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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts - How To Use Mystery To Enhance Your Valentine Gift

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts - How To Use Mystery To Enhance Your Valentine Gift
By Danny Snyder

What is mystery? Well, it's simply something unknown. To create a mystery, you have to do a little preparation. You have to start creating an event. You have to frame how your Valentine thinks. Creating mystery is all about influencing expectations and controlling anticipation.

Remember these two points as you create your mystery. First, when creating mystery, you cannot let out too much information. You have to talk about an impending event without giving out too many details. If you need an analogy, think of a politician who never gives out all the information on his position.

Second, the information you do give away must build excitement. This excitement will breed anticipation. Creating an exciting mystery can extend the life of your gift from one day to a week or a month.

This is a great way to get more bang for your romance dollar. Because building a mystery extends the impact of your gift without spending more money.

But remember to buy your gift before you start creating the mystery because they could run out of supplies or fail to deliver it in time.

The easiest way to create your mystery is to work backwards. Place your gift in front of you and write down all the descriptive phrases you can about it. Then edit them so that when you read each of them you cannot tell what it is. Then put them in an order so that after reading all of them you still would not be able to guess what it is.

After you have your gift and your descriptive notes, plan on how you will give each note to your valentine. Send them in the mail. Email each note. Hide each note in a place where they will see it in their daily activities.

Your valentine will enjoy the sense of excitement that you are creating. And the anticipation will build with each note that they receive.

If you have ever read a mystery novel, you understand the level of excitement builds until the very end. Well, you can create that sense of mystery for Valentine's Day.

You don't have to create a big mystery - just one to amuse your valentine. Remember: Anyone can buy a gift, put it in a gift bag, and hand it to someone. But that common process will not get you the rave reviews that you deserve.

So if you want a way to show that you care, you can easily create a little mystery that will extend their excitement.And while they are thinking of what the mystery could be, they will be remembering that you took the extra effort to make their life special. Wouldn't you like to be known as a person who gives extraordinary gifts?

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