Friday, March 30, 2007

Adore your mate

Love, care, attraction and affection are what come to our mind when we talk about a relationship. Well a relationship is much more than that. It is admiring and adoring your mate, adoring beyond the physical appearance.
A relationship is about two individuals coming together in union for an everlasting bond. It is accepting one another with all their positive and negative aspect. When you are in a relationship you should adore your mate for what he or she is. Adoring your mate is appreciating the complete persona of a particular person. A relationship is accepting a person for what they are, all the good and bad qualities. You have to accept the person for his or her flaws. That is a true relationship.

Most of the relationships in today’s world end in a separation due to lack of adjustment and acceptance for each other. Many couples are unable to cope up with the faults of their partners. They only admire them for their good qualities and reject them for their negative characteristics. Should it be the way, certainly not? We should remember that no person is perfect. If people are good at certain things and have some positive traits they also have negative qualities. We should learn to accept and acknowledge both the positive and negative points of our partners. This is true love. If you really love your mate you are going to love him or her for each and every quality he or she has.

Most of us come into a relationship when we get acquainted to a person’s positive attribute which is very normal. But it is in later years that we come to know about a person’s negative trait. It is here we need to understand that no person is perfect and should take that person as he or she is. None of us are perfect. You should keep in mind that you too have faults and are being accepted as you are. So why can’t you be the same.

If you feel it difficult to take in the bad part of your partner just keep in mind the good part about him or her. And it will become very easy for you to take in the unpleasant portion of the relationship.

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