Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Learn more about your mate

How much do you know about your mate? Well if you think that you know your partner cent percent you could be wrong. It takes years to know each other well. I do not mean that you are not aware of anything about your mate but there are certain things that you never ever talked about. For example you must have not talked about SUPW (socially useful productive work) you did in school and your mate does not know that you are good at making hand crafts and after marriage you just left it. Or maybe your partner was a good hockey in school days and left playing after school and you are unaware of that. There could be different things and qualities which you could be unacquainted with about your partner.

Learn about your mate just the way you learnt about your friends when you were in school. Remember how you filled those questionnaires? Your friend’s favorite color, his or her favorite pastime, favorite book and so on. You could do the same with your mate. It is good exercise and a good method of studying your mate. Get a diary construct your own questions, something you never talked about all these years and discover a new person that is your soul partner. You will be amazed to find out so many things you had not known before.

There will be a lot of things that you will learn about your spouse. You will find out that your mate loves collecting chestnuts, especially the ones with the flat base. This is what she used to do when she was in school and would still love to collect them, although she does not do it out of shyness and considering her to be grown up. You could also learn that your mate loved playing marbles but now he neither has those school friends nor time to play the game of marbles.

Exploring about your partners is such a way help you so many things about him that you never were aware of. And when you realize these traits and behavior then encourage your partner to revive those lost habits and activities. Go with your mate to collect chestnut during the season. It will make her happy and you both will get time to be together in ecstasy. Play the game of marbles with your spouse and let him refresh and enjoy his past days. It not only will give your partner pleasure but all the past bygone days will be revived. Your mate will be extremely thankful to you for that and will love more for such an encouragement. IT gives pleasure to both and is also a good way to be together. Finding out about your mate is interesting as well as exciting. You learn a lot about your partner that you had not known before. You at times discover a completely different person in your spouse that impresses you and wonder how you could not find those hidden qualities.

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