Thursday, March 8, 2007

Relationship: Make the Women Feel Good

Women are an essential part of our life. No man can live without a woman. She is as important as the air you breathe. All the men out there will agree to it unless you’ve had a very bad experience. The fault could have been yours. So here are some tips for the men to keep the woman they love happy and have a successful relationship.

When we talk about women we also talk about beauty. They are synonyms. To make a woman feel good always remind her that she is beautiful. Each and every woman loves to hear that. Always make it a point to tell your love that she looks beautiful. If you are not into the habit of making such remarks then learn to make it. It will enhance her beauty, make her feel more beautiful. She will know that you love her. After all, men love beautiful women.

Learn to compliment your wife for her different skills. If she is a good cook then make sure to constantly appreciate the food cooked by her. Praise her for the special dishes she cooks for you and tell her that nobody can make the dish as good and delicious as her. It will make her happy and learn more about cooking. If she is an artist, a dancer, a writer or a very influencing person whatever the quality, just appreciate and compliment her on that. Make it a point to praise her when you both are with friends and relatives. It will only make her feel very close to you. “I love you”, “I care for you”, “I cannot live without you” are not just words spoken to your lover but words that make a difference. Constantly remind you mate that you care for her and how much she means to you. Never feel shy to portray your feelings. If you love your wife say it, she will love you even more. Such reminders are a relationship booster. They strengthen the relationship.

Good lovers are first and foremost best friends. Let the woman in your life know that she your best friend. Share your feelings and problems like a friend to her and find her always by your side like a true friend. Any woman would like to be in friendly terms with the husband. Women like their husbands to be their friends to whom they can open up. The friendship between a man and woman helps them to have a transparent relationship and solve their problems immediately without hiding anything.

Affection showed in front of friends and relatives assures a woman that you honestly love her. She knows that you love her; otherwise you would not have showed it in public. A woman feels very secure when her man does not feel shy to show his affection for her in front of friends as she knows that all the women out there are watching. There is a kind of possessiveness in such action and possessiveness is an indication of love. She is aware that you love her.

Sexy is the word that gets excitement in a relationship. Tell your woman, she is sexy and she will always make it a point to be the sexiest looking. You are going to love that for sure and she will enjoy it. If your find your mate to be sexy then she knows that you are still attracted towards her.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Now this is a truly interesting post that I have come seem to be reading a woman's mind like a book....I agree to so many aspects of what you have spoken of, especially the fact that a woman loves to be talked about amongst his friends and family, she loves public display of affection. Anyways, do drop by my blog too for there I have posted many an interesting post on friendship. Check them out!