Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten Things You Can Do To Increase Your Appearance By At Least Two Points

Maybe you are a simple shy person who did not already have a date because you do not know how to approach woman. This does not necessary mean that you are too ugly and you will spend all your life alone. You just have to make some changes.

Do you want to increase your success in attracting women? Here are some important tips that you should know.


- first and the most important don't sweat and don't smell; it is very important to be clean all the time because if you smell nobody will ever approach you; so you've better use deodorants and aftershaves

- a hairless body shows a lot more definition

- if a man chest is really hairy, it can be hot, but also itchy and irritating

- the best shaving strategy is to sit in a hot bath with a moisturizing oil, and then shave against the grain with a combination of hair conditioner and shaving cream

- also nose and ear hair isn't too sexy, so you could use a pair of safety scissors with dulled ends

- be fit; do some sport and this will make you look better, will increase your self-esteem


- if your skin looks tired, grey and out of condition, you should start to drink minimum two liters of water a day, and also try a soap - free cleansing wash

- an exfoliating scrub used once a week gets sluggish circulation on the move

- make sure you have a shaved face - women love this

- shaving foam dry the skin so you better use oil, gel or cream for the best results; use a good sharp razor

- apply moisturizer - it can really improve the look of your skin, use after shaving and your skin will feel smoother

- also it's important to have a manicure to deal with thick cuticles or hang nails


- hair care it is very important - cleansing, conditioning, nourishing

- wash your hair frequently

- you may use an anti-dandruff shampoo if it's necessary

- the right hair style can give you self confidence and satisfaction

- a nice clean cut can make a man look mature and sophisticated, while the others it may do just the opposite

- so take a walk to a hair designer to make you the hair style that is the best for you and you will see a big positive change

- use styling, gel or wax if it's necessary


- dress nicely, wear good clothes according to the event that takes place

- for example, buy a suit; man fashion suit is a piece of wardrobe that can should found in every man's cupboard; it's an elegantly dress which you may wear from business meetings to cocktails and wedding parties

- make sure that the clothes you wear fit you

- watch out because a lot of women pay attention to shoes


- belts - these are available in many styles and colors, and are some of the most fashionable accessory

- perfume - when it comes to creating long lasting impression on women, the first thing men should care is the perfume they choose

- eye care - men can choose from a big list, like fashionable man sunglasses, eyeglass frames and even contact lens


- women are smile-addicts and don't like the men which are boring and don't have with whom to laugh

- so smile it is very important but to have success with your smile in front of a woman you have to have beautiful, healthy and clean teeth for a perfect smile

Men always want to know what to do to look their best, but do not know how to do this. I hope that these tips will help you to approach easily to woman and get the one you like.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gift Cards The Double Present!

Finding the right gift for that special somebody has always been of great importance. They might say that it’s the thought that counts, but the thoughtfulness invested in any gift should go deeper than simply picking something up at random. While your mother might love flowers, there’s little point in purchasing a bunch for your girlfriend who is allergic – a gift doesn’t have to be precisely what your loved one wanted to be genuinely appreciated, but it should represent something they can use, and some understanding of what they love to do.

For this reason it might be argued that gift cards are simply an impersonal approach, bought to make the gift giver’s life easier rather than displaying any special thought or message to the recipient. And while there is a great thrill to be found in receiving the very gift you have talked about non-stop for weeks, or something purchased by the sensitive soul who intuited a gift that you hadn’t even realised you needed yet, a gift card is a genuinely thoughtful gift, allowing the recipient to purchase exactly what it is they really need.

How many of us have received gifts that ended up unused, unloved? Even with the best will in the world, a well-thought out gift can miss the mark. Why complicate life by gifting items that only add stress to the lives of those we love by having to be dragged from storage each time we visit? It is not just the recipient who wants to find a gift that will beloved and cherished.

If you are worried about your gift card seeming impersonal, then make your mark on what is undoubtedly a special gift. Make your own handmade card to accompany your gift, and make a date to go shopping to spend it. By choosing a non-store specific gift card, such as those made by Visa, you can leave the arrangements in the hands of the recipient of your gift, so that you in effect present them with a twofold gift – the opportunity to purchase something they’ve always wanted and the chance to spend time with you.

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Dave is the owner of http://gift-card-programs.info and http://gift-card-program.info websites providing information on gift cards.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Flirting know-how with FastLife’s top ten dating tips!


Dating expert Rebecca Attenborough from FastLife Speed Dating reveals how to brush up your flirting skills.

1) Laugh and the World laughs with You

Having a good time is infectious and who doesn’t love being around positive, upbeat people? Spread good feelings and get yourself into the right state of mind for making a good first impression. Focus on positive things and keep the conversation fun, light and frothy. Feel good about yourself and you’ll find people will be drawn to you.

2) Give Clear Signals

Sorry girls but its true, a large number of men are notoriously bad at interpreting signals from women. Smiling and happy gestures may just mean you’re a friendly kinda girl. Avoid sticky situations by knowing what you want when you flirt and make sure your signals are clear. If you genuinely want to meet guys then by all means flirt, just make sure you know how to separate the sexual flirting signals from the 'hi, I'm friendly' flirting signals.

3) The Big Freeze; a Major Turn Off

Make sure you look friendly. Sitting like an ice queen will not attract people to you and you may unconsciously be giving out 'no no' signals when secretly you are keen for someone to approach you. Check what signals you’re sending and if it's not getting the results you want, adjust them. Why not ask friends to give you some feedback?

4) Even Kylie Minogue gets Rejected!

Sometimes things don't work out for whatever reason. The reality is that everyone has experienced rejection in one area of their life. Don't dwell on negative responses, instead look out for compliments, take them in and shrug off rejection.

5) Ooze Appeal

One simple rule of thumb for any outfit is that if your mother would wear it, you shouldn’t. If you look in the mirror and think, "Do I look ridiculous in this?" lets face it - you probably do.
But most importantly, if you feel sexy you’ll come across that way too. If you feel happy and confident then you’ll be oozing appeal!

6) Let Your Body do the Talking

What’s the secret behind a woman’s mesmerising effect on men? Flirting with style. We can all do it. We just need to learn the secrets. The good news? The ability to flirt is innate; it’s about confidence and being able to sensually inhabit your body. The other key is understanding body language. Us girls may worry about what we say but in fact it's our bodies that do most of the talking. Communication is 60 per cent non-verbal and only 40 per cent verbal. So watch what your body is saying. Researchers say you can heighten your powers of attraction by about 70 per cent if you can improve your body talk.

7) Reveal Your Sexy Glow

If you’re chatting to a guy you like then reflect his body language and style of behaviour and they will feel you are in synch with them. Pull yourself up to your full height and lean slightly forward, turning your body to face his more directly, and keep physical barriers to a minimum; don't cross your arms like a fortress.

Most importantly, emanate a look of vitality. Appear energetic, luminous even. Imagine you have just had an amazing romp and have a sexy glow about you.

8) Emulate Marylin Monroe

Confidence is probably the most attractive of all traits. Give yourself a pep talk before you go out and tell yourself you’re fabulous.

If you need a little help in the confidence department, fake it till you make it. Find a role model you can emulate, think Madonna or Marylin Monroe. Imagine how that person would act, feel and move. Think of what qualities make her attractive and how she expresses these physically when she moves and talks.

9) Listen Up Ladies

The most underrated flirting skill is simply listening. Men love talking about themselves. They like being the centre of attention. Ask open-ended questions - that is, questions that can't be answered by a yes or no answer. Lower your chin, look him in the eyes and nod as he speaks - make him feel like the most interesting and amusing man alive.

10) Read His Signs

So…think you’ve met your match? Wondering whether the hottie you’ve had your eye on all night is also keen on you? It’s time to read the signs…

Think he’s interested? Notice a few of these signs and you’re probably right:
• Looks at you
• Moves his body to face you
• Adjusts his tie
• Slight movement of the pelvis backward
• Leans towards you
• Smiles whilst looking at you
• Adopts an open body posture

Ladies, get out there and put your newfound flirting and dating confidence to the test!


Dating expert Rebecca Attenborough from FastLife Speed Dating reveals how to brush up your flirting skills.

1) Look Approachable

Ladies love a guy with a smile, so ask yourself, do you look approachable? Sitting looking dark and moody will not attract the ladies, you may unconsciously be giving out 'no go' signals. Check what you are giving off and if it's not getting results you want, adjust it.

2) Keep Your Hands to Yourself

There’s nothing worse than a guy who invades your personal space when you’ve only just met them. Even when engaging in a casual chat some people just seem to get too close for comfort. Avoid invading a woman’s personal space until you have figured out more about them – she’ll certainly respect you more for it.

3) Whats the topic?

Keep your conversation topic light-hearted, and read her signals - a sure fire way to send a lady to the land of nod is to talk about your lastest root canal or how many beers you drank at the football last week. If her gaze is starting to drift elsewhere it’s probably time to change the subject. Ask her about her interests - people like people who are interested in them. You don't have to shut up entirely but when you engage someone in conversation make sure you spend at least 60% of the time listening to THEM!

4) Laugh and the World laughs with You

Having a good time is infectious and who doesn’t love being around positive, upbeat people. Spread good feelings and get yourself into the right state of mind for making a fast impression. Focus on positive things and keep the conversation fun, light and frothy. Feel good about yourself and you’ll find people will be drawn to you.

5) Get into the Mood

The most important component of successful flirtation is being in the right mood for flirting. Good flirts are playful and don't take themselves too seriously - look at James Bond for instance. You need to see people not as something to be 'dealt with' - try and see them as a gateway to new exciting, adventures.

6) The Dreaded Pick Up Lines

'Aren't your legs tired? Because you've been running through my mind all night...'. Many women will have heard some of these terrible pick-up clich├ęs before. It won't do you any favours guys. There is no such thing as a ready to wear line. Each 'line' should be a genuine sentiment of what happening at the moment. Sometimes the simplest opening gambits are the best. Sometimes by paying attention to the person you want to flirt with and noticing their good points, you will come up with a natural and successful line.

7) We all get rejected

Sometimes things don't work out for whatever reason. The reality is that everyone has experienced rejection in one area of their life. Don't dwell on negative responses, instead look out for compliments, take them in and shrug off rejection.

8) Let your body do the talking

The key to successful flirting is understanding body language. When we meet someone for the first time its not just what we say but is in fact what our bodies are up to that can help attract people to us. Communication is 60 per cent non-verbal and only 40 per cent verbal, so watch what your body is saying. Researchers say you can heighten your powers of attraction by about 70 per cent if you can improve your body talk.

9) Flirt

Everybody knows that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The mating dance all starts with a glance. So catch someone's eye and hold their gaze half a second longer than normal: one second in total. Then look away, look coy and then look again, this time with a more meaningful glance and a slight smile.

10) Read Her Signs

Think you’ve met your match? Wondering whether the hot girl you’ve had your eye on all night is also in to you?

If she’s smiling and doing a few of these the chances are good that she’s interested.

• Sidelong glances
• Looks at you a few times
• Holds your gaze briefly, then looks away
• Tilts her head, touches her neck, hair and lips when talking to you
• Turns her body towards you
• Narrows her eyes slightly into an eye smile

Guys, get out there and put your newfound flirting and dating skills to the test!

About Author

Rebecca Attenborough is FastLife's Marketing Manager as well as their resident dating expert! FastLife hosts over 150 speed dating and singles events each month in 43 cities in 5 countries. FastLife has recently launched ultra premium speed dating in London.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dating: The Dos and Don’ts for Single Women.

Listen up single ladies! Whether you’ve been out of the dating game for a while or just need to brush up on today’s dating etiquette, help is at hand; attract your perfect man with assistance from FastLife’s dating guru, Justin Parfitt.


Be both interested and interesting - Many of us could easily fill a conversation talking about ourselves, but when it comes to dating, it’s the people who actually listen who succeed at the dating game. So, if you tend to dominate conversations, then cut down on the talk about you and instead ask your date open-ended questions about themselves. The flip side though is that if you allow your date to do all the talking, then what must they think of you? Well, they probably think that you were a good listener but a bit “boring”, so it’s important to strike that balance between being interested and interesting by ensuring that the conversation is two-way.

Do something to make yourself feel sexy – whether it’s a great workout, a facial, a blow-dry, wearing sexy knickers or getting a Brazilian (even if you don’t plan to show it!) – it doesn’t matter what you do – just do whatever it takes to make you feel sexy as you’ll come across that way too. When you feel good about yourself, a positive and confident aura will radiate from you, making you more attractive.

Let chemistry play its part - Even if someone scores top marks on your “prerequisites checklist”, this does not mean that sparks will fly. Have a think about which criteria you really cannot compromise on, and which are really just trivial. Lightning could strike with someone with whom you least expect it, so don’t ignore the chemistry just because someone is not the exact replica of what you thought your “ideal” partner would be. Don’t settle for mediocrity; just because he’s the sort of guy you “should” marry and he’s got the stamp of approval from mum and dad, if he doesn’t move your world, then its time to move on! Why settle for a Cadbury’s milk chocolate family block when what really gets you going is Belgian truffles (for those who don’t think in chocolate terms – the safe option versus excitement).

Be confident but not too cocky – It’s a known fact that confident people are considered attractive. We have found that at our FastLife speed dating events over 85% of our Elite members (people that have attracted more than 70% of yes votes from their dates) are significantly extraverted. It’s quite simple really, if you don’t like yourself, then why would anyone else? If you feel good about yourself, this naturally shows in how you present yourself and it’s appealing to others. Confidence is definitely attractive but when it verges on boasting about how men constantly ask you out and how you could appear on the cover of Vogue (well why not? all models are airbrushed anyway) then you’ve well and truly stepped over the line! Being cocky is a big turn off and it’s often a sign of someone who lacks confidence and is overcompensating.

Get out from under your rock and get out there – You won’t meet anyone staying at home watching Desperate Housewives, hell you won’t ever even become a housewife, let alone a desperate one! Get out there and try new things – whether it’s speed dating, dance or art classes or joining a sporting club. Dating is all about sifting through the numbers, sorting, shuffling, culling and expanding your social circle. It’s essentially a try before you buy exercise, like a pair of new jeans (How many pairs of jeans do you try on to find one that’s remotely flattering?) Dating all the “wrong” guys will help you decipher what it is that you really want. Just remember that you can only go forwards and you can only learn from past experiences.

Most importantly – BE YOURSELF! – You want to meet someone who likes the “real” you, not the pseudo you who claims to be into yoga (but can only name 1 yoga pose), enjoys contemporary art (but cannot name one exhibition they’ve been to in the last decade), and is a wine connoisseur (oh hell! What’s the difference between a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon?). Don’t talk yourself up or down – let your date see some of the real you.


Don’t think too far ahead – Planning the wedding and practicing your signature with his last name after the first date, REWIND! Instead remain in the here and now and think “fun and flirtatious” rather than “family and financial planning”. Men can tell when you’re sizing them up, when you’re background processing and calculating (then ticking and crossing off criteria on your “must have prerequisites list”). Enjoy the dating stage as once you do meet Mr. Rest of Your Life you’ll wish that you had lived more in the moment and enjoyed the frivolity of the dating stage.

Don’t get “sexy” confused with “slutty” when dolling up for your dates - Whilst you don’t want to be mistaken for a stripper, you also don’t want to look as though you’d just escaped from a nursing home. A good rule to follow when dressing for dates is that if your mother would wear it, then you shouldn’t and if your daughter would wear it then you definitely shouldn’t – time for a reality check! It’s also important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing otherwise you’ll be fidgety all night. Think sophisticated and sexy. Aim to look effortlessly stylish.

Don’t find yourself suffering from “verbal diahorrea syndrome” - that’s where you launch into a monologue of how your ex-husband abandoned you and the kids for your best friend. Keep your emotional baggage in one of those vacuum pack containers that never leak. The aim of first dates is to let your date in on a little bit about you and have fun. You’re not defined by your baggage and the horrendous crimes and injustices of which you were a victim, men just aren’t interested in hearing about it. The only baggage you need is Louis Vuitton!

Don’t jump the gun and attempt to move too quickly to the Couples Only club – Let a relationship develop naturally. It’s no secret that men are commitment-phobes and will get scared off (that’s a nice way of saying will run a mile) if you prematurely use all the “we” terminology: boyfriend, partner, couple, together, relationship, followed by painting a pretty picture of your dream princess cut engagement ring, your wedding on a romantic secluded beach at sunset and the due date for your twins... you get the picture. You can’t force someone to reciprocate your feelings or to share their feelings before they’re ready. Patience is a virtue when it comes to men; men like a fine wine develop with time.

Don’t interrogate your date trying to get through your “must have criteria checklist” - The all too common line 'What do you do?' reeks of sizing up for “wallet-padding”. Ask instead what they enjoy doing in their spare time. This actually gives you a much better insight into who they are and what makes them tick. Though asking questions and showing interest is great, firing questions one after the other will make your date feel like he’s being interrogated. Go with the natural flow of the conversation. If there’s no natural flow, then it’s time to move on to the next date!

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Justin Parfitt is the CEO and Founder of International singles events group FastLife International. FastLife hosts over 150 speed dating and singles events each month in 43 cities in 5 countries.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Build a Romance Bridge

Ever run into a brick wall, so to speak, with your mate? Can’t seem to pass “Go” without collecting 200 fresh wounds? Well, it’s time to build a bridge and tear down that brick wall. Here are your tools:

ATTITUDE – Get an attitude adjustment first. Lighten up and do a 180-degree about face. Read the Sunday comics, grab an old comic book, turn on the Comedy channel, watch funny videos or DVDs. Get in a better mood and pass it along to your mate. Invite your mate to tune in to comedy with you, too.

FRIENDSHIP – Go back to being friends for starters now that you’re in a good mood. Forget the love stuff, if you want. And just focus on being good friends; share compliments, do things for one another, go out and have fun together, enjoy one another’s company.

RELAX – Let your hair down. Trust and relax. Be yourself. Don’t let old wounds open or fester. Forget the garbage memories and just be in the here and now together.

TIME OUT – If possible, spend extra time together for awhile, like during your original courting days. Hire a sitter, order out, eat at fast food places, grab ice cream cones and go for walks in the park. Get to know each other all over again. That’s the key. Then you’ll remember why you fell for each other in the beginning and history will hopefully repeat itself.

COMMUNICATION – Take it slow and easy. Keep away from subjects that you don’t agree upon. And slowly re-learn to communicate with each other all over again. If necessary, and it’s not a crime or shame – get help. Seek a trusted friend or adviser, a church clergy member or certified professional counselor. No need to go it alone. Find your weak areas and how to over come them and plan for future communication difficulties.

GOALS – Gradually develop goals together so you’ll have a direction to head. Write them down in a notebook just for the two of you. And over time, develop them, revise them, cross them off your list. The idea is to HAVE goals together and work towards a common goal.

SCRAP BOOK – Create a memory album together. Add photos, clippings, menus and anything that reminds you of the “good times.” Then when tough times comes, you’ll have something to “hold on to” – your bridge to romance.

So don’t just sit back and sulk. Take short steps to improve your relationships and let life’s problems magically pass by while you hold on to your relationship.

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This article as for many others was written by the writing staff at Imagine We Meet.com It is also a sample of our book "Dating Tips and a Healthy Romance" which you can download FREE! For more Online Dating Tips visit our site and get your FREE book.

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Relationship: Dinner Party

It is hard to keep a relationship intact. In today’s society more than 50% of the relationships break due to some reason or the other. It is you who have to work to keep a relationship alive. There are a number of ways to not let your relationship dwindle. On of the best ways is to involve others in your life, you and your partner’s friends, as they somehow make you and your partner feel more close to each other. You can arrange dinner parties for them and have a nice get together.

Food has the power to connect people and nurture relationships. The way to get into the heart of a person is through the stomach. Your partner will be enlightened when you arrange a dinner for him and thrilled when you call his friends. Not to forget, your friends are invited too, and it gives you immense pleasure. Dinner parties help you get close to your friends. Sharing food, laughter and wine can be enjoyable and the best way to be with your family and friends.

Arranging for dinner parties brings a lot of excitement in your life. You have to plan out the menu, decorate the house, arrange for flowers and much more. All this gets you involved so much that you forget the stress and problems of your life for some time and thus relaxes your mind. Not only this, dinner parties give you a chance to meet people and get different ideas you never thought of. It helps you think better, releases tension and helps you improve your relationship if it is undergoing some problems due to the stressing your life.

All of like to love, laugh and have fun and dinner party is one occasion where we get this chance. Share the love of good food with your and his friends. It relieves the stress in your life and lightens you up. You are able to Maintaining relationship with others is equally important whether friends or family, this allows you plenty of time to greet others. Your friends and relatives also play an important role in your life; you need them both in good and bad times of your life. Happiness shared is doubled while sorrow shared with others is dived. You friends are always there to help you in times of need provided you are in constant touch with them. And dinner party is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends. If you arrange dinner parties now and then you are in constant touch with friends.

Such parties not only help you get close to your friends but also bring you both closer. “Your husband really loves you”, or “You are lucky, your wife really cares for you”, such remarks of friends make you aware of your strong love relationship. Well the remarks could be in the negative that make you aware of your shortcomings too. So whatever the remark it helps you improve your relationship with your partner.

Share the love of good food with your friends and relatives and enhance your love.

Find more information visit: Relationship: Dinner Party

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is it Lust or Love -- How to Tell the Difference

Far too many people, both men and women alike, confuse lust for love. Physical attraction alone will not withstand the test of time in relationships. Physical attraction is an important factor but must never be the only factor you rely upon when choosing a mate. Many make the mistake of confusing lust and love and end up broken-hearted when the relationship doesn't last.

Perhaps you're wildly attracted to someone and thoughts of that person dominate your mind a good portion of the day and night. Perhaps you can't wait until the next time the two of you will be together again. When you are together you can't keep your hands off one another and when you're apart, you fantasize about the next time you can see one another. True love and lust are easily confused because they are so much alike.

As a rule of thumb, if you share few other interests and have nothing in common other than an overwhelming physical desire for one another...it may be lust. If you have nothing of real value to say to one another and have difficulty relating to one another outside the sexual arena...it may be lust. If you don't particularly enjoy one another's company unless you're having sex...it may be lust.

On the other hand, if your relationship is based on factors other than physical attraction and sex is not necessarily the number one priority...it may be love. Most long-term relationships are built on a strong friendship which turns into love over time. Having sex is not the driving force behind the relationship, but is a nice sideline to it.

There really is such a thing as "love at first sight". It happens to many people and the relationship may last for the rest of their lives. A budding relationship based on lust feels much the same as one which is truly "love at first sight". So how do you tell the difference?

Ask yourself the following questions. Read each question carefully and really think about it before answering. When answering, try to be as truthful as possible. If you can honestly and sincerely answer "yes" to all or nearly all of the questions, it may be safe to assume what you feel for the other person is actually love and not merely lust.

Keep in mind, these questions are quite general and are in no way a total and complete checklist.

1. Do you share similar ethics, values, and morals?

2. Do you find it easy to talk to one another and can you talk freely about almost anything?

3. Do you enjoy the time you spend with one another, regardless of the activity?

4. Do you enjoy even the most mundane activities when you are together, simply because you ARE together?

5. Do you have a genuine concern for the happiness, safety, and well-being of the other person?

6. Are you able to work out any differences you may have with this person to the satisfaction of both of you?

7. When disagreements arise, are you able to discuss them openly and frankly without losing your temper?

8. Do you find yourself longing for this person's presence in your life in terms other than a sexual relationship? In other words, do you feel a need simply to be with that person and spend time with them even without having sex?

9. Can you laugh together and at one another, share jokes, and generally have fun together?

10. Does spending time with this person make you feel good about yourself?

11. Does this person give you a heightened sense of self-confidence and vitality?

12. Can you look at this person even when they are at their worst in their physical appearance (such as when they are sick) and not feel repulsed?

13. Do you share a strong mutual respect for one another?

14. Are you willing and able to share both good times and bad with this person and work through life's ups and downs together as a team?

There is a very fine line between lust and love because the two of them are closely related. Being able to tell the difference can save you from wasting your time pursuing an unhealthy relationship which is doomed to eventual failure.

If your long-term goal is to seek out a partner with whom you can build a solid, lifetime commitment, knowing the difference between lust and love is an essential and vital skill you'll want to master. Learning to accept a relationship for what it really is can mean the difference between a broken heart and a happy, fulfilling, lifetime of bliss with your partner.

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Deborah Willis is the author of ATTRACT WOMEN -- The Average Man's Guide to Attracting, Dating, Loving, and Maintaining Relationships with Women. For more down-to-earth dating advice visit ATTRACT WOMEN This article may be freely reprinted as long as the article resource is left intact and there is a live link to the author's web site.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Four surefire steps to real life mastery of dating, sex, relationships, women and everything related

Step One. Accept that you are the only one responsible for your success or failure with women. Nobody else but you.

If it's to be, it's up to me. This also applies for men, not only for women. You do have to realise the HUGE POWER you have right now.
When you understand that there is nobody else to hand you the mastery with women on a silver plate, that there is no external magic key that will make it happen, you will not be afraid that it's all up to you.
Instead you will just put this power into strategies, actions and practice.
After a while, you will see other men blaming their failures on anybody else but them (our girlfriends, spouses and wives often call it "denying responsibility"). But you will already be in a place of success and achievement, and looking at these men will make you want to achieve even more, because you will actually realise you do have UNLIMITED POWER at your disposal. And all is to be found within yourself.

You are both the problem and the solution, and only you can hold the keys to your personal power.

Step Two. Realise that life is much more than Dating, Women, Sex, Love Relationships. They enhance it a lot, but are not its essence.

That is why you will ask yourself how would it feel to be a great individual without needing anyone else in your love life. How would it be to be alone and still feel fantastic about it?

You see, if you use all your energy for mastery with women, you might achieve it after some years. But you will discover that this does not give complete meaning to your life; when you will have no money, women will not replace the respect that other men don't have for you as a poor broke guy that somehow gets laid often.

If you forget to make your dreams in life more than about women, then having mastery with women will not help you at all.
You will quickly become unhappy with other areas from your life, and as a result you will also repell women eventually.

Step Three. Be persistent when learning to actually get better with women.

Nothing is natural from the very beginning. Neither walking, nor driving. But you learned those from a blend of failures, ambition and achievement. Actually, ALL that you learn in real life requires the following:

1. Courage to act

2. Failure

3. Dealing the right way with failure

4. More courage to act (persistence)

5. Success

This is actually a cycle - the learning cycle of any succesful human being. All our lifes, in various contexts, we choose to apply it completely or to stop at number 3 and remain stuck forever.
Good news are that learning to get better with women is much simpler than learning Chinese. It is all about applying these learning cycle to each and every basic step of any interaction with women.
It is all about action, experience, persistence and success at getting their contact details, getting that great first date and developing the interaction further on.

Step Four. Remember to enjoy yourself ALL the way towards mastery with women.

It's still a great part of your life, of your time and your energy so why not K.I.S.S. with fun. Why not Keep It Short, Simple and with Fun.

I remember, for example, when I wanted to really master that first date basic step of my mastery with women. I wanted to sweep them off their feet right from the very beginning, so I learned to be great at telling very beautiful, emotional and intriguing stories.
It was fast, easy and a real pleasure to master this. I was anyway bound to communicate with people as a human being, so I just figured out what kind of communication and the topics involved that will actually make ladies' hearts and bodies melt with attraction and desire.

It is always lots of fun to learn new things that open up new directions and successes for each of us regarding women and our lifes in general.
Beginning the journey towards women mastery with these critical but simple three steps will provide each of us with the fuel to finish it fast and easy.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Learn How Women Communicate

We all know that this world is full of women, but all are different. It is said that it is very hard to understand women that's why here are some true statements about how they communicate that you can learn from and see how it applies to your girlfriend, wife or other woman you know.

Women don’t need to have a particular reason to talk; they like to talk because it creates connection.

So they always want to have near them someone who wants to listen and talk with them. Also, women use talking as a way to release tension. There are a lot of conflicts inside a couple about communication because, for women, talking something out over and over again eventually dissipates the stuck energy around it.

They hate being told to get over it, that you don't have time to listen. If rambling conversation drives you crazy or you don’t have a lot of time let her know what time you do have and give her the attention. You should listen to her without trying to find a point or solution.

Women express their thinking and feeling process out loud. Hearing themselves talk helps women get clear on what is going on inside of them. The process of expressing their thoughts out loud actually allows them to figure out what they’re thinking and feeling. So you should be a good listener and show that you are interested in what she thinks and feel. They don't like the men which enjoy having a specific purpose for the conversation.

Women communicate with details. They love details; that’s why a woman’s interest in the details about your life is not an attempt to interrogate you or invade your privacy and their habit of sharing the details of their life is not an attempt to take up too much of your time. Rather, they are trying to connect. If you want to surprise her try to make some remarks using some details for example the way she is dressed, the color of her eyes...

Women minimize how upset they are. In order to keep the peace, women often don’t express how upset they really are. They don’t stand up for themselves, and they downplay the severity of their dissatisfaction.

When they said that are alright but still look upset, they are still upset. If you take the time to try to get a woman to say what she really feels, that attempt alone will actually make her feel better because she knows you cared enough to try.

They don't like the men which, in order to avoid a confrontation take her answer literally and leave it when she says that is fine but still look upset. They love to insist and find out what she really think and try to make her feel better.

Show her that you care and it is important to you her happiness.

In general, they like to have a lot of friends (I mean girlfriends) with whom to share all their thoughts, dreams and secrets which a man would never understand. Most of them don't feel secure to have an open talk with their partner and to be completely honest like she is with her friends.

So women are well aware that most of the time they are a profound mystery to men.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

3 Things That Can Save You When You Don't Know What To Say

One of the best ways of having a good, healthy and wholesome chat with your girlfriend is to start with small talk. The small talk will give you a general picture about her likes and dislikes, as well as what she would like to discuss and what she would rather leave alone. Once the small talk gives you a general idea, you can go ahead and discuss your common likes and dislikes.

But what is really freaking you are those moment of silence. Uhh... horrible moments. :) The key to avoid or get over these horrible moments are:

1. Compliment her

The fact is most people are shy about meeting new people. I used to be enormously shy. But when you think about it, shyness is merely a fear that others won't like you, or that you may be rejected in some way. It's natural for us to desire acceptance. So try to make her know that you like her by making a compliment. But find something that you really find attractive about her, about her lifestyle or her personality. She will become more confident and more open to share her believes and her shyness won�t be a problem for a fluid conversation.

2. Asking open questions

How you ask questions is very important in establishing a basis for an effective communication. Effective questions open the door to knowledge and understanding. The art of questioning lies in knowing which questions to ask when.

My favorites questions are "why" and "how" questions. You can use these frequently without being annoying. She will feel that you are interested in what she is telling you and will develop her answers.

Therefore, you should think carefully before speaking and taking up subjects that might be repugnant to her.

3. Listen, listen, and listen.

Usually when the woman starts talking about her favorite subjects (feelings, family, relationships, friends and her work) many men lose interest or bring the conversation back to themselves. This is one of the biggest mistake men are doing all the time.

They also like to exchange jokes and anecdotes and spend a fair amount of time playing one-up and boasting. Stop doing that!!!

Allow HER to have HER points of view, while you have yours. Men have felt like they have either had to abandon their own beliefs in order to try to get a woman, OR they had to fight with women about what they believe in. Both approaches lead to failure.

She is not there with you just to hear about your hero "qualities", but to have a great time!

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Monday, July 9, 2007

6 Rules to Choose the Best Place for the First Date

Let's assume for a minute that you have met a great girl and that you want more than a one-night-stand. You want to have a good time with her because you want to develop a long-term relationship.

I believe that there isn't a perfect general place for all first dates, just the perfect place for you and your future date. One where you have been with your ex date and it was great, could be a wrong choice for your date with another girl.

Make sure your first date will be a success choosing the right place. There are some rules and criteria that will help you to make the best decision:

1. For your very first meeting it is suggested that you only make it brief but fun, inexpensive and relaxing.

2. Chose the place for the first date according your date's age and lifestyle. Maybe you don't know too much about the women you are going to ask for a date, but you can make a clue about her, looking to how she is dressing and watching the type of people she is hanging around.

3. Particularly on a first date, you may wish to leave early, or so may they. An exit plan for both guys and girls is always useful.

4. Dates that will make you interact with the other person and share both your interests will not only teach you more about them, but also show how compatible you actually are. Sporting events, concerts and picnics are great places for first dates. You can talk, and being outside, everything feels less claustrophobic. It's easy and relaxed and clothing usually isn't a problem

5. It makes a difference if you can find something that she will remember for a long time. If in your area is an event like circus, carnival, festival, don't miss it and you two will have more fun than at a coffee place that's for sure. There wouldn't be any pressure; you�ll only have to enjoy the company.

6. If you are dating late in the evening make sure that you walk in places where your date is feeling safe. Don't forget that she does not know you very well and being alone with you in a place that is not public can make her feel insecure. It is normal!

By being unique and creative, you'll stand out among the other guys she's dated and she will want to be with you again.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Living Together

Building a relationship is never an easy task. Even after many years of living together couples still have to deal with their differences that became so obvious the very first day of their cohabitation. That’s why much patience is required when starting a full-fledged relationship with a person whom you only know through correspondence and the two of you have spent just a week or two together.

If your partner comes from a faraway country and a culture very much different from your own, these differences may become the greatest source of tensions for you as a newly born couple. It can be silly things like – she’s used to having instant coffee and just can’t figure out the coffee-maker; or she forgets to say hello and smile to your next door neighbor. But it can also apply to things by far more important – like family budget and relations with in-laws. If the little misunderstandings in the kitchen could be solved rather quickly with a good share of humor, the more serious issues will require a lot of time and effort to settle. Don’t forget that what seems natural to you is a completely new way of thinking that she’s not accustomed to. Communicate your position reasonably, hear out what she has to say about the issue, and work out together where your opposing opinions can meet.

As an accepting party taking in a foreigner into your house, you have a better chance of seeing the bigger picture behind your tensions. After all, you’re still in your own country, your family and friends are close at hand and ready to support you. On the whole your lifestyle remains almost intact. Now imaging how your partner’s life changes – she’s out of her background, away from family and friends, in a completely new surrounding, having to speak a language which is not her native any time she wants to be understood. It’s pretty much akin to turning one’s life upside down and around 180 degrees. If the conflict is becoming too intense, be prepared to concede and if needed get back to discussing the issue when both of you are not so wound up emotionally.

Any change generates tension, and depending on the individual’s adaptability radical change may provoke different degrees of stress. Thus, do your best to introduce change slowly and without pressuring your partner too much. Don’t expect her to change overnight. Give her time and space to learn. Most of the people can adjust to any kind of life changes, but it’s better if they do it at their own pace establishing analogies between the old and the new.

The extra mile
Keep in mind that simply working through the cultural tensions and stress caused by radical change of environment is simply not enough to make a relationship function properly. That will only save it from collapsing at the very beginning. A lot of love and affection, as well as tolerance and time is required to establish firm ties between two people and make living together not only bearable but enjoyable for both of you.

After all, you know you’re not taking this risk for nothing. With the help of the modern technology you’ve met a person whom you would most probably never meet otherwise. If you believe that this precious person is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, don’t hesitate to take that extra step and go the extra mile for her. Getting to know each other deeply and intimately, you’ll be able to create a symbiotic relationship grounded in trust, respect and communication.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Relationship: Happy Birthday

Do you remember the days when as a child your parents celebrated your birthday! How excited you were to receive a birthday present! How many years have passed by since you have not celebrated your birthday? How happy were you when you received a birthday card or a birthday present on your birthday! Do you really long to enjoy your birthday as you did long time back with your lover and friends. It’s for sure that all of us have a baby hidden inside who wants to be loved, pampered and receive presents on our birthdays. Just like you your partner too would be happy if you celebrate his/her birthday.

So to please each other do celebrate birthdays and be happy in the relationship.
As time passes by we either make birthdays only a formal affair, just wishing and having good food and nothing else. No enjoyment and no fun and no excitement. Should it be the way to celebrate birthdays? No! Not at all! You should make it a point to celebrate birthdays with full vigor and an excitement.

Well if you want your relationship to be filled with love, affection and excitement then for sure celebrate your lovers coming birthday and make it a point to celebrate it every year. To please others is a virtue and birthdays are an occasion for that. By celebrating birthday of your partner you will definitely make him/her happy.

Birthdays are the occasions to show your love and affection. Plan out a candle night dinner, bake a cake, and buy a lovely outfit or a ring for your partner. Make it a true celebration to show your love and affection. Celebrating each others birthday gets you close. It shows your love and affection for each other and that you care for each other. It gives immense happiness to you when somebody remembers your birthday and makes it a special day for you. You realize his /her closeness towards you. It generates an extra bond between you and your partner.

If your love life is getting boring and stagnated then spice it up, celebrate each others birthdays and show that love and care for each other. It not only gets freshness and enthusiasm in your relationship but also increases your love for each other.
Birthdays break the boring routine and bring freshness into your life. Your partner will definitely appreciate the effort you make to celebrate your birthday whether it is a surprise or not. If it is a surprise it adds thrill. Be it a surprise party, a surprise present or a surprise dinner at a restaurant your effort gives an extreme happiness to your partner. This kind of celebration enlivens your relationship.

So celebrate your loved ones birthday and envelope your love with laughter fun and enjoyment.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

The Biggest Mistakes Men Make in a Relationship

Relationships are difficult to sustain. Very few relationships sustain for long with both partners totally happy. Most people carry through a relationship without any joy.
We all start our new relationships with hopes, dreams, and wonderful aspirations. But oftentimes, we see couples, or in our own relationships, where things turn sour. What can be done to keep a relationship strong and joyous? Avoid this common mistakes.

1. Not investing enough time in your relationship

2. "Housework" is not just for women. You can learn how to do laundry, vacuum the house and wash the dishes if you haven’t learned in the past.

3. Your partner is NOT your Mom and is not responsible to help you remember what it takes to keep harmony and peace in your relationship.

4. Thinking everything is about you and for you. Basically being selfish in a relationship.

5. Storming out of an argument without an agreement to at least come back later for resolution

6. Not listening too and supporting your partner’s ideas even if you don’t believe in them

7. Constantly talking smack about her family members. You knew who they were before you became involved with her and whether you like it or not, they are there to stay. Please remember that blood is thicker than water. That doesn’t mean you can’t voice an opinion occasionally, it just means don’t constantly rail on her family even if you are right. You’ll plant a seed in her that may grow into a thorn bush.

8. Not taking your time in bed with her to allow her to grab a piece of heaven. Men want quick affection, sex, and security with a woman. And then we want the space and relaxed distance. Women want space and relaxed distance. THEN they want affection, sex, and a build-up of trust and security.

9. Not learning to be emotionally available. Women aren’t asking you to stop being a man, just talk about who you are, where you came from, past history and future dreams.) If this is hard for you, seek help or join a group.

Counseling can be difficult for men. It is traditionally based on talking and sharing. These are more conducive for women. But there are male counselors out there and you don't have to go to just anyone. You have the power of choice. Going to counseling is not a sign of weakness. Not going is more a sign of weakness, because you are avoiding the real problems and stand to lose your love relationship.

Also there are another mistakes that a men should avoid:

* Never tell any woman that she has put on weight, even if you think it only makes her sexier, keep silent. Most women are fiercely fighting against extra pounds - they are dieting, taking pills, and work out until they faint.

* Don’t nag at her for spending the whole day and a fortune in a beauty parlor. For girls a new hairstyle or fresh manicure symbolizes a new life.

* Never criticize her cooking skills, even in the most delicate way ("My mom usually adds eggs in the pancake batter"). Your mom has nothing to do with your relationship.

* Never praise another woman’s looks if your girlfriend is around. Beware that the mere fact that divas of this caliber exist on the same planet makes the life of every woman miserable. Your girlfriend is concerned about her body, no matter how perfect she seems to you.

* Don’t take your girlfriend to a soccer (hockey, golf, etc.) tournament. She will either sit there bored and ruin your fun, or will get to like the sport and in no time she will know more about soccer (hockey, golf, etc.) than you do, which will piss you off eventually. This way she will deprive you of one of our main guys’ pleasures.

* In most of relationships both partners try to avoid conflicts .Conflict includes such examples as arguments, differences, and variances. The Truth is, we are all different. That's what makes each one of us special. But, sometimes we try to avoid our partner. This is much like number one on the list but is more keenly felt by the partner. Worst is that we blame others (or other things) and deny our own self-responsibility. When we avoid responsibility, we typically express it as blaming others, usually our partner, and try to make them change and conform. This is a form of manipulation and an avoidance of Self. Many of us refuse to get help.

If you had the methods and the tools to keep your relationship alive, loving and healthy you don't need any advices but if not you should avoid this mistakes.

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