Thursday, May 3, 2007

Relationship: Special Greetings

Have you lost interest in your love life? Has the passion gone completely out of your relationship? Are you merely roommates? If yes, then try out something normal with a difference. Do something unpredictable that will make your partner happy and freshened up to love you again.

The man in your life loves to have dinner with you, loves to see you as sexy as ever and loves to feel you. Surprise your partner with an exotic meal, sexy lingerie or a soft kiss instead of the daily boring Hi! While the woman in your life loves to be cared for, to receive gifts no matter if they are not expensive, so make her happy with a meal prepared by you when she returns home tired, or surprise her with a bouquet of roses to show that you love her. You could just keep a greeting card on the dinner table or a thank you card near the pillow of your partner when you know he is working hard and you know that it for you and your family.

Everyone wants fun and excitement in a relationship. Greet our partner in such a way that is exciting. Get your lover addicted to you with your different way of greeting him. Your partner should always feel a wave of excitement on meeting you while returning from work or any place, after a long break or a short break whatever the gap the meeting should be exciting.

Routine at times gets monotonous. Change is what we all are looking for. If we eat the same kind of food or wear the same kind of outfit every time we feel bored and many times disgusted. We all look something new and different. We want to eat a variety in food and were clothes of different styles and color. Likewise we want to be greeted with a difference. Though we do not realize but the fact is that all of us want change in life. The same applies to a relationship. In a relationship if we have the same style of greeting and making love it indicates the sign of boredom. It means that we are not excited about each other and do not want to do something interesting. When love is fresh we are always up to something new and exciting. We always look for exciting our partners with something different. The same should continue when a relationships becomes old. That freshness and excitement should be retained.

Happy couples always make it a point to do something different to greet the partner to get newness and excitement in your love life. Think of new ideas that will make your partner happy. Always try to get some excitement in your love life. Greet him or her in a way he or she never expected and make your lover smile. A smile is worth a million dollar.
Consider your partner’s likes and dislikes and greet him/her in a special way. It is that one smile that makes your day and for that you can definitely make an effort to sit for a while and think in what special way you could greet your partner and make him or her feel happy. There are different ways of exciting and greeting your partner. When you think about it ideas just come to your mind. It all about how much you love your partner.

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