Friday, October 12, 2007

The Secret Of The Perfect Kiss

Set The Mood

Set the mood by treating her like a queen. Take care of her every need so she can just lay back and let the day's stresses wash away. If it's your first date, just relax, take your time and make the entire date all about her (which means you have to tell her stuff about you too!) Look, she wants to feel like a million dollars, so treat her as though she is.

Pick The Right Situation

Take her out to a restaurant, for a moonlight walk, or cook dinner at home. Whatever the situation, create an ambience that's all about romance. Make sure the music is just right, give her your full attention, and if at all possible use candles! Candles are the secret-weapon of romantic guys everywhere. There isn't anyone who doesn't look mysterious, and glamorous by candlelight.

Sweet, Sweet, Breath And Soft, Soft, Lips

Guys, no one likes fish-breath! Or cigarette-breath come to that. Now wine-breath or chocolate-breath may just be OK, depending on the tastes of your partner, but you know what? To play safe, brush like a dentist! If you can't do that, then always have breath fresheners with you--any brand as long as they are peppermint or spearmint--and don't forget the lip balm.

Learn From The Masters

Too may guys dive straight in and have her pinned against the wall in three seconds flat. Look. She's most likely very tentative so be tentative too! She'll like that a lot. You must have watched the masters at work in those wonderful old classic movies starring Bogart and Cary Grant? It may take an entire 90 minutes to work up to THE kiss, but when it finally happens the sexual tension is just explosive! Well watch those movies again. Take note of the body language; the flashing eyes; the meaningful looks; the brushing of fingertips. What's NOT being said is louder--and way sexier--than any porn movie!

Nuzzle Her Neck And Kiss Her Face

Why do so many guys miss this amazing ace card? Unlike guys (most) women are slow starters. They take a while to warm up, and this is sort of kissing foreplay. Spend some time "investing" in the kiss to come.

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