Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Motivate each other

Motivation in life is necessary as without it life is meaningless. Motivation helps to move forward in life and achieve what one wants. If there is no motivation the chances of success slow down. Here the success does not merely mean something very big but success at all levels.

For a healthy and prosperous relation learn to motivate each other. There are so many things in life that al of us want do but unfortunately are unable to do so due to many reasons. As couples you know about the dreams and desires of your partners. You could always encourage each other to fulfill that dream. You or your partner’s dream could be any from opening a cafeteria or writing a screenplay or participating in some dance or sports competition or buy a vintage car. Whatever the dream just motivate your partner to achieve it. If your partner wants to open a cafeteria both of you can work together on it. Look for the place where you could open it and if the place is already set in your mind and is available then work on the related area under discussion such as the interior, the staff arrangement and so on. Motivating your partner and working together is great fun and help the partners to be close to each other. Moreover if you are the motivating factor then your partner holds you with more respect. On achieving your goal the two of you could take a romantic weekend vacation as a reward and enjoy the company of each other that is stress free with no worries and only happiness. There is an added enjoyment of achievement of your goal and being together.

If your partner’s goal is to but a vintage car then encourage him and find the best way to obtain the best vintage car. Then as a reward you both could go for a long journey on that car and enjoy the drive on the old car. Or if you want to write scripts then go about it. Work together on it and enjoy the success of it on the completion of the script.

Motivating each other is essential as it is together hand in hand one can achieve success faster and with confidence. If you know that your partner is there to support you from behind there is no fear of failure and you feel confident about achieving your aim. That fear of being alone and how to go about it is overcome as you have a helping hand by your side. Therefore it is necessary that partners understand each others desires and help each other in acquiring them. After all partners come together in a bond not only for physical closeness but emotional and spiritual connection. It has been rightly said “The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible. That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.”
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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