Friday, March 9, 2007

The Many Ways to Show You Care

Full of love but not of cash this holiday? Looking for inexpensive ways to show your loved ones you care? Here's a short list of simple yet highly effective ideas that will let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.

They won't cost you much but will likely be more appreciated than the most expensive gift. After all, it is about the little things in life that say "I Love You".

1. Place a note that says "I Love You" or a short love poem in a lunchbox or wrapped with their sandwich.

2. Take a Valentine's Day card and cut it up into pieces. Number the pieces and lay them out in a treasure hunt. When the pieces are all found and put together, the recipient can then read your full message to them.

3. Hide a small gift wrapped packet of cinnamon hearts with a little love note attached in their coat pocket.

4. Put a fresh flower and a short note beside their bed so it's the first thing they see when they wake up.

5. If your honey is up and into the bathroom before you in the morning, then the night before draw a lipstick heart with your initials on the mirror for them to find.

6. Serve breakfast in bed with a fresh flower and a card.

7. Suprise your love at the office with a bunch of flowers and a song or poem.

8. If you're a bit of a collector and still have your love letters or momentos from when you were dating, gift wrap one of them and add an additional paragraph to let them know how much you still love them.

9. Leave a series of short "I love you" or "You're too sexy for..." notes taped to various places for them to find throughout the day. On the car window, on their sock drawer, on the remote control, in the microwave, on their coffee cup, etc.

10. Best of all, look them in the eye and say "I LOVE YOU" with a big hug and kiss.

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Paula Polman, B.Sc. is the owner of Basic Scents & Supplies. She has been making natural care products for over six years and practising aromatherapy for more than eight years. She can be reached by email at or visit http://www.BasicScentsSupplies.comfor more information.


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