.

Do you want to increase your success in attracting women? Here are some important tips that you should know.


- first and the most important don't sweat and don't smell; it is very important to be clean all the time because if you smell nobody will ever approach you; so you've better use deodorants and aftershaves

- a hairless body shows a lot more definition

- if a man chest is really hairy, it can be hot, but also itchy and irritating

- the best shaving strategy is to sit in a hot bath with a moisturizing oil, and then shave against the grain with a combination of hair conditioner and shaving cream

- also nose and ear hair isn't too sexy, so you could use a pair of safety scissors with dulled ends

- be fit; do some sport and this will make you look better, will increase your self-esteem


- if your skin looks tired, grey and out of condition, you should start to drink minimum two liters of water a day, and also try a soap - free cleansing wash

- an exfoliating scrub used once a week gets sluggish circulation on the move

- make sure you have a shaved face - women love this

- shaving foam dry the skin so you better use oil, gel or cream for the best results; use a good sharp razor

- apply moisturizer - it can really improve the look of your skin, use after shaving and your skin will feel smoother

- also it's important to have a manicure to deal with thick cuticles or hang nails


- hair care it is very important - cleansing, conditioning, nourishing

- wash your hair frequently

- you may use an anti-dandruff shampoo if it's necessary

- the right hair style can give you self confidence and satisfaction

- a nice clean cut can make a man look mature and sophisticated, while the others it may do just the opposite

- so take a walk to a hair designer to make you the hair style that is the best for you and you will see a big positive change

- use styling, gel or wax if it's necessary


- dress nicely, wear good clothes according to the event that takes place

- for example, buy a suit; man fashion suit is a piece of wardrobe that can should found in every man's cupboard; it's an elegantly dress which you may wear from business meetings to cocktails and wedding parties

- make sure that the clothes you wear fit you

- watch out because a lot of women pay attention to shoes


- belts - these are available in many styles and colors, and are some of the most fashionable accessory

- perfume - when it comes to creating long lasting impression on women, the first thing men should care is the perfume they choose

- eye care - men can choose from a big list, like fashionable man sunglasses, eyeglass frames and even contact lens


- women are smile-addicts and don't like the men which are boring and don't have with whom to laugh

- so smile it is very important but to have success with your smile in front of a woman you have to have beautiful, healthy and clean teeth for a perfect smile

Men always want to know what to do to look their best, but do not know how to do this. I hope that these tips will help you to approach easily to woman and get the one you like.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gift Cards The Double Present!

Finding the right gift for that special somebody has always been of great importance. They might say that it’s the thought that counts, but the thoughtfulness invested in any gift should go deeper than simply picking something up at random. While your mother might love flowers, there’s little point in purchasing a bunch for your girlfriend who is allergic – a gift doesn’t have to be precisely what your loved one wanted to be genuinely appreciated, but it should represent something they can use, and some understanding of what they love to do.

For this reason it might be argued that gift cards are simply an impersonal approach, bought to make the gift giver’s life easier rather than displaying any special thought or message to the recipient. And while there is a great thrill to be found in receiving the very gift you have talked about non-stop for weeks, or something purchased by the sensitive soul who intuited a gift that you hadn’t even realised you needed yet, a gift card is a genuinely thoughtful gift, allowing the recipient to purchase exactly what it is they really need.

How many of us have received gifts that ended up unused, unloved? Even with the best will in the world, a well-thought out gift can miss the mark. Why complicate life by gifting items that only add stress to the lives of those we love by having to be dragged from storage each time we visit? It is not just the recipient who wants to find a gift that will beloved and cherished.

If you are worried about your gift card seeming impersonal, then make your mark on what is undoubtedly a special gift. Make your own handmade card to accompany your gift, and make a date to go shopping to spend it. By choosing a non-store specific gift card, such as those made by Visa, you can leave the arrangements in the hands of the recipient of your gift, so that you in effect present them with a twofold gift – the opportunity to purchase something they’ve always wanted and the chance to spend time with you.

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Dave is the owner of and websites providing information on gift cards.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Flirting know-how with FastLife’s top ten dating tips!


Dating expert Rebecca Attenborough from FastLife Speed Dating reveals how to brush up your flirting skills.

1) Laugh and the World laughs with You

Having a good time is infectious and who doesn’t love being around positive, upbeat people? Spread good feelings and get yourself into the right state of mind for making a good first impression. Focus on positive things and keep the conversation fun, light and frothy. Feel good about yourself and you’ll find people will be drawn to you.

2) Give Clear Signals

Sorry girls but its true, a large number of men are notoriously bad at interpreting signals from women. Smiling and happy gestures may just mean you’re a friendly kinda girl. Avoid sticky situations by knowing what you want when you flirt and make sure your signals are clear. If you genuinely want to meet guys then by all means flirt, just make sure you know how to separate the sexual flirting signals from the 'hi, I'm friendly' flirting signals.

3) The Big Freeze; a Major Turn Off

Make sure you look friendly. Sitting like an ice queen will not attract people to you and you may unconsciously be giving out 'no no' signals when secretly you are keen for someone to approach you. Check what signals you’re sending and if it's not getting the results you want, adjust them. Why not ask friends to give you some feedback?

4) Even Kylie Minogue gets Rejected!

Sometimes things don't work out for whatever reason. The reality is that everyone has experienced rejection in one area of their life. Don't dwell on negative responses, instead look out for compliments, take them in and shrug off rejection.

5) Ooze Appeal

One simple rule of thumb for any outfit is that if your mother would wear it, you shouldn’t. If you look in the mirror and think, "Do I look ridiculous in this?" lets face it - you probably do.
But most importantly, if you feel sexy you’ll come across that way too. If you feel happy and confident then you’ll be oozing appeal!

6) Let Your Body do the Talking

What’s the secret behind a woman’s mesmerising effect on men? Flirting with style. We can all do it. We just need to learn the secrets. The good news? The ability to flirt is innate; it’s about confidence and being able to sensually inhabit your body. The other key is understanding body language. Us girls may worry about what we say but in fact it's our bodies that do most of the talking. Communication is 60 per cent non-verbal and only 40 per cent verbal. So watch what your body is saying. Researchers say you can heighten your powers of attraction by about 70 per cent if you can improve your body talk.

7) Reveal Your Sexy Glow

If you’re chatting to a guy you like then reflect his body language and style of behaviour and they will feel you are in synch with them. Pull yourself up to your full height and lean slightly forward, turning your body to face his more directly, and keep physical barriers to a minimum; don't cross your arms like a fortress.

Most importantly, emanate a look of vitality. Appear energetic, luminous even. Imagine you have just had an amazing romp and have a sexy glow about you.

8) Emulate Marylin Monroe

Confidence is probably the most attractive of all traits. Give yourself a pep talk before you go out and tell yourself you’re fabulous.

If you need a little help in the confidence department, fake it till you make it. Find a role model you can emulate, think Madonna or Marylin Monroe. Imagine how that person would act, feel and move. Think of what qualities make her attractive and how she expresses these physically when she moves and talks.

9) Listen Up Ladies

The most underrated flirting skill is simply listening. Men love talking about themselves. They like being the centre of attention. Ask open-ended questions - that is, questions that can't be answered by a yes or no answer. Lower your chin, look him in the eyes and nod as he speaks - make him feel like the most interesting and amusing man alive.

10) Read His Signs

So…think you’ve met your match? Wondering whether the hottie you’ve had your eye on all night is also keen on you? It’s time to read the signs…

Think he’s interested? Notice a few of these signs and you’re probably right:
• Looks at you
• Moves his body to face you
• Adjusts his tie
• Slight movement of the pelvis backward
• Leans towards you
• Smiles whilst looking at you
• Adopts an open body posture

Ladies, get out there and put your newfound flirting and dating confidence to the test!


Dating expert Rebecca Attenborough from FastLife Speed Dating reveals how to brush up your flirting skills.

1) Look Approachable

Ladies love a guy with a smile, so ask yourself, do you look approachable? Sitting looking dark and moody will not attract the ladies, you may unconsciously be giving out 'no go' signals. Check what you are giving off and if it's not getting results you want, adjust it.

2) Keep Your Hands to Yourself

There’s nothing worse than a guy who invades your personal space when you’ve only just met them. Even when engaging in a casual chat some people just seem to get too close for comfort. Avoid invading a woman’s personal space until you have figured out more about them – she’ll certainly respect you more for it.

3) Whats the topic?

Keep your conversation topic light-hearted, and read her signals - a sure fire way to send a lady to the land of nod is to talk about your lastest root canal or how many beers you drank at the football last week. If her gaze is starting to drift elsewhere it’s probably time to change the subject. Ask her about her interests - people like people who are interested in them. You don't have to shut up entirely but when you engage someone in conversation make sure you spend at least 60% of the time listening to THEM!

4) Laugh and the World laughs with You

Having a good time is infectious and who doesn’t love being around positive, upbeat people. Spread good feelings and get yourself into the right state of mind for making a fast impression. Focus on positive things and keep the conversation fun, light and frothy. Feel good about yourself and you’ll find people will be drawn to you.

5) Get into the Mood

The most important component of successful flirtation is being in the right mood for flirting. Good flirts are playful and don't take themselves too seriously - look at James Bond for instance. You need to see people not as something to be 'dealt with' - try and see them as a gateway to new exciting, adventures.

6) The Dreaded Pick Up Lines

'Aren't your legs tired? Because you've been running through my mind all night...'. Many women will have heard some of these terrible pick-up clich├ęs before. It won't do you any favours guys. There is no such thing as a ready to wear line. Each 'line' should be a genuine sentiment of what happening at the moment. Sometimes the simplest opening gambits are the best. Sometimes by paying attention to the person you want to flirt with and noticing their good points, you will come up with a natural and successful line.

7) We all get rejected

Sometimes things don't work out for whatever reason. The reality is that everyone has experienced rejection in one area of their life. Don't dwell on negative responses, instead look out for compliments, take them in and shrug off rejection.

8) Let your body do the talking

The key to successful flirting is understanding body language. When we meet someone for the first time its not just what we say but is in fact what our bodies are up to that can help attract people to us. Communication is 60 per cent non-verbal and only 40 per cent verbal, so watch what your body is saying. Researchers say you can heighten your powers of attraction by about 70 per cent if you can improve your body talk.

9) Flirt

Everybody knows that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The mating dance all starts with a glance. So catch someone's eye and hold their gaze half a second longer than normal: one second in total. Then look away, look coy and then look again, this time with a more meaningful glance and a slight smile.

10) Read Her Signs

Think you’ve met your match? Wondering whether the hot girl you’ve had your eye on all night is also in to you?

If she’s smiling and doing a few of these the chances are good that she’s interested.

• Sidelong glances
• Looks at you a few times
• Holds your gaze briefly, then looks away
• Tilts her head, touches her neck, hair and lips when talking to you
• Turns her body towards you
• Narrows her eyes slightly into an eye smile

Guys, get out there and put your newfound flirting and dating skills to the test!

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Rebecca Attenborough is FastLife's Marketing Manager as well as their resident dating expert! FastLife hosts over 150 speed dating and singles events each month in 43 cities in 5 countries. FastLife has recently launched ultra premium speed dating in London.


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Dating: The Dos and Don’ts for Single Women.

Listen up single ladies! Whether you’ve been out of the dating game for a while or just need to brush up on today’s dating etiquette, help is at hand; attract your perfect man with assistance from FastLife’s dating guru, Justin Parfitt.


Be both interested and interesting - Many of us could easily fill a conversation talking about ourselves, but when it comes to dating, it’s the people who actually listen who succeed at the dating game. So, if you tend to dominate conversations, then cut down on the talk about you and instead ask your date open-ended questions about themselves. The flip side though is that if you allow your date to do all the talking, then what must they think of you? Well, they probably think that you were a good listener but a bit “boring”, so it’s important to strike that balance between being interested and interesting by ensuring that the conversation is two-way.

Do something to make yourself feel sexy – whether it’s a great workout, a facial, a blow-dry, wearing sexy knickers or getting a Brazilian (even if you don’t plan to show it!) – it doesn’t matter what you do – just do whatever it takes to make you feel sexy as you’ll come across that way too. When you feel good about yourself, a positive and confident aura will radiate from you, making you more attractive.

Let chemistry play its part - Even if someone scores top marks on your “prerequisites checklist”, this does not mean that sparks will fly. Have a think about which criteria you really cannot compromise on, and which are really just trivial. Lightning could strike with someone with whom you least expect it, so don’t ignore the chemistry just because someone is not the exact replica of what you thought your “ideal” partner would be. Don’t settle for mediocrity; just because he’s the sort of guy you “should” marry and he’s got the stamp of approval from mum and dad, if he doesn’t move your world, then its time to move on! Why settle for a Cadbury’s milk chocolate family block when what really gets you going is Belgian truffles (for those who don’t think in chocolate terms – the safe option versus excitement).

Be confident but not too cocky – It’s a known fact that confident people are considered attractive. We have found that at our FastLife speed dating events over 85% of our Elite members (people that have attracted more than 70% of yes votes from their dates) are significantly extraverted. It’s quite simple really, if you don’t like yourself, then why would anyone else? If you feel good about yourself, this naturally shows in how you present yourself and it’s appealing to others. Confidence is definitely attractive but when it verges on boasting about how men constantly ask you out and how you could appear on the cover of Vogue (well why not? all models are airbrushed anyway) then you’ve well and truly stepped over the line! Being cocky is a big turn off and it’s often a sign of someone who lacks confidence and is overcompensating.

Get out from under your rock and get out there – You won’t meet anyone staying at home watching Desperate Housewives, hell you won’t ever even become a housewife, let alone a desperate one! Get out there and try new things – whether it’s speed dating, dance or art classes or joining a sporting club. Dating is all about sifting through the numbers, sorting, shuffling, culling and expanding your social circle. It’s essentially a try before you buy exercise, like a pair of new jeans (How many pairs of jeans do you try on to find one that’s remotely flattering?) Dating all the “wrong” guys will help you decipher what it is that you really want. Just remember that you can only go forwards and you can only learn from past experiences.

Most importantly – BE YOURSELF! – You want to meet someone who likes the “real” you, not the pseudo you who claims to be into yoga (but can only name 1 yoga pose), enjoys contemporary art (but cannot name one exhibition they’ve been to in the last decade), and is a wine connoisseur (oh hell! What’s the difference between a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon?). Don’t talk yourself up or down – let your date see some of the real you.


Don’t think too far ahead – Planning the wedding and practicing your signature with his last name after the first date, REWIND! Instead remain in the here and now and think “fun and flirtatious” rather than “family and financial planning”. Men can tell when you’re sizing them up, when you’re background processing and calculating (then ticking and crossing off criteria on your “must have prerequisites list”). Enjoy the dating stage as once you do meet Mr. Rest of Your Life you’ll wish that you had lived more in the moment and enjoyed the frivolity of the dating stage.

Don’t get “sexy” confused with “slutty” when dolling up for your dates - Whilst you don’t want to be mistaken for a stripper, you also don’t want to look as though you’d just escaped from a nursing home. A good rule to follow when dressing for dates is that if your mother would wear it, then you shouldn’t and if your daughter would wear it then you definitely shouldn’t – time for a reality check! It’s also important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing otherwise you’ll be fidgety all night. Think sophisticated and sexy. Aim to look effortlessly stylish.

Don’t find yourself suffering from “verbal diahorrea syndrome” - that’s where you launch into a monologue of how your ex-husband abandoned you and the kids for your best friend. Keep your emotional baggage in one of those vacuum pack containers that never leak. The aim of first dates is to let your date in on a little bit about you and have fun. You’re not defined by your baggage and the horrendous crimes and injustices of which you were a victim, men just aren’t interested in hearing about it. The only baggage you need is Louis Vuitton!

Don’t jump the gun and attempt to move too quickly to the Couples Only club – Let a relationship develop naturally. It’s no secret that men are commitment-phobes and will get scared off (that’s a nice way of saying will run a mile) if you prematurely use all the “we” terminology: boyfriend, partner, couple, together, relationship, followed by painting a pretty picture of your dream princess cut engagement ring, your wedding on a romantic secluded beach at sunset and the due date for your twins... you get the picture. You can’t force someone to reciprocate your feelings or to share their feelings before they’re ready. Patience is a virtue when it comes to men; men like a fine wine develop with time.

Don’t interrogate your date trying to get through your “must have criteria checklist” - The all too common line 'What do you do?' reeks of sizing up for “wallet-padding”. Ask instead what they enjoy doing in their spare time. This actually gives you a much better insight into who they are and what makes them tick. Though asking questions and showing interest is great, firing questions one after the other will make your date feel like he’s being interrogated. Go with the natural flow of the conversation. If there’s no natural flow, then it’s time to move on to the next date!

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Justin Parfitt is the CEO and Founder of International singles events group FastLife International. FastLife hosts over 150 speed dating and singles events each month in 43 cities in 5 countries.