Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Relationship: Say it with Words

There was an article that said,” I lost a friend today as I could not say I love You, I thought it was clear in my eyes, in my actions but he did not want me, he wanted the words.” Well how right the writer was, at times it is the words that make all the difference in our relations. At times we have to remind our lovers that we love them by words and only words. Words of love spoken to a person make all the difference.
Time and again you have to tell your partner that you love and care for him or her. Words as “I love you”, “I care for you”, “I need you” often repeated never let your love relationship fade. It makes your partner aware that you love him or her. Never leave an opportunity to mention that you care and love your partner.

Words have the power to move the strongest of men in the world. Let the power of words strengthen your love life. Lovers often have taken the support of words to express their love. “It’s only words and word all I have to take your heart away”, the words from a famous song that have helped many lovers to express their love, proves the power of words.

Always make it a point to express your love through a number of ways and say it in words. Hug her and say “I could love you like that for ever.” Surprise your love with notes kept at unexpected places. It could be near the pillow when you know your partner is going to return late night, it could be stuck on the bathroom door when you leave early morning without saying a good –bye to your partner as he/she is fast asleep. You can also keep love notes in each other’s suitcase when either of the partners is going on a trip. Slip an “I love you” note in places where you are sure your partner finds them. Be creative and find ways to say you care.

Repeat words “I love you again and again. You have to constantly remind your partner that you love him or her. Keeping a married life is essential and for that you have to speak it up. Speak up and prove your feelings. Say what you mean. When you say you love a person then your body language should too be saying that, never say what you don’t mean. It would spoil your relationship. When words are spoken with meaning they touch the heart of people so make sure to speak out with honesty.
It is wonderful to fall in love and hear the words “I Love You”. Let these key words a part of your married life and always feel the touch of romance in your married life.

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