Monday, April 23, 2007

Make Eye Contact

The eye says it all. You can read a person’s feelings by just a look in the eyes. Eyes portray a man’s true feelings. So whenever you want to know how exactly a person is feeling have a look into his or her eyes. Eyes convey all love, affection, anger, hope, joy and other innumerable emotions. But love is expressed best through the eyes. The eyes are the mirror of your heart.

It has been said often that you cannot hide love as it is seen through your eyes and the eyes do not lie. If you love somebody it is clearly seen in your eyes. Eye contact is must to enhance your love as it is only through eye contact that men listen to your feelings and feel aroused. When you feel that your mate is not showing much interest in you make eye contact with him as it helps to bring out the true emotions hidden inside. Remember the first time you met it was the eye contact that made you realize that you love each other or made you fall in love with each other. There is something magical about the eyes that get people closer.

Whenever you are at a gathering, attending a dinner with friends, or a party make an eye contact with your partner so that he feels close to you although sitting across and with so many other people present out there. It is a way to express your thoughts. It makes your partner realize that you are always by his side. Such an act is necessary as it never lets your love fade.

An eye contact gives support to your partner especially when your mate is in a big gathering and giving some speech or addressing a big crowd. It is important as it gives him the assurance that you are there for him right behind him. Just look directly to him and make him feel comfortable. The male partner can also do the same for his female partner.

“Love enters a man through his eyes, woman through her ears”. Well an eye contact is really important to show your love to the man in your life. A man feels more loved when his lover just gives him a look into the eyes. You don’t need to speak out mountains of words to express you love to him. Your eyes tell him everything. An eye contact with your male partner enhances his love for you as with an eye contact your partner feels loved. You do not have to say it in words your eyes say everything to him.

So even if your relationship has grown old make an eye contact to express your love and enhance love in your relationship as many couples feel that love fades from their relationship with the passage of time. Eye contact does it all for a relationship that is loosing the charm and love. So never forget to make an eye contact and let there be love all around you.

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