Thursday, July 12, 2007

Learn How Women Communicate

We all know that this world is full of women, but all are different. It is said that it is very hard to understand women that's why here are some true statements about how they communicate that you can learn from and see how it applies to your girlfriend, wife or other woman you know.

Women don’t need to have a particular reason to talk; they like to talk because it creates connection.

So they always want to have near them someone who wants to listen and talk with them. Also, women use talking as a way to release tension. There are a lot of conflicts inside a couple about communication because, for women, talking something out over and over again eventually dissipates the stuck energy around it.

They hate being told to get over it, that you don't have time to listen. If rambling conversation drives you crazy or you don’t have a lot of time let her know what time you do have and give her the attention. You should listen to her without trying to find a point or solution.

Women express their thinking and feeling process out loud. Hearing themselves talk helps women get clear on what is going on inside of them. The process of expressing their thoughts out loud actually allows them to figure out what they’re thinking and feeling. So you should be a good listener and show that you are interested in what she thinks and feel. They don't like the men which enjoy having a specific purpose for the conversation.

Women communicate with details. They love details; that’s why a woman’s interest in the details about your life is not an attempt to interrogate you or invade your privacy and their habit of sharing the details of their life is not an attempt to take up too much of your time. Rather, they are trying to connect. If you want to surprise her try to make some remarks using some details for example the way she is dressed, the color of her eyes...

Women minimize how upset they are. In order to keep the peace, women often don’t express how upset they really are. They don’t stand up for themselves, and they downplay the severity of their dissatisfaction.

When they said that are alright but still look upset, they are still upset. If you take the time to try to get a woman to say what she really feels, that attempt alone will actually make her feel better because she knows you cared enough to try.

They don't like the men which, in order to avoid a confrontation take her answer literally and leave it when she says that is fine but still look upset. They love to insist and find out what she really think and try to make her feel better.

Show her that you care and it is important to you her happiness.

In general, they like to have a lot of friends (I mean girlfriends) with whom to share all their thoughts, dreams and secrets which a man would never understand. Most of them don't feel secure to have an open talk with their partner and to be completely honest like she is with her friends.

So women are well aware that most of the time they are a profound mystery to men.

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