Saturday, March 10, 2007

Relationship: Make the Men Feel Good

There is no denying the fact that men and women are equally important in a relationship. One cannot exist without the other. And to keep a relationship long lasting both have to make an effort to make each other feel good in a relationship.

Here’s a piece of advice for all you women folk out there who want to make their men Happy! All of us definitely like it when our partner flirts with us, and the man in our relationship just loves it. So all you women make sure you flirt around with your mate especially in public places where he knows that it’s him and only him you love.

Do not be a miser. Lavish him with compliments. Always compliment him when he is dressed smartly. Compliment him when he does something for you. Tell him that you really like the qualities in him, the quality of caring, of being thoughtful and appreciating you. Compliment him on his cute smile and you will find him smiling again. It will make you smile too. Such compliments will constantly remind him that you are still attracted towards him and love him. It is an equal equation, he will love you too. When your partner knows you love him he will be secure and his love for you will not diminish.

Make your husband realize how handsome he is and you find him to be the most handsome man among all the men you know. Any man would love to hear that from his sweetheart. Tell him that his looks appeal to you and you will find him very sexy. He will feel happy and know that you appreciate and love him. There is a kind of magnetism in such compliments that get you close to each other. You like to be in the company of people who love and appreciate you rather than those who disapprove of your looks, style and so many other things. When you make it a point to compliment your man he will definitely want to spend most of the time with you. Think for yourself, wouldn’t you like to be with the person who admires you?

Be Jealous! Even if you are not, at times you should make your man feel that you get jealous when he is taking to other females and ignoring you. This feeling of a partner just shows that you love him extremely and want him to love you and only you. Any man will love his woman being jealous. If you are jealous it obviously means that you love your man dearly and do not want a third person in your relationship. It is an indication to him that you love him.

Make yourself always look beautiful. Dress up for him, just because you love him. Any man would like his woman to look good. So make sure you dress up well and groom yourself regularly. Make yourself feel good it’s then that you will make your partner feel good. But it is also very true that you have to be beautiful from within and it’s only then your real beauty is adorned.

Most important of all make your partner aware of the fact that he is the best husband, a true lover and a very good father if you have young one. It will boost him up. He will know that his effort in fulfilling his responsibilities are being realized and appreciated. There is a kind of deep attachment when you are appreciated and loved for your efforts.

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