Thursday, April 5, 2007

Relationship: A Night of Passion

Intimacy and passion are significant in a relationship. A relationship is lifeless and boring if it lacks in passion and intimacy. Update your relationship with a night of passion. Get intimacy and passion in your relationship. A relationship tends to become boring if you start losing the intimacy and passion. You need to enjoy being together in an intimate way. Make your intimate time together special. Surprise your mate with a candle night dinner, soft music, a bottle of wine and a variety of passionate things for your lover to be together.

Do things together. Go to bed at night together. Happy partner never resist going to bed together. Walk hand in hand and feel the intimacy between the two of you. Hug each other when you meet after a break. Let that passion grow to strengthen the relationship. For a healthy relationship intimacy is very important. Physical intimacy helps you bring your soul together thus strengthens the relationship. It is a part of healing and rebuilding your relationship. Although it is difficult and awkward in the beginning yet it is crucial. Intimacy is very important in a relationship.

A relationship that is based on both emotional and physical intimacy is guaranteed to be successful and long lasting. A relationship does not last long if there is no emotional attachment between the partners. Emotions work like magnets that hold the partners together. How do you know that you are emotionally attached to your partner? Well! If you care for your lover, are worried about your partner and have respect then it is an indication of emotional attachment.

The couples, who are close to each other, feel for each other and at the same time show their love and care outwardly never face shortcomings in their relationship. It has been well said, “If you love somebody show it”. Love, if not expressed outwardly dies. Physical intimacy is equally important along with emotional intimacy to let your love grow. If you love your partner show it .While taking a walk just hold the hand of your lover or stop to give a gentle kiss. When you return from work give a warm hug to your mate.

Intimacy is all about caring, loving, honesty, openness with each other and respect for each other. You should respect each other and be open with each other. It is then that you will feel a close bond between the two of you. A relationship with this kind of intimacy is strong and stable.

A passionate lover is the one all are looking for. If you are a passionate lover there is always a kind of energy and excitement in your relationship. This passion never lets your love fade. There is a kind of zeal in the relationship that keeps up the excitement between the partners.

Passion and intimacy are the key factors to let the relationship going as fresh as ever so never let it go out of your life.

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