Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take Pride in Yourself

It is a fact that as a relationship grows old it starts loosing the charm. You as couples stop doing a lot of things that you initially did. You stop caring for yourself, your dress up and many other things. As couples you stop cuddling each other less, you stop enjoying and playing with each other. This kind of ignorance towards you and your partner affects a relationship. A relationship looses the excitement and interest that was there in the beginning. Your relationship becomes monotonous with no enthusiasm. Get up! And get some life in you. Do something exciting, after all life is all about living, living in high spirits. You need to make your life spicy. So get back to what you were at the start and get that lost love back.

Ponder over all the things you did when you started your life together. How you dressed up? How you treated each other? What were the qualities and activities of yours that attracted your partner towards you? Follow them again and see your relationship revive.
There must be a lot of things that you initially did but now with the passage of time must have stopped. Start with that all over again. If you no more give attention to yourself then begin it right now as each one of us like our partner to look good and attractive. Take pride in your self and make yourself appealing and lively. Look at your outfit does it attract people in the same way as it did initially. As time passes by couple stop paying attention towards their dress up and over all look. Especially the females should give extra time to themselves now and then to look attractive. And the men too should make it a point to look attractive and not be shabbily dressed. With time responsibilities grow but that does not mean that people should stop caring about them. When you give extra time to yourself it makes you feel good and lively, you dress up well and apply make up and your partner will definitely wouldn’t stop him from complementing you and you would off course be happy. Such little things make your life exciting and interesting.

A lot of activities that you did earlier can be revived. If you used to sit together for hours and chat the take out some time and sit together to have a sweet conversation. Talk about what all you did in the early years of your marriage and you would want to them again. You both could decide to go to a dance club that you initially did and enjoy dancing and the company of your partner. Go for morning walks together and enjoy the fresh breeze. This will not just fresh you up but will refresh your relationship. Most of the times the couples stop going for walks and morning exercises due to lack of time and laziness. This should not be the way. They should make it a point to go for walks together or exercise together as it makes you as well as your relationship healthy. Such activities keep you out of stress and make you energetic. When you feel energetic your relationship too will feel energetic and lively.

So couples should always never sit back comfortably in their corners when a relationship gets old. They should give time to themselves as well as each other to making their relationship rocking and not boring.

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