Saturday, March 31, 2007

Relationship: Be Kind to One Another

All of us hear people speak of kindness and love. At beauty pageants and shows great personalities speak of doing and believing in great deeds of kindness. But one thing we must not forget, like charity, kindness begins at home. Be kind and thoughtful towards your spouse and family members. Being kind to each other strengthens the relationship and this further makes you look towards others with the same feeling of kindness.

Often people talk and teach about kindness without realizing that they are not very kind towards their partners. They completely forget or rather do not realize that they are not thoughtful towards their mates. Being kind to each other in a relationship is equally important as any other feeling.

Even good relationships at times lack the quality of kindness. This somewhere, somehow affects the relationship. Little words of kindness and little thoughtful actions taken by you change the relationship altogether. You feel the kind of closeness you never felt before. In a relationship you have to be kind and thoughtful if you want your relationship to be long lasting. You do not have to make extra efforts to be kind. It is how you feel within for your partner. If you really love him you definitely will be kind to your mate. But in practicality you actually are unkind without realizing it.

Here are some tips to learn to be kind. Whenever your husband comes tired home from long hours of work, relax him with a hot cup of tea. If your partner returns from a long drive on a hot summer day, fresh him up with cold coffee and a refreshing kiss. If the wife or the girlfriend has come home after longs hours of sitting on the computer then the male partner should relax her and message her shoulders and neck. You should be aware of the situation he or she is going through and give the required comfort. Be kind and thoughtful in your actions. Feel for your lover, be kind. Feel the pain, grief and happiness that your partner undergoes, it shows your feelings and kindness.

Love unconditionally. Love your partner for all the good and bad qualities. Nobody is perfect. This is love, true love filled with kindness. You don’t like some habit of your mate; try to improve it, if you cannot then bare it up out of kindness. After all there must be some habit of yours that the opposite does not like in you. It has to be mutual. Even if not, you be kind enough to bare it and this will certainly change your partner.
It is a rule what you give to others you get it back. Little deeds of action made by you make all the difference in your relationship. If you are kind towards your partner then definitely your lover will be kind to you in return, if not at least he or she will not be harsh towards you.

Kindness is the epitome of love. Kindness is love, kindness is caring and kindness is sharing. Kindness is the strategy for a happy and long lasting relationship as it has all the love and care in it. Always remember to be kind to keep your relationship happy and long lasting.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Adore your mate

Love, care, attraction and affection are what come to our mind when we talk about a relationship. Well a relationship is much more than that. It is admiring and adoring your mate, adoring beyond the physical appearance.
A relationship is about two individuals coming together in union for an everlasting bond. It is accepting one another with all their positive and negative aspect. When you are in a relationship you should adore your mate for what he or she is. Adoring your mate is appreciating the complete persona of a particular person. A relationship is accepting a person for what they are, all the good and bad qualities. You have to accept the person for his or her flaws. That is a true relationship.

Most of the relationships in today’s world end in a separation due to lack of adjustment and acceptance for each other. Many couples are unable to cope up with the faults of their partners. They only admire them for their good qualities and reject them for their negative characteristics. Should it be the way, certainly not? We should remember that no person is perfect. If people are good at certain things and have some positive traits they also have negative qualities. We should learn to accept and acknowledge both the positive and negative points of our partners. This is true love. If you really love your mate you are going to love him or her for each and every quality he or she has.

Most of us come into a relationship when we get acquainted to a person’s positive attribute which is very normal. But it is in later years that we come to know about a person’s negative trait. It is here we need to understand that no person is perfect and should take that person as he or she is. None of us are perfect. You should keep in mind that you too have faults and are being accepted as you are. So why can’t you be the same.

If you feel it difficult to take in the bad part of your partner just keep in mind the good part about him or her. And it will become very easy for you to take in the unpleasant portion of the relationship.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

50 Ways to Say I Love You

A giggly game of Trivial Pursuit and a tall margarita. After nine years of marriage, that is how my husband and I last expressed our love for one another.

It is important to say I Love You with both passion and frequency. And we can say it not only with our words but with our actions, with our facial expressions and body language, even with our thoughts. Lasting intimacy comes from an everyday appreciation and a reverence for the daily moments we spend in the company of one another.

Here are 50 simple ways you can demonstrate the depth of your love. (I have used the words he and she interchangeably here. The following ideas are not gender specific.)

1. Write down fifty favorite memories of your life spent together so far. Invite your partner to add to the list, as well as to share special ideas for the future.

2. Leave a message on her voicemail with a silly, romantic poem. (Roses are red, violets are blue . . .)

3. Make a CD featuring the songs that have been important in your relationship. Slip it into the CD player of her car.

4. Bring homemade cookies or brownies to his office with a simple love note.

5. Spoon.

6. Surprise her with some bath salts and her favorite magazine. Then take the kids out of the house for the evening so she can enjoy some time alone.

7. Stash a love note in his shoe.

8. Spend some time talking about all the goals you have been able to accomplish during your time as a couple. Reflecting on the things that you have been able to do with the strength of the other, including the challenges, can really help you to remember and to celebrate the depth of your relationship and how you have supported one another through it all.

9. Serve her breakfast in bed.

10. Give him some time one Saturday to do something he enjoys but rarely takes the time for.

11. Buy her luxurious new silk pajamas that will make her feel treasured and cherished each time she puts them on.

12. Create a special sign (such as a specific hand gesture) that means I Love You, just between the two of you.

13. Listen without interrupting.

14. Give her a few minutes of time alone when she first gets home from work. Sometimes, we each need a bit of time to process the transition from work life to family life.

15. Watch a sporting event together.

16. Place a single daisy on her windshield.

17. Kiss.

18. Surprise him by purchasing his favorite DVD or the latest CD of his favorite vocal artist.

19. Talk lovingly about your partner to others, and avoid criticizing your mate to your friends or family. Even if your words never make it back to your partner, the tension and negative energy will eventually wedge its way between you.

20. Talk a walk together.

21. Rub his back.

22. Dance to your favorite song.

23. Re-create your first date.

24. Light candles at dinnertime.

25. Write a love note and slip it under his pillow.

26. Send a romantic text message.

27. Send flowers, just because.

28. Keep a scrapbook of your love, from first meeting through courtship, through marriage. Write a few journal entries about how your love for one another has evolved as you have grown together, and the new kinds of energy each new phase of your relationship has created.

29. Take him out to lunch.

30. Make her coffee so it is ready when she gets up.

31. Jot down 20 things you love about him and slip it under his dinner plate.

32. Cook her favorite breakfast.

33. Choose a book you both will enjoy, and read it aloud together.

34. Rent a romantic movie.

35. Slip a Hershey Kiss and a Hershey Hug into her coat pocket.

36. Write about the feelings you felt when you first met your mate. Write about the first time you knew you were in love.

37. Celebrate special days in your relationship with unique traditions and rituals.

38. Have you been holding a grudge against your partner? Today, forgive it and move on. Witness how much power the act of forgiveness injects into your relationship.

39. Rub her feet.

40. Find creative places to write I Love You: in whipped cream on a slice of pie, carved into the side of an apple, in the steam on the bathroom mirror.

41. Bring flowers to her in the middle of the day.

42. Spend a few minutes together in bed each morning.

43. Call his mother and father and thank them for creating such a wonderful son.

44. Do a chore that is typically reserved for him.

45. Tell her she looks amazing.

46. Write her a love letter and mail it.

47. If she has had a rough day at work, bring home her favorite take out and a bottle of wine.

48. Create a marquis on your screensaver that declares your love.

49. Choose your favorite photo of the two of you as a couple and frame two copies: one for each of you to take to work.

50. Play a board game or a game of cards. (Margaritas optional.)

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Monday, March 26, 2007

How To Be A Great Husband

One of the things I love most about being The Relationship Specialist is that I get to empower relationships. I particularly love to teach men how to be their best so that their women totally adore them. Most husbands fall into the good or poor categories. They aren't very happy with themselves and their wives don't like them very much either. Great husbands are few and far between.

However, great husbands are much happier and they enjoy a richer degree of life. So, what is the difference? Here are some of the essential principles for becoming a great husband:

1) Listen To Her Feelings. You might not understand or agree but listen. Most men argue or get frustrated. A great husband conveys unconditional support to his wife. He makes it safe for her to share all sides of herself. A wife who can freely express herself will not only feel safe but a great husband will make her feel special as well.

2) Spend Time With Her. Let your actions clearly show that your wife is your greatest priority. She needs to know that she is special to you. Most men choose sports, T.V. , hunting or fishing. You can have these things but if your wife doesn't know she comes first in your life then she may resent your other pursuits.

3) Be Her Champion. Your wife needs to feel your strength and security. "I'm here for you" is the point you want to make. Despite other messages she may give you, women hate having to be in charge all of the time. Convey to your wife that your love for her is powerful and totally unconditional. Don't let your message be weakened based on her moods or behavior. Great husbands stand by their wives no matter what.

4) Let Her Know That You Are Captivated By Her Beauty. Great husbands let their wives know that they only have eyes for her. You dilute the strength of your marriage when you let your eyes drift towards other women. How is she ever going to feel safe if she feels threatened by other women all of the time? Devote yourself to her. Don't split your energy. Pour it all into her.

5) Being a Great Husband is not hard to do. It will take more of an effort but the rewards are enormous. You will feel so much better about yourself and your wife will go out of her way to fulfill the needs of your heart. Make an absolute commitment to be a Great Husband. In times of uncertainty or frustration, ask the question, "What would a Great Husband do?" This question will help you keep your direction and commitment. Strive to be great.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

5 Ways To Build, Strengthen, and Enhance Your Relationship

Dating and marriage is different than it was twenty years ago. In todays society, more than 50% of all marriages fail for one reason or another. Just thinking about that makes "commitment" seem scary. It seems that when relationships are faced with challenges, people quit trying. Dating is more like a marathon, trying to date as many people as possible, instead of taking time to get to know someone at a deeper level. For married couples, divorce is not biased. Whether married for thirty years or eight months, the outcome can be the same.

The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard. Things do not always go perfectly, fighting does occur, and it takes a 100% commitment from both parties to make it a success. Often when people break off a relationship, they feel as though something is missing. The "spark" has gone, leaving one or both people feeling inadequate and unfulfilled.

However, even though the odds are not very good, healthy, and long-lasting relationships are definitely possible and proven by many people. Look at Paul Newman and Joanne Woodard, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman, or Nancy and Ronald Regan. What secrets do they possess? The answer is that they all work hard at their relationship. They made a decision of choosing to love their mate rather than relying on the "warm and fuzzy" feelings, which everyone knows will fade. By making love a choice you are making a decision that even in the bad times, you stick it out.

Think of it like choosing a car. You pick out the make, model, year, color, and features that you believe are best for you. After driving your car for a couple of months, you realize that perhaps you should have purchased a larger car, or that maybe the leather seats would have been better, or on hot sunny days, the sunroof would have been nice. However, it is now too late so you choose to keep your car and make it work. It is the same for marriage. Not everything will be perfect and there will be major obstacles to overcome but you have made your decision and now you choose to make it work.

There are hundreds of things you can do to better your relationship. To help get you headed in the right direction, I have chosen 5 ways to build, strengthen, and enhance your relationship.

Remember, little steps taken every day will add up to big successes.

1. Start Over

When couples first get together, everything is new and exciting. They overlook the little annoying things the other person does. However, after time, the nagging starts, instead of hearing, "You look beautiful," they might hear "Why are you wearing that shirt?" If this sounds like your relationship, first, the two of you need to sit down and be honest that things have changed. Identify the things each other did in the beginning of the relationship that created the attraction in the first place. Then together, make a commitment to start over. The truth is, both of you will have to work on this. It will not automatically be easy but it is possible. Start by forgiving each other, forgetting the past, and then start over with the flirtation. Focus only on the special things your mate does and relearn to put the unimportant things aside. It will take some time so be patient.

2. Schedule Time

Spending quality time together is crucial. This time can be with friends, dining out, attending a sporting event, or cuddling together while watching a favorite movie. The activity is not what is important but the fact that you are together, doing something that you both enjoy. People have extremely busy schedules and between work, family, the home, errands, and everything else going on, finding time for your mate can be difficult. Just as you would schedule a meeting on your calendar, show some courtesy in the relationship by scheduling time with each other. Once the plan is in place, no backing out unless you have some life and death emergency.

3. The Power of Touch

When a child is ill, doctors will tell you that it is proven that a simple, loving touch of a parent can quickly pull the child through a crisis. It is the same for relationships. Playing with your mate's hair, rubbing their hand, a soft kiss on the neck, a soft pat on the leg or giving a gentle back rub will make a huge difference in how your mate responds to you. When was the last time you walked up to your mate for no reason and without saying a word, affectionately placed a kiss on their neck? This is not in a sexual way, but an affectionate way. There is a difference. The next time the two of you are sitting in the car, at the grocery story, or standing in line at the theater, quietly reach over and take their hand. Do not be surprised if you get a strange look of curiosity the first time!

4. Surprise

If you and your mate have scheduled some time for a Friday night dinner, put together a surprise instead. For example, if your mate loves professional wrestling, buy some tickets near the front or if they like concerts, purchase the tickets ahead of time, getting the best seats possible. When Friday night comes around, insist on driving and head toward the location where the event is taking place. When asked where you are going, simply answer, "I have a surprise for you. I know you love professional wrestling so I purchased two great seats for tonight's performance," or "I know we had planned on going to dinner, but I wanted to surprise you with something special. I purchased tickets to see one of your favorite groups in concert." The idea of you getting the tickets for something THEY like and then keeping it as a special surprise will touch the heart!

5. Needed Space

As important as it is to spend quality time together, it is equally important to give each other time to do something they like. If your mate loves to fish but you have no desire to bait a hook with little, slimy worms, or if you like to go to the casino but your mate would rather do something different, encourage each other to take time apart. Try establishing a set time for this very purpose, if possible. For example, perhaps you could determine that every other Friday night is "singles" night. This is not a time to date other people, but to enjoy preferred activities. Remember that you have to place trust in your relationship. If you try this and then drill them, to see what they did, whom they were with, and where they went, then the exercise has failed.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Communication: The Key To Better Relationships

Communication is a very important part of our daily lives. The skills we use to communicate will greatly determine our level of personal happiness and fulfillment. Effective communication makes our lives work. It helps us make and keep friends. It helps us become successful within our work.

Sometimes, however, the role models we need to learn the proper skills for good communication are not available and problems may begin and persist without these skills. By modeling the basic techniques, we can teach future generations how to develop healthier relationships.

One of the biggest ways to turn persons off is through body language. Our nonverbal messages disclose much information about ourselves, our feelings and attitudes. By increasing awareness of our body language, we can convey to others our interests and likings which we in turn want to receive. We can do this by finding a close distance in which we can talk and interact comfortably and by maintaining eye contact which conveys sincerity, smiling, leaning forward when we speak, uncrossing arms and legs and allowing expressions to show.

Self disclosure is an important part of communication. It adds excitement and develops intimacy within our relationships because we are communicating information about ourselves. The risk of self disclosure will lead our relationships to the level of intimacy that we desire.

Some suggestions for this area:
- Practice sharing factual information about ourselves. When comfortable with this, move on to the next step.
- Share your thoughts, feelings and needs but only about the past or future, such as your beliefs, hopes or thoughts on the future.
- From here share your feelings and needs on a "here and now" basis. This will involve saying what attracts us to the other person, saying what we like and dislike about their behavior. This is the most difficult level of disclosure but also the most satisfying. When we risk sharing our true feelings we can become closer to others and create stronger bonds.

Other things to keep in mind when disclosing include:
- Preparing ahead of time on what we think, feel and want within our relationship.
- Being positive.
- Taking responsibility for our position by using "I" messages, such as " I think", "I want", "I feel" and not using "You" messages such as "You always" or "You never". This puts the other person on the defensive.

Listening is another important part of communication. It is our ability to listen that makes and keeps relationships going. When we show others that we are good listeners, they are drawn to us. By taking the time to listen we learn to understand others. Listening is a commitment to the understanding of how others see things. It is also a compliment to others because we are telling them we care. Listening however does not mean we have to sit still with our mouths shut. Listening involves active participation.

Helpful suggestions for healthy listening skills include:
- moving away from distractions.
- leaning forward.
- maintaining good eye contact.
- nodding and paraphrasing.
- asking questions.
- committing yourself to understanding the other person's viewpoint.

The only way to learn these skills is by using them. It may feel awkward using these techniques at first but as we continue to work at them, they become second nature. The benefits we will gain from these skills will convince us that it is worth the initial discomfort.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Relationship: Showing Love

If you love your partner show it. Not in words but in actions. You do not have to say again and again “I love you”, but you can show it in innumerable ways. Words repeated again and again tend to lose their meaning. Whenever you feel like saying you love, say it in a different and unique way. Showing love to each other increases the love. If you love your spouse show it with care and affection. If somebody cares for you and considers your likes and dislikes then there is an element of love in that relationship but if that care and consideration is shown in a love relationship then it is the exact way to express love with a difference.

It is vital to know and acknowledge what your partner is passionate about. What are the things your mate would like to do and be pleased with? Take interest in your spouse’s favorite pastime and give him or her company to show that you love your partner. Encourage him and take interest in the things he or she loves to do. It does not have to be a matter of give and take. Either of the partners can show love in such a way no matter if the other does not. And the answer is simply because, if you love a person, you love unconditionally.

There are a number of ideas to show your love in a unique way. If your mate loves a particular movie then watch it with him even if you don’t like. Just watch it because you love him and want to spend time with him making him happy. When you love a person try to find happiness in the things he loves.
If she loves to go for a boll then you give her company because you love her and want to say it differently. This is surely a way of saying you love.

All healthy relationships pay attention to each other take interest in their liking and it is a form of love. When you love somebody you are interested in him and the things he likes to do. This is love, true love. Merely saying it in words does not mean you love a person unless you show it.

When she comes out of the office tired be there to pick her up if you are free. She will appreciate it and know from within that you love her. When he is out of town wash his car, go to the airport to pick him up and surprise him with a clean car.
Prepare something for breakfast which he really likes and you don’t enjoy much. He will be extremely happy for your feelings for him.

Have a photo framed where she is looking stunning and beautiful or any photograph of her that is a favorite of hers. You do not have to always take him for shopping when he is not in the mood and wants to watch TV. You could leave him alone in the house to watch TV rather than irritate him and pull him for shopping. This is a form of unrealized love. This is unselfish love, True love.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 Useful Dating Tips for You

You are looking for love, passion and emotional support in their all kind of relationship. You are not born to live a lone life. You need to choose your life partner based on reality not dream.

Love and romance in your life is different from Hollywood movie. All love and marriage relationship blossoms based on trust, respect and friendship. Love at first sight, dancing across the bushes and garden are the dreams, looking at the setting sun with hands in hands from the hillock are the dreams of Hollywood only.

No prince will come from a mystic land on a white horse to take you a dreamland. You need to build a relation with love, care and respect. Instead of waiting for love, go and find your love on realistic assumption.

You can find your partner from on line dating site or from direct dating services. Make a strategy after understanding what you are looking for in your relation. You are doing dating with opposite sex to build a long-term relation of love not only for sex.

People who register on dating sites are everyday men and women. Large number of them are educated, professionals and also established.

So take a decision and visit online dating direct sites. Understand how dating direct can help you. Please check out the credentials before you are neck deep in the relationship.

Please publish an honest online profile. A true add will do 50% of your work. You will make your first impression through your ad. Your ad should be truthful but attractive. Imagine the situation while yours would be partner will read your ad how he or she should feel. You need to write to generate that feeling.

Ask yourself what you are looking for in your partner and publish the same detailed list in companion wanted section. Please be specific on what you like and what you dislike. This will help dating service providers to give you a proper matching list.

Learn how to make a date successful by practicing and rehearsing.

Before you go out for the dating, spend some time in on line chat and phone

The key to success is to convey feelings unambiguously and in an impressive way. But avoid being possessive and avoid past relationships or children in initial days. Know the past of your partner and take care that you should not discuss the same and do not allow the same to happen once again.

Dating is an important part of your life but not the only one. Take care of your jobs, investment, financial planning etc. Take a realistic and positive approach to dating. You are an individual so you also need to care of your career, hobbies, and social activities in addition to dating.

Master the art of flirting in cyber world. Please don't come on too strong. Tease but don't make yourself cheap or easy.

To be successful in on-line dating you may need to view as many as 100 profiles each month. Please be ready to invest time and energy in this Endeavor.

Try to find a match that has something in common with you. Take the entire process seriously and confidently. It is better to go slowly unless you are 100% sure about the credential of your partner in the relationship.

If you put sincere effort, you can find your partner and make life full of passion. Love is something, which you need to give first. More you love your partner from the bottom of your heart, more you will get. A selfish giant can never get the love.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heat Up Your Relationship With A Romantic Weekend Adventure

Is your relationship getting a little stale? Are you feeling like you don’t have enough time for each other? Plan a weekend get away for just the two of you. In many cases this is just what the doctor ordered, the love doctor that is!

When you are planning the weekend try to find something that is new to both of you, not just a new place but even some adventurous undertaking that neither of you have ever done. This will not only bring you closer together but you will also be creating memories that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t really matter what you choose a romantic weekend adventure will bring the sparks back to your relationship.

For many couples a short weekend trip can be all that is needed to rekindle the passion that may be waning. Planning a trip and activities that are new to both of you gives you a chance to explore these new opportunities together as well as learn more about each other. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, it can be a weekend at a little lake house or if you live on the East Coast of Florida or Georgia you can take a quick trip to the Bahamas pretty cheap! Just be sure to savor the experience fully and enjoy the local food and culture if you go somewhere off the beaten path. You can even do something as simple as go spend the weekend at a nearby city that neither one of you have been to and spend the weekend going to little shops and local restaurants.

If you both like the outdoors consider planning a backpacking or hiking trip. You could even combine kayaking or canoeing for an even more adventurous weekend. Planning a weekend getaway like this takes you away from all the electronic distractions we have allowed to enter our lives and makes you spend time paying attention to each other and actually having real and meaningful conversation. It also requires you to do things together as a team, if you have never gone kayaking or canoeing with anyone you will learn very quickly what I mean.

If you live near the ocean where the water is clear you could go snorkeling. Even is you don’t you could take a scuba diving class together, of course this will require more than one weekend but it will definitely be adventurous if you have never done it. Hire out a plane and go for a ride to see your area from the air, this always gives a new perspective. If you live in an area that offers hot air balloon rides take advantage of that. Taking your lady for a hot air balloon ride is always a romantic thing and can be very exhilarating.

There are tons of weekend romantic adventures that can bring you closer together. The main thing to remember about of this type of adventure is to find something new to do that both of you will enjoy.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Finding the right partner

Unsure of what the future brings us, young and full of hopes and dreams, we step into the difficult life of dating and relationships without any experience. And then, based only on what we feel, we think the right partner is the person that gives us the biggest thrill, the one that first makes us feel an impossible to fight attraction.

So our first experiences of love are physical, and they can’t always be the right choices. Among lots of sad love stories and many more disappointments one can find the right one that makes them complete and safe.

Maybe the word safe turns many hearts away, it may seem wrong to romantic persons, but that is the key that unlock the door to a perfect partner and a perfect relationship.

So, to find the right one we have to look deep inside ourselves and see what our most intimate desires are. We have to know ourselves at the highest level to discover what exactly we expect from others. Once we did that, then we are ready to explore, search the world for the one and if we’re lucky we’ll find our happiness. The first criterion one must rely on is the heart, of course, because where everything is perfect but there’s no love, which is not a relationship, that’s a friendship. So find someone you love and start a relationship. Then, after the first weeks when everything is perfect no matter what, the blindness of love will begin to disappear and you be able to see everything that makes your partner what he/she is: all the qualities and all the defects. Putting everything in balance is the key. Here’s where the second criteria comes forward, a criteria that must be based on reason: here you must think hard and see if you can live forever maybe with the one you love. Most of the times, when nothing is wrong apparently, people go on and on with meaningless relationships that become a habit more than a love. You must, above everything, never do that mistake cause if you do you’ll see the truth too late, when many disappointments changed you and made you more bitter in love.

In conclusion, finding the right partner is easy for everyone that knows how to use his/hers hearts and mind as one. If we suffer a little when we give up on a love that makes us sad and angry, we’ll be plentifully rewarded when we’ll find out we did a right choice and that choice was the one that allowed us to meet and keep the right one next to us.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Relationship: Love Means Having To Say You Are Sorry

SORRY…A single word with five letters but very difficult to speak. Why? Why is it that most of us find it difficult at times to say a sorry! It takes courage to accept your mistake and say a “sorry”. All of us makes mistake, as we all are humans. No one can get away without making mistakes. We make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes but at times we make such mistakes that hurt others. We cannot undo what we have done but make it up with a single word SORRY and we are sooner or later forgiven for our blunder. But then why do we find it so difficult.

It all depends on our thinking our humility and the sense of right and wrong. Many of us feel insulted to say that we are sorry because of our ego. It is because we are self-centered people and do not think otherwise. We are engrossed in ourselves and hardly bother about others, our dear ones and our family. Come out of this “I” and “only me” and see the world changed around you. It feels good to say sorry and make your loved one smile.

When two people come together they talk, they love, they share and care but at the same time they do come in conflict or argument with each other. It is very natural and a part of our existence. If we agree on certain opinions at times we will definitely disagree on some other points. It is just impossible not to come in conflict or argument with your spouse. The important point here is not the argument or conflict you have but the aftermaths of it. An argument does not mean everything has ended. It is a part of life; w e should learn to cope up with it. Whenever you come into an argument or conflict with each other never fail to apologize if it is you who is the cause of conflict. Whoever is on the wrong should say sorry and with meaning. If possible try not letting the argument come to an extreme where it gets difficult to handle the situation. Say you are sorry before that. Many times while arguing or quarreling we realize our mistake and out of the self esteem in us find it difficult to apologize. This should never happen. If you are on the wrong never take time to say you are sorry. It will help your relationship to be a happy and long lasting one.

If you love your partner then learn to say sorry. Love means having to say sorry. If you want your relationship to be long lasting then learn to accept your mistakes and say sorry for the mistake made by you. It is hard but not impossible to say you are sorry. Have that courage in you to accept your mistake and say sorry and say it immediately before situations get worse. Be prompt and never hesitate to accept your fault and apologize. Feel good not bad to apologize. After all it takes courage to accept your mistake and should feel good about it.

Find more information visit: Relationship: Love Means Having To Say You Are Sorry

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top 10 Ideas to Revive a Fizzling Relationship

Love is exciting, and when a relationship is new, almost everything you do together is fresh and alive, and keeps you enthralled. Then time begins to pass, and while the love is still there, the relationship may have lost some of its sparkle, whether it's because you now have a family or not. Here are some of the top 10 ideas to revive a fizzling relationship that might just put some of the bubble back into the champagne of your life.

1. Do something unexpected. Send your partner flowers at work. That applies to men, too! Or take them out for dinner on a weeknight.

2. What lit your fire to start with? Strike the match again, by duplicating that initial moment you fell in love with your partner, and be sure to tell them why you've created this just for them.

3. Communicate. If you find it hard to say things, try surprising your better half with notes in their lunch, on their pillow, in the car, etc. Often the written word opens other doors.

4. Make time just for you. And don't break the date! Book babysitters ahead or clear your work calendar so there is nobody on it but the other person.

5. Get out of the rut…literally. Take your partner somewhere new, and alone. Even if it's just a cabin on the lake. Rediscover each other all over.

6. Find something you like about your partner, every day. Then tell them what it is.

7. Find a shared interest. Explore new hobbies, sports, or other interests that you both like, and can participate in together.

8. Accept your partner's faults. Then admit your own. Make an effort not to keep repeating them out of laziness or habit.

9. Get physical. Touch your partner. In compassion, sympathy, friendship, and sexual attraction. Let them know that you are there.

10. Make promises, and keep them. Slip a note into their wallet or purse that says what is being served for dinner tonight, and promise that dessert will be worth waiting for!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

RELATIONSHIPS : A Few Musts To Keep In Mind

1. Is your attitude casual?

Once you win him/her over, your approach may become casual. Once this attitude becomes an every day affair, the relationship suffers and like a brick taken out from a wall a day, the wall of relationship slowly becomes weak and one day collapses to your shock. So, do not keep your attitude casual. Always be loving and caring towards your partner.

2. What are you looking for in your partner?
Many of us actually get confused in this part of building a relationship. What is it that you need from him or her…? Needs or wishes can be in varied forms like physical, friendship, love, etc…
Once you know what precisely you want from your partner and your relationship, your relationship improves immediately. You can then talk to your partner about your needs and find out his/her needs.

3. Avoid Hurry Burry
Many of us hurry to develop a relationship. That fails most of the times. Unless, you give time to make it mature on its own, it will not work. Remember Like wine, let it mature. it will taste better.
4. Happiness - a two way street

Happiness is the primary need of all of us. All of us want to be happy and avoid pain. The beginning of any relationship also depends upon how happy we are with each other. But we also derive happiness from what we achieve on our own.

Make him/her happy and give him/her a chance to make you happy. Let both of you show care for each other

5. Relationships and values

We have values that are dear to us. Some of us never bend the values under any circumstances. Values guide every person in making choices.

Most of the relationships break down because of value conflicts. If both the partners share contrasting values, the relationship is doomed from day one.

6. Do you work on your relationship?

To have a relationship that works, one has to work. Most of you take a relationship for granted once you reach a certain level of intimacy. You assume that you are regular partners. You forget to work on the rough edges and that dooms the relationship to your surprise.
Every relationship is meeting of two individuals who have to love each other, accept each other and learn to live happily with each other and that requires work.

7. Trust in a relationship

Trust means to believe. No relationship can survive without trust. Trust is the foundation on which a relationship is built. If you don't trust a person, howsoever you may love him/her, your relationship will not survive, because you have no trust in him/her.
8. Stop the blame

In such a relationship, everything is ours. It is neither yours nor mine. Its all ours. Even if one partner blunders, the other partner supports him/her. Both experience the joy of each others achievements. The fissure in the 'ours' to 'me and you' gives rise to the beginning of the blame game

To continue with the blame game and living together will not produce any result other than pain. Blames are not the disease but the symptom of the disease that is hurting your relationship.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Relationship: Say it with Words

There was an article that said,” I lost a friend today as I could not say I love You, I thought it was clear in my eyes, in my actions but he did not want me, he wanted the words.” Well how right the writer was, at times it is the words that make all the difference in our relations. At times we have to remind our lovers that we love them by words and only words. Words of love spoken to a person make all the difference.
Time and again you have to tell your partner that you love and care for him or her. Words as “I love you”, “I care for you”, “I need you” often repeated never let your love relationship fade. It makes your partner aware that you love him or her. Never leave an opportunity to mention that you care and love your partner.

Words have the power to move the strongest of men in the world. Let the power of words strengthen your love life. Lovers often have taken the support of words to express their love. “It’s only words and word all I have to take your heart away”, the words from a famous song that have helped many lovers to express their love, proves the power of words.

Always make it a point to express your love through a number of ways and say it in words. Hug her and say “I could love you like that for ever.” Surprise your love with notes kept at unexpected places. It could be near the pillow when you know your partner is going to return late night, it could be stuck on the bathroom door when you leave early morning without saying a good –bye to your partner as he/she is fast asleep. You can also keep love notes in each other’s suitcase when either of the partners is going on a trip. Slip an “I love you” note in places where you are sure your partner finds them. Be creative and find ways to say you care.

Repeat words “I love you again and again. You have to constantly remind your partner that you love him or her. Keeping a married life is essential and for that you have to speak it up. Speak up and prove your feelings. Say what you mean. When you say you love a person then your body language should too be saying that, never say what you don’t mean. It would spoil your relationship. When words are spoken with meaning they touch the heart of people so make sure to speak out with honesty.
It is wonderful to fall in love and hear the words “I Love You”. Let these key words a part of your married life and always feel the touch of romance in your married life.

Find more information visit: Relationship: Say it with Words

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Using the Law of Attraction to Create Better Relationships

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Create Better Relationships

Relationships take a lot of work. Even if the two nicest people in the world enjoy a relationship together, sooner or later they’re going to get on each other’s nerves. You can use the law of attraction to your benefit whenever your relationship hits a bumpy spot. But by utilizing the powerful law of attraction, you can navigate bumpy spots in your relationship with ease--as well as keeping a healthy relationship going strong!

The Law of Attraction: Give, and You Shall Receive

It can be disheartening when our partners disappoint us. We may fear that they are no longer the person we fell in love with. But really they are--they’re just human, that’s all. Everyone makes mistakes and has bad days. You can use the law of attraction to get back that person you fell in love with; just picture your partner being the loveable, fun, kind person he or she is capable of being.

On the other hand, if you harbor resentment in your heart, the law of attraction will render you and your partner like opposing ends of a magnet--you will repel from one another! If you keep score and constantly think of what a buffoon your partner is, the law of attraction will make only disharmony continue to erupt between you. Likewise, if you withhold physical affection such as hugs or kisses, the tension between the two of you will only escalate, according to the law of attraction. You must give love to receive love. If you’re only sending out negative vibes, you will likewise only receive negative vibes in return.

Rather, shower affection on your partner. According to the law of attraction, when you give love, you receive love. Love transforms even the grumpiest of people. Love can be in the form of a hug, a back rub or an ecard--or all of the above! It only takes a few minutes to show love. When you initiate the law of attraction, your partner will again become the person you fell in love with in no time!

You can even utilize the law of attraction to keep a healthy relationship going strong. Regularly picture you and your partner laughing together and sharing love, especially when you’re showing physical affection, such as hugging. Better yet, picture you and your partner having fun together when you’re old! The law of attraction will help you reap a healthy, happy and fun relationship that lasts the rest of your lives.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Relationship: Make the Men Feel Good

There is no denying the fact that men and women are equally important in a relationship. One cannot exist without the other. And to keep a relationship long lasting both have to make an effort to make each other feel good in a relationship.

Here’s a piece of advice for all you women folk out there who want to make their men Happy! All of us definitely like it when our partner flirts with us, and the man in our relationship just loves it. So all you women make sure you flirt around with your mate especially in public places where he knows that it’s him and only him you love.

Do not be a miser. Lavish him with compliments. Always compliment him when he is dressed smartly. Compliment him when he does something for you. Tell him that you really like the qualities in him, the quality of caring, of being thoughtful and appreciating you. Compliment him on his cute smile and you will find him smiling again. It will make you smile too. Such compliments will constantly remind him that you are still attracted towards him and love him. It is an equal equation, he will love you too. When your partner knows you love him he will be secure and his love for you will not diminish.

Make your husband realize how handsome he is and you find him to be the most handsome man among all the men you know. Any man would love to hear that from his sweetheart. Tell him that his looks appeal to you and you will find him very sexy. He will feel happy and know that you appreciate and love him. There is a kind of magnetism in such compliments that get you close to each other. You like to be in the company of people who love and appreciate you rather than those who disapprove of your looks, style and so many other things. When you make it a point to compliment your man he will definitely want to spend most of the time with you. Think for yourself, wouldn’t you like to be with the person who admires you?

Be Jealous! Even if you are not, at times you should make your man feel that you get jealous when he is taking to other females and ignoring you. This feeling of a partner just shows that you love him extremely and want him to love you and only you. Any man will love his woman being jealous. If you are jealous it obviously means that you love your man dearly and do not want a third person in your relationship. It is an indication to him that you love him.

Make yourself always look beautiful. Dress up for him, just because you love him. Any man would like his woman to look good. So make sure you dress up well and groom yourself regularly. Make yourself feel good it’s then that you will make your partner feel good. But it is also very true that you have to be beautiful from within and it’s only then your real beauty is adorned.

Most important of all make your partner aware of the fact that he is the best husband, a true lover and a very good father if you have young one. It will boost him up. He will know that his effort in fulfilling his responsibilities are being realized and appreciated. There is a kind of deep attachment when you are appreciated and loved for your efforts.

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Friday, March 9, 2007

The Many Ways to Show You Care

Full of love but not of cash this holiday? Looking for inexpensive ways to show your loved ones you care? Here's a short list of simple yet highly effective ideas that will let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.

They won't cost you much but will likely be more appreciated than the most expensive gift. After all, it is about the little things in life that say "I Love You".

1. Place a note that says "I Love You" or a short love poem in a lunchbox or wrapped with their sandwich.

2. Take a Valentine's Day card and cut it up into pieces. Number the pieces and lay them out in a treasure hunt. When the pieces are all found and put together, the recipient can then read your full message to them.

3. Hide a small gift wrapped packet of cinnamon hearts with a little love note attached in their coat pocket.

4. Put a fresh flower and a short note beside their bed so it's the first thing they see when they wake up.

5. If your honey is up and into the bathroom before you in the morning, then the night before draw a lipstick heart with your initials on the mirror for them to find.

6. Serve breakfast in bed with a fresh flower and a card.

7. Suprise your love at the office with a bunch of flowers and a song or poem.

8. If you're a bit of a collector and still have your love letters or momentos from when you were dating, gift wrap one of them and add an additional paragraph to let them know how much you still love them.

9. Leave a series of short "I love you" or "You're too sexy for..." notes taped to various places for them to find throughout the day. On the car window, on their sock drawer, on the remote control, in the microwave, on their coffee cup, etc.

10. Best of all, look them in the eye and say "I LOVE YOU" with a big hug and kiss.

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Relationship: Make the Women Feel Good

Women are an essential part of our life. No man can live without a woman. She is as important as the air you breathe. All the men out there will agree to it unless you’ve had a very bad experience. The fault could have been yours. So here are some tips for the men to keep the woman they love happy and have a successful relationship.

When we talk about women we also talk about beauty. They are synonyms. To make a woman feel good always remind her that she is beautiful. Each and every woman loves to hear that. Always make it a point to tell your love that she looks beautiful. If you are not into the habit of making such remarks then learn to make it. It will enhance her beauty, make her feel more beautiful. She will know that you love her. After all, men love beautiful women.

Learn to compliment your wife for her different skills. If she is a good cook then make sure to constantly appreciate the food cooked by her. Praise her for the special dishes she cooks for you and tell her that nobody can make the dish as good and delicious as her. It will make her happy and learn more about cooking. If she is an artist, a dancer, a writer or a very influencing person whatever the quality, just appreciate and compliment her on that. Make it a point to praise her when you both are with friends and relatives. It will only make her feel very close to you. “I love you”, “I care for you”, “I cannot live without you” are not just words spoken to your lover but words that make a difference. Constantly remind you mate that you care for her and how much she means to you. Never feel shy to portray your feelings. If you love your wife say it, she will love you even more. Such reminders are a relationship booster. They strengthen the relationship.

Good lovers are first and foremost best friends. Let the woman in your life know that she your best friend. Share your feelings and problems like a friend to her and find her always by your side like a true friend. Any woman would like to be in friendly terms with the husband. Women like their husbands to be their friends to whom they can open up. The friendship between a man and woman helps them to have a transparent relationship and solve their problems immediately without hiding anything.

Affection showed in front of friends and relatives assures a woman that you honestly love her. She knows that you love her; otherwise you would not have showed it in public. A woman feels very secure when her man does not feel shy to show his affection for her in front of friends as she knows that all the women out there are watching. There is a kind of possessiveness in such action and possessiveness is an indication of love. She is aware that you love her.

Sexy is the word that gets excitement in a relationship. Tell your woman, she is sexy and she will always make it a point to be the sexiest looking. You are going to love that for sure and she will enjoy it. If your find your mate to be sexy then she knows that you are still attracted towards her.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

You Can Have Love That Never Ends

If you were to ask someone if they wanted more love in their life, it is very unlikely that they would say they wouldn’t and that they don’t need any more. That would be like saying you don’t need to ever eat again because you are full. Even if our lives were full of love we would still want to experience more of it, because love is never ending and the more love we have the more we will have to give away. But how do we give love away? Before we can answer that question, we must attempt to define love or agree upon what love is. Because love is fathomless, we cannot completely understand its depth. And our attempts to define it often confine its meaning and eternal quality. However, we know when we experience love. And we can identify love in how it is expressed.

Love is communicated to us in many ways. Sometimes it is in words or someone’s thoughtfulness. We recognize it when we are treated with kindness and respect. We also communicate our love by our faithfulness, generosity, and selflessness. There are many different attributes that we associate with love. I believe there are ten key attributes that communicate true love most fully. I devote a chapter to each one of them in my ebook, Live to Love: 10 Powerful Ways to Communicate and Experience Love. In it you will discover how we communicate our love or lack of it every day. Love is more than words and it runs deeper than feelings. Love is what we live for. We love and we want to be loved.

We look for loving qualities in people and that is what often attracts us to them. Besides being drawn to their personality, appearance, common interests, and so forth, we look for qualities that communicate love, warmth, and acceptance. If we want to build a relationship with someone, we want a connection that is deeper and founded on the attributes of love.

Loving people draw others to them. We all like to be around someone who makes us feel valued and who treats us as important. We like being around someone who is thoughtful toward us; someone who cares about our feelings; someone who can be trusted and is honest with us. We like people who make us feel good about ourselves—people who listen and understand us; people who want to help us and will go of their way for us; people who are happy when we succeed; people who appreciate us. We all like to be around people who make us feel genuinely loved.

Earlier we said that the more love we give away, the more love it is that we will have to give. Love isn’t love until you give it away. We give love away when its attributes are evident and expressed in our life. We can all grow in the various attributes of love, and we can begin to express love more fully in our lives and relationships. Remember, we will never run out of love as long as we keep on giving it away. So start today. Show someone you love them. There is so much more love for you to experience.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

How To Score More Points In Your Relationship

Everyone wants to have a wonderful relationship but they usually don't seem to make it a priority nor do they have the right skills. Learning to have an A+ relationship doesn't have to be hard and boring. You can make it fun and exciting. Getting good grades in your relationship is easier than you might think.

If you want your relationship to improve, you can change it. Be the one to get things started. Don't whine that you don't have time for this kind of stuff. Don't wait for your partner to make the first move. Don't take an approach of "I will if you will." You need to be the one who gets it started.

Scoring a low grade in your relationship is an indicator that you need to change your approach. A wise woman once taught me that "If you always do what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always gotten." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Before you change your approach, you need to know what you are shooting for. What is the ideal vision you have for your relationship? Strive to be as specific as possible. By being clear about what you want to accomplish you are more likely to achieve your desired outcome.

Follow these grade point enhancement strategies and you will be on your way to getting the A+ relationship you have always wanted:

1) Take time to assess what kind of partner you truly are. You can't start to improve until you know who you are and how you actually perform. It is easy to fool yourself into believing that you know all there is to know about relationships. Even the experts will tell you that there is always more to be learned.

2) Hold onto the hope that you can score a high grade in your relationship. Positive expectation is an extremely powerful position. You become what you think about. See yourself as a great partner. See your partner as being extremely fulfilled in a relationship with you.

3) Keep away from people who try to belittle your efforts. Negative people always try to make you feel stupid about trying to be better. In school, I remember the bright students were commonly considered uncool or nerdy for getting good grades. I see people who are afraid to show their partner love and respect for fear of what others might say or think. Don't get caught up in these concerns. Surround yourself with people who have A+ relationships and are proud to love and respect their mate.

4) Don't spend too much time deliberating when you will commit yourself to becoming a great partner. Just do it. If you wait for the perfect time or a time in which you are caught up on your list of things to do, you'll never have a great relationship. If you have a lot of responsibilities, strive to eliminate tasks that are non-essential. A total commitment to your relationship will help you get your priorities in order.

5) Improve your vocabulary. Your language will determine your destiny. Do your thoughts and words build up your relationship or do they destroy it? Secretly thinking negative things about your partner is almost as bad as saying them. Fill your mind and your mouth with words that magnify a wonderful future for your relationship.

6) Improve your memory. Remember all of the dates that are important to your relationship. These include: anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and of course, Valentine's Day.

7) Make sure your study area is comfortable. Clutter will distract you from focusing on your relationship. Get caught up on tasks and keep your space clean. It is hard for most women to relax when there are things that need to be done. Most men see a clean home as a reflection of your love for him.

8) Your ability to concentrate on your partner is crucial to scoring a higher grade in your relationship. Establish study rules. Make sure you spend time alone with your partner. Your dates don't need to be about addressing the problems in your relationship. The agenda needs to be about promoting the love you have for each other. I don't recommend a specific date night for most couples but do schedule time together and whatever you do, don't miss this class.

9) Get a tutor or join a study group. If you realize you are really lacking in skills then I suggest you get help. Seek the guidance of a therapist or join some type of group that promotes relationship skills. Churches tend to provide classes for instruction. These environments allow you to trade notes with others and learn from their successes and failures.

10) Pay attention to what you are doing during the times you are really close and getting along. Do this consistently. If you need help identifying these patterns, I suggest you pull out old photographs of when the two of you first started dating. Back then you knew how to score big points with each other. How did you think, talk, and act back then? I worked once and most likely will work again.

Just think what being a top student in your relationship will mean for you? No more hassles with C's or D's. No more worries about conflicts and dissatisfaction. You are the one who will choose your own place in your relationship. Make the best choice, and then go for it with everything you have within you.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

9 Important Features of Healthy, Happy Relationships

For Healthy, Happy Relationships, here are some basic guidelines for reference. They are in alphabetical order only, not order of importance.

Acceptance: Don't try to change someone. This is a must. If a person really wants to change, that person will need to be motivated and take action. Period. Also regarding acceptance, accept limitations. He is not Superman; you are not Wonder woman. No one is perfect; so do not expect perfection. Accept the little flaws that come with each person. You accept theirs; they accept yours. That's life!

Bonding: Bonding with another person generally does take time.

Communicate: talk, listen, share the good and the bad, ask questions, compliment instead of nag or insult. In short be a friend; make a friend. That is healthy. If this bonding is lacking, it may mean professional help is needed (like a counselor or therapist) or it may be time to move on to healthier relationships.

Communications: Be open to the other person. Check judgmental attitudes at the door. And give chances. Be fair, flexible and friendly. If and when things get out of hand and it is your fault, apologize and ask forgiveness and move on. Similarly, be acceptable to apologies and grant forgiveness, too. Life is too short to stay focused on the negative too long. No need to deny it; face it, deal with it and move on past it to improve and strengthen your relationships.

Dependable: Be a friend; i.e. be dependable. Things happen from time to time and cancellations are a part of life. But on the whole, if you say you'll do something, do it. Take responsibility for your own actions.

Expectations: Movies, romance novels and television shows often portray life, especially human relationships, very differently than it is in the real world, this is no secret. How many people really always look like movie stars, have zero health ailments, endless income without hardly ever going to work, fabulous cars and homes, friends and family who totally adore them and come to their beckon call, no long-term problems because they all end so quickly, etc.?

And who can battle serious issues like one person having an affair with someone else, and wrap the whole storyline up in two hours? Get real. Expect a little less than the media portray and learn more about humans by joining the real world scenario.

Be Flexible: Keep a little mystery in the relationship. Juggle your schedule and invite the other person to a surprise picnic or walk at a local public park area.
Goals - People usually have some goals together over time. Develop some together. Toss what no longer works, what you outgrew or what may no longer seem important or is finished. And then inherit or create new goals. Working toward a common cause like saving for an annual vacation or a new garden area can help people grow together.

Health: Take care of your own health and encourage others, too. Even in this day and age of cable television with movies and the Internet available 24/7, it's still amazing the number of people out there who can't "Just say no" to unhealthy behaviors like smoking and drug abuse. Don't be afraid to share your healthy views and encourage healthy choices and living.

Intimacy: Closeness with a person takes time to develop. And there's more to intimacy than physical contact. Intimacy can mean a hug during a tough time, a smile of encouragement in the face of adversity and compassion when you least feel like giving. Don't abuse or take advantage or the other person. And don't let yourself be abused or taken advantage of. Intimacy takes commitment and sharing.

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Abbas Abedi--Make your relationship as exciting as if you were still dating. Visit:Adult Online Dating

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

How To Build And To Improve Lifetime Relationships

The following article includes pertinent information that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. The most important thing is to study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.

Do you realize relationships begin shortly after birth and are ongoing ways of life for every person on the planet?

An important part of life depends on how we develop our relationships with others. Perhaps, if we consider examples of this development, a better understanding will enable us to think more clearly before we interact with others.


1. At birth we acknowledge a relationship with our mothers
2. Growing up, we build friendships with family members
3. In school, relationships with peers and teachers are normal
4. Most begin their dating relationships along the way
5. Searching for first employment, relationships must be formed
6. To market products, relationships are tried, tested, used

Most sports require close relationships to build a winning team. How far would the space programs have gotten without close working relationships? Would we marry without an excellent relationship with our partner?

As people mature in life, many relate an emptiness that is often difficult to understand or comprehend if a relationship has not been established with our creator. This personal relationship will fill a void that no other can fill. This is the most important relationship of all in every life, for complete fulfillment and joy.

The purpose for these examples are to enhance our willingness and desire to work on developing meaning in our lives, our families, and our businesses to become better persons and better marketers with positive relationship building goals.

A few very important traits in relationships are integrity or honesty, trust, and a willingness to open ourselves to others and be examined.

Have you ever seen failure? Perhaps it was caused by the lack of trust or integrity in another. Can relationship building with other persons prevent failure? Would your business become more successful with many great relationships? Think on these statements and make the adjustments in your life that you feel may improve your disposition.

These basic groundwork ideas on relationships are written to jog thinking and perhaps increase your business skills until they direct you to where success in business is inevitable and joy in your work becomes a normal lifestyle.

I trust that what you've read so far has been informative. The following section should go a long way toward clearing up any uncertainty that may remain.

You may find varied and rotating articles on relationship building on our website, along with tips you can possibly use for your business.

Many times along the path of life, failures occur. It is good news to recognize and know the importance of earning good relationships during these trials and to be well prepared for the needed improvements.

Expect the best, prepare for the worst, and take what comes, is a great buffer for the many trials that happen in life.

Great relationships developed over a lifetime, yield great rewards!

Is there magic to what makes some relationships last longer than others? Maybe. Do some people just sit back and sulk, while others seem to let life go by right over their heads and problems? It sure seems so. Or maybe it is just that some people learn secrets of success from their grandparents or other relatives or friends. And since the latter is probably more accurate, here are some tried and true tips from people who have enjoyed long, happy relationships.

1. REFRESH - Take time to look back, refresh your memories and share what brought you together. Especially when times are difficult, lean back and rely on these old memories as your foundation and glue yourselves back together with them (not literally, of course!)

2. DATES - Keep dating each other. Even if life seems too busy, meet at the end of the evening for something light and easy, like viewing your favorite sitcom (record it if necessary) together or playing a game of Euchre.

3. FUN - Couple tend to have fun on dates, then get married and too serious. Lighten up. Head to Yahoo Games (off main site) and join in any number of card or other games. Or head to a local rental shop and rent an Xbox or other game player and some games.

4. FORGET - No need to always remember the bad things that happened during an argument. Actively forget sometimes. Be the first to apologize and make up. Go for it!

5. SPACE - Give each other some space. Either you trust or you don't. Get on with life, though. People need time alone and time with their mates and other friends. Be sure to give and take your fair share of space.

6. DISAGREE - Agree that it is okay to disagree on some issues, and leave it at that. No need to create a new religion or political movement just to appease both of you. You don't HAVE to agree on everything. And you won't. And that is okay.

7. MEMORIES - Make some together. Enjoy special moments, special anniversary dates and events. No need to be elaborate. For example, maybe you enjoyed watching a hot air balloon race one spring day. The next year, you might schedule time to watch it again. Make it an annual event. Collect postcards with balloons on the, playing cards, toss pillows over time it becomes a theme.

So don't just sit back and sulk. Take short steps to improve your relationships and let life's problems magically pass by while you hold on to your relationship.

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Michael Hehn writes articles about various topics.
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Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Fastest Way to Get a Woman to Like You

Let's be honest here...

In your life, there are probably moments where you really like a girl, but you're not sure what you should say to get her to like you.

Just being in her presence makes you sweaty and nervous but you're afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. You know saying or doing the wrong thing could have disastrous results!

So how can you get her to like you without make an idiot of yourself?

Fortunately this is a common scenario for many guys!

In fact, I often get emails from my readers who ask about the fastest way to get a girl to like them. My response is simple...

Build rapport!

What exactly is rapport and how can it help you?

In essence, rapport is a mutual understanding and connection between two people. You can have rapport with friends and family members, but in the dating sense it's a lot different.

With a girl you like, rapport can take an entirely different form.

When you're talking to a woman, rapport is when a bit of chemistry (romantic & sexual feelings) is created. Commonly you'll discover you've built rapport when you "hit it off" with a woman.

Now instead of trying to MAKE a woman like you, building rapport should be your primary concern.

Fortunately creating rapport with a woman isn't that hard to accomplish. Here are few simple steps that can help you accomplish it:

Step #1- Be in a positive state

First you should make sure you're displaying positive emotions and attitudes when you're around women. By displaying a positive vibe, you'll discover that women will find you very interesting and attractive.

Step #2- Be energetic and full of life
Women are attracted to guys who are energetic and full of life. This means when you're around women, you have to be the fun person who is always having fun and smiling.

Also to be an energetic person you must get rid of any negative feelings or emotions that'll hinder rapport. Focus on only displaying positive things.

Step #3- Be confident

Confident is another characteristic that women absolutely love. So when you're talking to her and building rapport, make sure to display only a confident and fun-loving personality.

But if you're not a confident person, try either faking it or really working hard to find the root causes of your lack of confidence.

Step #4- Don't worry about her liking you

The final way to build rapport is to remove all worries about the outcome of your conversation with a girl. Just remember that there will be a lot of times where some women won't be interested in you. But if you know that it's not the end of the world, then you'll learn to enjoy conversations and not focus on getting a woman to like you.

When you learn to display the "I'm a confident, fun guy who doesn't care what women think" attitude, you'll be on your way to building rapport with every woman you encounter. Once this happens, you'll be able to get almost any woman to like you!

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

What Makes A Great Relationship Great?

What makes the Great great. They are willing to be different from those around them. Friends and family may tell you to give up or that you are trying too hard. They may suggest games that incite a sense of jealousy. Whatever the case may be, you must decide whose calling the shots. You have to live with the decisions and the actions that you make. Make sure that this is done to the best of your ability.

Direction comes a lot easier when you have a model of how you want to be. When I am not sure how to model myself as a great partner in a particular situation I like to ask the question, "How would the partner I'd like to be do the thing I want to do?" Often, I get an immediate answer and proceed from there. Where you are right now in life is the result of the kind of questions that you ask. Make sure that you ask questions that promote a positive direction not only for yourself but also especially for the future of your relationship. Another example is "What can I do to have a wonderful relationship?"

Greatness as a partner demands that you expand your ability to love. Growing a better relationship will be in direct proportion to your ability to love. Strive to consistently love in all that you do. Be consistent in love with the words that you speak and especially in the words that you do not speak. Love requires sacrifice. It means doing things that you do not feel like doing and listening to the same complaint over and over again. Partner focused relationships are synonymous with love. Only through these sacrifices of love will you ever achieve greatness.

Maturity takes time. Some skills are harder to learn than others. Keep this in mind as you are suffering with new concepts like listening techniques. Advancement comes through hard work. You would never go to your supervisor and say, "Give me a raise and I'll work harder." Instead, you would make sure that your performance is top notch and if it is, then you probably will not have to ask for the raise. Promotion will be inevitable. Always be willing to go the extra mile. Your partner deserves it.

Do not compare your efforts to those of others who complain. Those who whine and complain never achieve the mature levels of greatness. They end up divorced and alone. Fear will be your biggest obstacle on your path towards greatness. Fear creates countless reasons why you should forget you ever thought about being a Great partner. Perhaps you could save yourself the embarrassment of failure and rejection if you just pretend that you have never heard the difference between good partners and great ones. Maybe you could blend in with the others who exist in a dead end relationship. It is normal to doubt your ability to transform into a great partner but do not surrender to this fear. It is a lie. I have transformed. I have seen hundreds of men and women transform. You can too!
Commit yourself to be GREAT.

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Mark Webb is the author of How To Be a Great Partner and founder of Partner Focused Relationships. Sign up for Mark Webbs Relationship Strategies Ezine ($100 value). Just visit his website at or

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