Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten Things You Can Do To Increase Your Appearance By At Least Two Points

Maybe you are a simple shy person who did not already have a date because you do not know how to approach woman. This does not necessary mean that you are too ugly and you will spend all your life alone. You just have to make some changes.

Do you want to increase your success in attracting women? Here are some important tips that you should know.


- first and the most important don't sweat and don't smell; it is very important to be clean all the time because if you smell nobody will ever approach you; so you've better use deodorants and aftershaves

- a hairless body shows a lot more definition

- if a man chest is really hairy, it can be hot, but also itchy and irritating

- the best shaving strategy is to sit in a hot bath with a moisturizing oil, and then shave against the grain with a combination of hair conditioner and shaving cream

- also nose and ear hair isn't too sexy, so you could use a pair of safety scissors with dulled ends

- be fit; do some sport and this will make you look better, will increase your self-esteem


- if your skin looks tired, grey and out of condition, you should start to drink minimum two liters of water a day, and also try a soap - free cleansing wash

- an exfoliating scrub used once a week gets sluggish circulation on the move

- make sure you have a shaved face - women love this

- shaving foam dry the skin so you better use oil, gel or cream for the best results; use a good sharp razor

- apply moisturizer - it can really improve the look of your skin, use after shaving and your skin will feel smoother

- also it's important to have a manicure to deal with thick cuticles or hang nails


- hair care it is very important - cleansing, conditioning, nourishing

- wash your hair frequently

- you may use an anti-dandruff shampoo if it's necessary

- the right hair style can give you self confidence and satisfaction

- a nice clean cut can make a man look mature and sophisticated, while the others it may do just the opposite

- so take a walk to a hair designer to make you the hair style that is the best for you and you will see a big positive change

- use styling, gel or wax if it's necessary


- dress nicely, wear good clothes according to the event that takes place

- for example, buy a suit; man fashion suit is a piece of wardrobe that can should found in every man's cupboard; it's an elegantly dress which you may wear from business meetings to cocktails and wedding parties

- make sure that the clothes you wear fit you

- watch out because a lot of women pay attention to shoes


- belts - these are available in many styles and colors, and are some of the most fashionable accessory

- perfume - when it comes to creating long lasting impression on women, the first thing men should care is the perfume they choose

- eye care - men can choose from a big list, like fashionable man sunglasses, eyeglass frames and even contact lens


- women are smile-addicts and don't like the men which are boring and don't have with whom to laugh

- so smile it is very important but to have success with your smile in front of a woman you have to have beautiful, healthy and clean teeth for a perfect smile

Men always want to know what to do to look their best, but do not know how to do this. I hope that these tips will help you to approach easily to woman and get the one you like.

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