Monday, February 19, 2007

12 Rules That Will Bring The Love You Want In Your Life

12 Rules That Will Bring The Love You Want In Your Life
By N Young

Maybe today is the day you should seriously consider how you can stop living in a quiet desperation and bring a new sense and purpose to your life. Maybe you have been waiting and searching for an elusive love that has never arrived, you have endured in your search but it seems you simply can’t win.

If you seem to be going nowhere with your love life, if you are tired of months and years of unhappy relationships that lead nowhere, it may be that you are not following the right advice and that’s why you are just moving in circles chasing a dream that you can’t bring to reality.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, life can be brighter for you and you can finally find your lost love life once and forever. It is just matter of following the right advice. But what’s the right advice? By all means it will be the one that is based on experience and real life situations.

Real life will place you in front of a number of situations that are common to all of us. The secret is to learn how to overcome the different situations in a successful manner. For example when you are looking for your perfect partner you must first learn how to reframe rejection in order that you feel powerful, not diminished so you won’t quit on your search. Also you must understand the way you can control your emotions so that you become the main factor on your feeling good and not the others. You must learn too what is the most important factor in giving you the confidence you need when dating that woman you like. And mainly how to appreciate yourself so that you won’t settle with what others left for you but get a relationship with the kind of person that’s is the right for you.

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