Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Walk in the Park

We all are well aware of the fact that a walk is a must to keep a person fit and healthy. It is a good exercise for the young and the old. But do you know how excellent it is for couples? It is not only good for health reasons but also good for a healthy relationship.
Have you ever given a thought to why do you have state parks, amusement parks or wild life parks in your state? Well they are maintained so that the public can have entrainment and feel the freshness of nature.

When we work we are also entitled to some entertainment and relaxation. The couples should make take out time to be together and take a walk to a park. You could go to any type of park. You could go to a park near your apartment or a water park. The suggestion is to spend time together. You could take a long walk at a park hand in hand just to feel close to each other. Talk to each other about your feelings and emotions for each other. Have a light talk that relaxes you and fills you with happiness. If you feel like spending more time with each other and can afford to do that than you can make it a picnic spot for you. Remember it is leisure time so relax and sit comfortably.

Sitting at home and spending time together is different from spending moments together at a park. At a park you experience instances that set up an example to live a life with reverence and understanding. You experience what you cannot while sitting at home. Sit in the garden and enjoy the company of your partner. You will love watching other couples enjoying themselves. It could just be a pair or a family with children of different age. You get to know how people are filled with enthusiasm about their spouse and children. They are high spirited and lively. You also come across elderly couples who are enjoying and loving the company of each other. You get an inspiration from others, how they live and cherish their family. You get to see the art of loving. There are people from different walks of life, some who have a normal life and some who are undergoing some difficulty or problems. You see the healthy and happy enjoying the happiness. At the same time you see couples who are facing problems, where a partner is sick and unhealthy and yet both are fighting life and supporting each other. Coming across such couples you get an inspiration to live your life with high spirits no matter what problems you are going through.

Above all it is healthy to take walks regularly. You and your partner should make it a point to go regularly for walks and spend quality time together. If you are parents then take your children to amusement parks now and then so that they get healthy entertainment. Children love roller coaster rides and you too would enjoy it. During summers you could go water parks and have utmost enjoyment with your family.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Name a Star

Have you ever seen a clear sky at night with sparkling stars? It is an amazing sight. They attract you like diamonds that you would love to possess. Look at the star galaxies with innumerable stars at one glimpse that attract you and you keep gazing them continuously. A lone star too has a magnetic effect. Like a jewel in the crown it glitters and attracts. Watching stars at night with your lover is a unique way of being together with each other. Gaze at the sky with your partner and try to find stars you would choose and name for each other. Hold each other close and feel close while just staring at the wonderful sky.

Pick out a bright star for your partner and say it shines like her and is a special gift for her. The wife too should find a star, may be the North Star and say that while he is not around at nights she looks at it and feels close to him. It sounds silly but it is a good way to feel close to each other. You should do something different and unique to express love. Reach out to the stars to make them a part of your life and fill your life with brightness.

If you happen to come across a shooting star then tell your partner that you are a lucky couple as your dream of being together for ever will definitely come true. This does not make you feel like a conventional couple but a pair with profound intensity and passion.

Most of the times couples loose interest in each other as years pass by. They do not feel the closeness that they felt during the early years of their married life. There is lack of interest, lack of excitement and lack of enthusiasm. The char that was present in the initial years is lost. Well, if you keep coming up with such different acts in life to please each other you will never feel that boredom in your relationship. Couples should always come up with such ideas the make your relationship as young as ever.

Enter the world of starry night where all is calm and all is bright and feel that tranquility and brightness in your relationship. Both tranquility and brightness are necessary for a relationship. Serenity is the central theme of a relationship. Unless there is peace in a relationship it cannot run smoothly. A peaceful mind thinks better and behaves better. If you are at peace then only can you solve problem that you face in life. You are able to understand each other better and live happily. The brightness is the liveliness and excitement in a relationship that are a must. A relationship has to be high spirited and filled with excitement. If a relationship lacks these elements then it becomes tedious and boring. The love in a relationship fades away if there is no brightness.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

No place for abuse

It is hard to keep a relationship steady and intact. In today’s society more than 50% of the relationships break due to some reason or the other. There are various reasons for that. Lack of tolerance for each other, selfishness and self centered attitude is what makes relationships weak and shaky. It is you who have to work to keep a relationship alive. There are a number of ways to not let your relationship fall off. Yet at times it becomes impossible for the individuals to keep up the relationship.

It is not very common but at times there are relationship where on of the partner is very aggressive and is the cause of emotional and physical pain. It is here where it becomes difficult for the other partner to live up in that relationship. At times in relationships some of the partners are very aggressive and cause physical pain to the opposite partner. They abuse and humiliate their spouse. If you are into such a relationship you should think before continuing the relationship as you could be at a risk of being harmed deeply.

No matter how much you love your partner or how good your partner is according to you if he or she is into the bad habit of abusing or physically hurting you then you should first try to solve the problem. If you both could sit together and talk over to try to solve the problem it would be great. But if you feel that talking does not work or did not work then proper counseling should be taken. Counseling will help solve the problem. It will make you realize where exactly the problem lies. Spousal abuse is the most painful in a relationship as it is a matter of spending the whole life with that person. And if your life partner abuses you then one cannot think of spending his or her life with that particular person. If your partner does not come with you for counseling then it is better to go on your own and see if things can be changed. It is a mental torture through which you are going and can create problems such as depression, frustration and may be some physical injury. Therefore it is necessary to improve situations in whatever way you can. If talking together does not work go for counseling, if your partner is not ready to come along with you go on your own. After trying all alternatives nothing works and your partner is the same causing verbal abuse and physical abuse then it would be better to leave that person than causing harm to yourself.

You should never hesitate to leave your mate if there is any kind of danger to you. Safety comes first so it would be sensible to keep away from that person. This could also be beneficial as when you leave your partner would feel your absence and realize his or her mistake and then would actually improve. At times people do not recognize the true value of people with whom they spent the major part of their life and whit whom they share their secrets. It is only when that person is not around the actual worth of the partner is realized.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It is generally seen and observed that women are more frank and talkative. They find it easy to speak out on any topics whether be it on official, home or any other subject. Women speak what is in their mind, how they feel and their likes and dislikes. It is good to be open and easily talk on different topics. Yet it is important to keep quiet at times and not talk on subjects that are meant to be very personal or confidential.
Usually women have been said to be good at gossiping and the ones who are unable to keep secrets to themselves. At times what happens is that women blurt out matters that are not meant to be spoken or shared anyone else and need to be between her and her partner. This is what at times causes problems. Generally couples keep a lot of information between the two of them that is not meant to be shared. But at times some women are unable to keep that information to themselves and leak it out to someone or the other which can cause problems.

When the male partner shares some information he is actually placing trust in you which should not be destroyed. This trust is important in a relationship and is the basis of a strong bond. Women who spill out information out of their relationship often face problems in their relationship. There is distrust and conflict between the partners. Obviously the male partner does not like to be betrayed in the sense that his information meant to be only for the two has been spread all around from mouth to mouth which nobody would like. It takes only a minute to spill the information out but the relationship suffers throughout. It causes mistrust and disappointment in the partners especially the male partner. Moreover the male partner will hesitate to share information in future that will make the relationship shallow and empty. The basis of any relationship is trust and if there is no trust between the partners it will be impossible for the relationship to survive. A relationship is special because the partner share a lot with each other that nobody else has a right to and when you let that information out and make it a sort of public affair the relationship looses its charm.

It is advised to women not to speak out the information which your male partner shares and is meant for the two of you only. It is not that all women are the same but yes the number of such women is more compared to males. If you are into the habit of blurting out the information, people take advantage of that and it causes a lot of mistrust and misunderstanding between the partners. Moreover the dignity and grace of a relationship is in not letting people know much about the family affairs and information that is only meant for the two partners. People get less to talk about the couples who do not give much information about their individual self and their partners. Such a relationship is always looked with respect and people never able to interfere with your relationship. If you are into the habit of blurting out the information people take advantage of that and it causes a lot of mistrust and misunderstanding between the partners.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Change Routines

In today’s world most of us are so busy that we hardly spend time together, this affects our relationship. We are too tired to give time to each other, and do something different that will bring excitement in our life. Mostly we follow the same daily routine. We get up in the morning, freshen up, have our breakfast, give each other the usual routine kiss and go off to work. At times we are so busy that we hardly talk to each other; at times we even don’t see each other for days. This makes our relationship tenuous and shaky.

Change in life is must as you experience a changed world with a little alteration made by you. Things tend to get boring when we often follow the same routine and don’t look for a change. It usually happens that we get used our everyday work and also the same behavior. This often leads us to becoming monotonous and boring. As such we at times get irritated and do not realize that it is due to the same schedule and that a change is a must in life.

Routine at times gets monotonous. Change is what we all are looking for. It is very natural that we get tired of eating the same kind of food or wearing the same kind of outfit every day. We feel fed up and many times disgusted when repeating the same things again and again. Each one of us wants something new and different, although at times it is unrealized. We want to eat a variety in food and wear clothes of different styles and color. Likewise we want to be greeted with a difference. Though we do not realize but the fact is that all of us want change in life. The same applies to a relationship. In a relationship if we have the same style of greeting and making love it indicates the sign of boredom. It means that we are not excited about each other and do not want to do something interesting. When love is fresh we are always up to something new and exciting. We always look for exciting our partners with something different. The same should continue when a relationships becomes old. That freshness and excitement should be retained. So change your life, not completely but little modifications and variations in your routine work.

Happy couples always make it a point to do something different to greet and love each other as they understand that once in a while things should be done differently. Such couples always make an effort to get some excitement in their love life. They greet their mates differently at different occasions. If you want to be one of these couples then try to get change in your routine. Just as a small example you could give a warm hug to your mate while he is going to work instead of that normal kiss or give just hold your partners hand tightly when she is leaving for office. Or you could enjoy your food sitting outside in the sun during winters rather than having it inside at the dining table.

Well if you want your relationship to be filled with love, affection and excitement then make changes in your routine life. A change brings freshness and helps you understand each other better as you are in a light mood and are able to comprehend things better.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Romantic Relationships, Relationship Problems

Why It’s Worthwhile To Maintain Romantic Relationships And How To Keep The Relationship Problems Out.

If you’ve never been in a relationship before than it’s no surprise that you wouldn’t know what to do. But don’t panic, being in romantic relationships can be very rewarding and you might actually enjoy it compared to dating and one night stands. However like everything else being in a relationship has its problems.

The way to enjoy a relationship is to try to avoid as many of these problems as possible. And when you can’t you have to be willing to work things out in order to salvage your relationship instead of just deciding that things are not working out at the first sign of trouble.

Romantic relationships can work but you have to put effort into making it work. The first thing to remember is that when you are in a relationship, it involves two people. And the most important thing you need to do in a relationship is to compromise. Learn that you can’t always have your way, but you have to know when to put your foot down. Giving and taking is part of life and is crucial to keeping a relationship successful. As a man it is vital that you figure out when you need to give. Over giving is a turn off because women will start to view you as a pushover. So just like dating, remember to be nice but not too nice.

Women also love men who are thoughtful so making dinner arrangements, surprising her with dates and romantic gifts also help keep the relationship afloat. Again you can’t do this too often or she will come to expect it. Worse she will assume that you’ve done something wrong and you would have created problems for yourself when nothing was wrong with your relationship in the first place.

The next part of maintaining romantic relationships comes from communicating with your partner. You have to understand that women and men communicate differently. A lot of relationship problems actually occur because of simple misunderstandings when the couples are unable to communicate with one another. Take the time to understand your partner and how she is feeling (especially when she is emotional and needs time to calm down). I’m not saying that you need to take the emotional rubbish that women dish out but you have to try to understand where she is coming from and deal with it appropriately and not just slam the door on your way out.

Of course the biggest problem that relationships deal with are jealousy and betrayal. It would help greatly if neither your or your girlfriend are cheating types of course. As for jealousy if your girlfriend is the jealous type, either dump her if you can’t deal with that, or work out an arrangement with her. Get her to understand that woman A is just a close friend or colleague and nothing more. If you have jealousy issues you might want to meet up with her guy friend and who knows, you could be best of friends. But if that doesn’t work out, the best way to deal with it is to try to get over the jealousy issue because if you continue to harp at it your relationship will fail and that guy would have won.

Romantic relationships will come across problems. This is normal and the only way for you to ensure that you can maintain your relationship is to avoid as many of them as you can is to not give up on it. If you don’t think you can commit to a relationship then its better not to get into one at all because it will come with a whole bunch of problems that you might not have been ready to face.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5 Proven Relation Tips For Keeping Happy Long Lasting Perfect Marriage Life

There is no real secret to a perfect marriage. Marriage could give you a glimpse of heaven in one side or as much of hell at the others side. There is a famous wisdom saying where the perfect marriage can only be found between a deaf and a blind couple, because the deaf husband cannot hear the nagging of his wife, while the blind wife cannot see the shortcomings of her husband.

Certainly, there are also those couples who are fortunate enough to be soul mates. Being truthfully and totally in love with each other is more than what most people could ask for in a relationship. But even love is not enough to prolong a relationship. There are other factors that come into play.

Why then you still want to get married? Is it to have a family? Is it to have someone to grow old with? Is it for wealth and security? All of these counts, but there’s a bigger motivation. Marriage is when you present so much of yourself and yet, you feel whole.

Something as special as marriage should be nurtured everlastingly. So what do couples could do with to keep it? Faith, be devoted to, esteem, empathy, and patience are all important. But even the best marriages can run into nuisance. This is because couples tend to take the simplest things for granted. Would you like to know some of these things? Then read on.

5 Proven tips for a happy long lasting perfect marriage life:

Tip 1: Be independent.

Just because you marry, it doesn’t mean you must hold in your arms everything about your partner. Sometimes, you forget about how different you two are because you’ve been together for so long. Don’t lose your uniqueness because it’s the same thing that attracted both you and your partner in the first place. Try to take on diverse interests and cheer your partner to do so too.

Tip 2: Never be angry at the same time.

When you’re angry, you hear nothing else and you don’t be concerned about anything else. If you find that both you and your partner are angry, try to have some breathing space. Settle down. Then talk. Be responsive to each other’s ups and downs. Converse through the problem and hear each other out. Abandon the whole world rather than each other. And never go to sleep without settling the disagreement. Most importantly, never yell at each other unless the house is on fire.

Tip 3: If you have to disagree, do it devotedly.

There will be lots of times when you and your spouse won’t have the same opinion at all in some aspects. Don’t make your point sound like a criticism to your partner. It doesn’t matter who is in the wrong or right. Always bear in mind that an argument doesn’t need a winner or a loser.

Tip 4: Never bring up mistakes of the past.

Whenever something goes wrong, do not rub past issues in. Don’t dwell over the past such that you become sightless with the wonderful things ahead of your relationship.

Tip 5: At least once every day, try to say one attentive or admiring thing to your partner.

When a couple always spends time with each other, they often forget about politeness. “Take the trash out. Do the laundry.” Isn’t there something missing in those phrases? Perhaps putting “Please” before each sentence would make it sound so much better. Never take each other for granted.

Persistently showing that both of you like each other to help keeping your relationship fresh. Even something as simple as complementing on your spouse’s looks or buying little surprised gifts can help. Look for the things that would make your partner feel cherished.

How do you live by the plan stated earlier? Lower your self-importance. But don’t get me wrong. Pride is a good thing. It keeps your head high in community. It's not an awful thing to have pride in someone or something. But in private, when you're with your partner, keep the pride level downward; because it becomes a barrier your partner would have to overcome.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

8 Deadly Dating Mistakes To Avoid!

Are you dating or in a serious relationship? Did you realize that very often we make the same dating mistakes over and over again? As outlined in my book "the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook" sometimes these mistakes can lead to losing the date of our dreams, or possibly being in a bad relationship. I've compiled a list of dating No-nos which will help you identify a possible problem that you can work on to improve your dating experience.

#1 - Playing Games:

When it comes to dating we all have a fear of rejection. This is human nature. So playing it cool and not getting too involved with others makes us feel safe. Only problem with this is you may come off as being cold and aloof. For many people this is a real turn off. And you may find the date of your dreams slipping away. The best way to find a loving relationship is to be real. People will be far more receptive to you if they believe you are genuine.

An other game people play is the "manipulation" game. Doing things like telling someone you "love them" or you'll "call them" just to have them sleep with you. Then once the deed is done they never hear from you again. This is one of the most cruel forms of manipulation and it must be considered unacceptable in the dating world.

Understand that it is O.K. to be a bit cautious. But you still must be brave and show the real you. Only then will you be able to have a trusting, loving relationship with the date of your dreams.

#2 - Moving to Fast:

Ladies this one is for you. We all fantasize about our future and the man of our dreams. Again, this is only human. But, do you find yourself testing out his last name with yours and you haven't even gone out on a third date yet? Well, if you do it's time to remind yourself to Slow Down. Here's why. Normally for the first 3-8 months of a relationship we are running on euphoria. You know that "head over heels" or that "swept off your feet" kind of feeling that comes with falling in love? Well, there's an actual reason why this occurres. It's from a chemical in our body called oxytocin. Basically, this chemical takes over our brain and it interferes with our ability to think clearly. So, until you've had time to get to know a person, and spend time with him to see what he is really like, it's best not to get to far ahead of yourself. If your expectations become to high you may find yourself heading down the path of heartache, and losing the date of your dreams. Slow Down!

#3 - Are you always talking about your ex?

Carrying old baggage into a new relationship can be disastrous. Sure we've all had previous relationships, and yes your new love will find out about them. But, if you are constantly complaining about your ex, or always comparing your current love to your ex, it will get real old, real fast.

Instead, take some time to get to know this person. Give yourself the opportunity for a new start. Try to work out any old problems before you start up a new relationship. This way you won't allow the old baggage to cloud your judgment and affect your actions with your new love. Always talking about your ex may have you losing the date of your dreams.

#4 - Red Flags:

What are Red Flags? Well, here are some, but there are plenty more. - Someone you were scheduled to meet doesn't show up and has no reasonable explanation as to why. - Someone your involved with will not give you their home phone number. - He/she will not introduce you to family or friends. - He/she won't go out in public with you.- Being cruel to a pet. - Being disrespectful to a parent. Yes, all of these are Red Flags. And, Red Flags should not be ignored.

While you should not jump to conclusions about anyone unless you have sufficient evidence that something maybe wrong. If you do feel there is a problem you will need to confront this person and ask for an explanation. If you do not get an acceptable explanation and the situation continues to occur then you need to move on. You do not want to waste your valuable time on a relationship that is doomed to fail.

#5 - Thinking Obsessively:

Are you a worrier? If so, don't let it ruin your relationship with the date of your dreams. Many people will worry over a relationship, even before it has a chance to really get going. You'll worry over what he/she said, or what your response was to something said. You'll worry over whether the relationship is moving to fast or to slow. Or whether the relationship is working at all. And, what will your friends think, your family think and so on. You need to understand that this sort of obsessive behavior is a real relationship killer. Try to build some self-confidence and trust that the relationship will work. And at a pace which is perfect for the both of you.

#6 - The Interrogation:

Do you want to know every detail of someone's life, and try to get it out of him/her on the first date? Well, you can't, not on the first or even the second date. If you come off as "The Interrogator" your new dream date will soon become tired of answering all your questions and move on to someone else. How many kids do you want to have? is not a good opening line on a first date. Just relax, let things happen naturally through simple conversation. Soon you'll know all there is to know about you new friend. So relax and just have some fun with you new date.

#7 - What about your needs?

Do you want kids, but, he/she does not? Did you tell him/her you want kids or are you just going along with his/her idea of life? You must be able to directly communicate your needs. If you don't you will spend your time in a relationship without having your needs met. You need to know what your own needs are and what his/her needs are before starting a serious relationship. When talking about your needs be assertive. Not bossy, naggy or demanding. But, tactful and direct. And, if the two of you can not agree on meeting each other's needs, (what ever they maybe) then it is time to re-evaluate the relationship. In any relationship whether it be personal or business the needs of all parties involved must be met.

#8 - Sacrificing too much:

Do you find yourself doing things to show someone you care that you would never do other wise? Are you letting yourself be used as a "doormat"? Usually this sort of behavior is associated with low self-esteem. Please realize that in any healthy relationship both parties must be treated as equals. And both parties must have their needs met. If this sounds like you re-evaluate your relationship, and if your are not happy get out. There is someone out there who will love you for who you are, without you having to jump through hoops to prove it.

Good Luck!

Marie Clare.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Relationship: Cuddle Time

With the passage of time a relationship losses it’s charm and freshness. All seems to be boring and stale. That love and romance disappears from your relationship. You no longer feel the way you felt in the beginning. Did to ever try to find the answer to it? If not then here is the answer.

When two people first come together in a relationship, it starts with cuddling each other. At the start everything is rosy; there is love in the air. You cuddle each other all the time. But as time passes by all this cuddling each other lessens day by day. The love starts vanishing.

You feel your love to be as young and new as ever if you are in the habit of cuddling each other. It gets you close and brings warmth in the relationship. A cold relationship does not stay for long. You feel miles apart if your relationship lacks that warmth. You do not feel close to each other. You find it hard to share your feelings with each other. You feel more like strangers than close friends.

Cuddling is an essential part of love. It keeps the freshness of love. Cuddle each other whenever together. When your mate is in bed reading a book, sitting on a couch watching a movie just get close to and say you want to cuddle. Just hold hands while watching a movie or just rest over the shoulder of your partner when he or she is reading. Cuddle each other in whatever way you can. It is just another way of saying that you care and love your partner. Cuddling brings a warm wave of sensation in you that make you lively and energetic. It never lets your love fade and is a boosting element in your relationship.
Cuddling has a relaxing power. Whenever somebody cuddles you, you feel nice and relaxed. Your body is rejuvenated. Make it a point to cuddle each other and touch each other. Just hold hands, sit close to each other, touch arms and kiss each other. Make an effort to touch your spouse and cuddle to let your loving going. Cuddle your partner like you cuddled you teddy bear when you were a child. It is addictive and gets you both really close.

Being parents does not mean you stop cuddling and loving each other. When you have become parents make an extra effort to cuddle each other. You don’t have to go dating anywhere. You can just cuddle each other when in bed or watching movies. Just cuddle each other to keep your love as young as ever. Getting old does not mean to stop loving. Get matured but and keep you and your love as fresh and young as ever. Never let that spark of excitement get away from your love life.
So whenever in bed or on couch remember its Cuddle time! Get used to cuddling your partner and make your relationship new and fresh as it was in the beginning. Let that charm and excitement never fade from your life.

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Relationship: Go On A Date

With the passage of time the marriage of a person loses the romance and love which existed initially. You are no more that intense lover and merely a room mate of your partner. It is more likely to happen when you have kids. You stop loving like romantic lovers and becoming very boring couples. There is no excitement and thrill left in your married life or even if you have an affair.

Most of the couples after a certain period of their marriage become very comfortable with each other. There prefer sitting at home and watching movies together than being romantic and going out on the beach to enjoy each others company. Everything becomes a routine. You eat, work and sleep. On weekends as an extra routine you come together to watch a movie.

There was a couple who said, “The best part of our married life is that we never felt like married couples. Every day is like an initial stage of our marriage.” What did they actually mean? How was that possible? The answer they gave was “we are very busy in our careers and find less time for each other. It is difficult, but still on weekends and holidays we meet each other with excitement and like lover at an initial stage as we remember that it is, all five days work and just the two days in a week to make love and be with each other completely. You feel like teenage lovers who are unable to meet each other due to restrictions”. They believe, “if you meet with that attitude the romance in your life will never fade. It will feel like dating for the first time. We make it a point to go to some romantic place to get that feel of fresh lovers.” There was another couple who said that to keep the romance alive in their relationship they always went out dating in some natural surroundings. Nature makes you feel romantic and gets you close. You ask a number of couples with stable relationship the secret of their happiness. Most of them are the ones who never fail dating each other. They go on dates regularly on week ends and say that it is crucial in a relationship to go regular dates to keep that spark alive.

To keep the excitement and thrill in especially a married life people should make efforts to go for dating to never let that romance fade from their relationship. Whenever you have time ask you mate if he or she would like to go out to watch a play in a theater or in some secluded area where it’s just the two of you close to nature and each other. If you act like a boring couple who most of the times are sitting at home watching movies then you are sure to loose that fun and romance out of your relationship. It is essential to keep your married life happy. You should learn to make your married life happy rather envy married people. You have to make efforts and be lively and energetic. You have to learn to be innovative like fresh lovers and keep the fire alive.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Relationship: Special Greetings

Have you lost interest in your love life? Has the passion gone completely out of your relationship? Are you merely roommates? If yes, then try out something normal with a difference. Do something unpredictable that will make your partner happy and freshened up to love you again.

The man in your life loves to have dinner with you, loves to see you as sexy as ever and loves to feel you. Surprise your partner with an exotic meal, sexy lingerie or a soft kiss instead of the daily boring Hi! While the woman in your life loves to be cared for, to receive gifts no matter if they are not expensive, so make her happy with a meal prepared by you when she returns home tired, or surprise her with a bouquet of roses to show that you love her. You could just keep a greeting card on the dinner table or a thank you card near the pillow of your partner when you know he is working hard and you know that it for you and your family.

Everyone wants fun and excitement in a relationship. Greet our partner in such a way that is exciting. Get your lover addicted to you with your different way of greeting him. Your partner should always feel a wave of excitement on meeting you while returning from work or any place, after a long break or a short break whatever the gap the meeting should be exciting.

Routine at times gets monotonous. Change is what we all are looking for. If we eat the same kind of food or wear the same kind of outfit every time we feel bored and many times disgusted. We all look something new and different. We want to eat a variety in food and were clothes of different styles and color. Likewise we want to be greeted with a difference. Though we do not realize but the fact is that all of us want change in life. The same applies to a relationship. In a relationship if we have the same style of greeting and making love it indicates the sign of boredom. It means that we are not excited about each other and do not want to do something interesting. When love is fresh we are always up to something new and exciting. We always look for exciting our partners with something different. The same should continue when a relationships becomes old. That freshness and excitement should be retained.

Happy couples always make it a point to do something different to greet the partner to get newness and excitement in your love life. Think of new ideas that will make your partner happy. Always try to get some excitement in your love life. Greet him or her in a way he or she never expected and make your lover smile. A smile is worth a million dollar.
Consider your partner’s likes and dislikes and greet him/her in a special way. It is that one smile that makes your day and for that you can definitely make an effort to sit for a while and think in what special way you could greet your partner and make him or her feel happy. There are different ways of exciting and greeting your partner. When you think about it ideas just come to your mind. It all about how much you love your partner.

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