Monday, April 16, 2007

Be Creative

People all around the world exchange words of love. Wonder how many people must have expressed these words of love? Mostly people say it in a simple way “I love you” with a bouquet of flower or a soft kiss. It is not a new notion but something that has been done since ages. Each one of us falls in love and find out ways to express our love. Yet there are married couples who often remind each other that they love one another in different ways. Most of the people go for the normal way of expressing their feelings.
But there are great lovers who adopt various methods to show their emotions. Conveying your love in such a different style makes your love life interesting and exciting and as often said interest and excitement are essential for a relationship especially that this not very new.

Instead of simply saying three words “I love you” do something new to express these words. There are various ways of articulating your love. Be creative and come up with innovative ideas. You could do some creative writing and stick it on the bathroom door so that early morning he or she receives your love note and is filled with a smile early morning.

A wonderful suggestion is to request your mate’s favorite song along with a love message on a radio station that could be played while he is driving home tired from his work. Such an act of yours will help vanish his tiredness and make him feel refreshed.
You could also assort songs that you both like in a CD or a cassette player and give her while she is going for work. It will make her active and in high spirits.
Being creative adds freshness to a relationship. If such steps are not taken, it makes a quite boring. Couples in a relationship do require some kind of change otherwise their relationship gets monotonous. Just expressing your love in a different way is in itself a change. You should be creative and not consider such actions as immature or childish. They are just a way to make your relationship filled with excitement and entertainment. It is a life living with a difference.

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