Saturday, April 14, 2007

Embrace Change

Life is all about changes. Nothing remains the same in life. Even the nature changes with the passage of time. The physical landscape also tends to change although it takes ages but it does change. So change in life is inevitable. Since childhood till old age all of us face many changes in life. The people around us change. We do not find them the same as before. But at times people are not able to adjust to such modification in life and as a result find it difficult to cope up in life.

Generally it is the couples in a relationship who have difficulty adjusting as they feel their partner have changed. Most of the couples forget that as we grow we tend to change physically as well as in nature. As a person grows and matures he or she develops different views about different things. Most of the couples find it difficult to adjust as they feel that their partners have changed. To couples their partners do not appear the same as they were during the initial years of their marriage. As a result they are disappointed and often result in adjustment problems and at times they come to point of separation.

Most of the people do not like to accept changes especially when it comes to their partners. People prefer their partners to be the same and do not like if the change. But one thing we all must remember that change is inevitable. As a person matures he or she sees things differently. When you were a kid life was different for you and your views and thoughts were not the same as they are now. You react to things not in the same manner as you did when you were a kid. So we should know that it is normal and happens with all. We should learn to embrace changes and understand our partners. At times what couples do is that they do accept the changes and not try to understand each other. Thus a good relationship comes to an end. Couples should understand and give time to each other to make adjustment. You could sit together and try to make each other understand how you see things now compared to earlier days. You should be honest with each other and frank as to tell how you feel about different things as compared to earlier days. There is more than often a different outlook in a kid, a teenager and a youth, an adult and an aged person. Your perception, your outlook and feelings and emotions change with time as you grow. Therefore couples should develop an understanding attitude and embrace each other with the changes.

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