Sunday, July 15, 2007

Four surefire steps to real life mastery of dating, sex, relationships, women and everything related

Step One. Accept that you are the only one responsible for your success or failure with women. Nobody else but you.

If it's to be, it's up to me. This also applies for men, not only for women. You do have to realise the HUGE POWER you have right now.
When you understand that there is nobody else to hand you the mastery with women on a silver plate, that there is no external magic key that will make it happen, you will not be afraid that it's all up to you.
Instead you will just put this power into strategies, actions and practice.
After a while, you will see other men blaming their failures on anybody else but them (our girlfriends, spouses and wives often call it "denying responsibility"). But you will already be in a place of success and achievement, and looking at these men will make you want to achieve even more, because you will actually realise you do have UNLIMITED POWER at your disposal. And all is to be found within yourself.

You are both the problem and the solution, and only you can hold the keys to your personal power.

Step Two. Realise that life is much more than Dating, Women, Sex, Love Relationships. They enhance it a lot, but are not its essence.

That is why you will ask yourself how would it feel to be a great individual without needing anyone else in your love life. How would it be to be alone and still feel fantastic about it?

You see, if you use all your energy for mastery with women, you might achieve it after some years. But you will discover that this does not give complete meaning to your life; when you will have no money, women will not replace the respect that other men don't have for you as a poor broke guy that somehow gets laid often.

If you forget to make your dreams in life more than about women, then having mastery with women will not help you at all.
You will quickly become unhappy with other areas from your life, and as a result you will also repell women eventually.

Step Three. Be persistent when learning to actually get better with women.

Nothing is natural from the very beginning. Neither walking, nor driving. But you learned those from a blend of failures, ambition and achievement. Actually, ALL that you learn in real life requires the following:

1. Courage to act

2. Failure

3. Dealing the right way with failure

4. More courage to act (persistence)

5. Success

This is actually a cycle - the learning cycle of any succesful human being. All our lifes, in various contexts, we choose to apply it completely or to stop at number 3 and remain stuck forever.
Good news are that learning to get better with women is much simpler than learning Chinese. It is all about applying these learning cycle to each and every basic step of any interaction with women.
It is all about action, experience, persistence and success at getting their contact details, getting that great first date and developing the interaction further on.

Step Four. Remember to enjoy yourself ALL the way towards mastery with women.

It's still a great part of your life, of your time and your energy so why not K.I.S.S. with fun. Why not Keep It Short, Simple and with Fun.

I remember, for example, when I wanted to really master that first date basic step of my mastery with women. I wanted to sweep them off their feet right from the very beginning, so I learned to be great at telling very beautiful, emotional and intriguing stories.
It was fast, easy and a real pleasure to master this. I was anyway bound to communicate with people as a human being, so I just figured out what kind of communication and the topics involved that will actually make ladies' hearts and bodies melt with attraction and desire.

It is always lots of fun to learn new things that open up new directions and successes for each of us regarding women and our lifes in general.
Beginning the journey towards women mastery with these critical but simple three steps will provide each of us with the fuel to finish it fast and easy.

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