Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gift Cards The Double Present!

Finding the right gift for that special somebody has always been of great importance. They might say that it’s the thought that counts, but the thoughtfulness invested in any gift should go deeper than simply picking something up at random. While your mother might love flowers, there’s little point in purchasing a bunch for your girlfriend who is allergic – a gift doesn’t have to be precisely what your loved one wanted to be genuinely appreciated, but it should represent something they can use, and some understanding of what they love to do.

For this reason it might be argued that gift cards are simply an impersonal approach, bought to make the gift giver’s life easier rather than displaying any special thought or message to the recipient. And while there is a great thrill to be found in receiving the very gift you have talked about non-stop for weeks, or something purchased by the sensitive soul who intuited a gift that you hadn’t even realised you needed yet, a gift card is a genuinely thoughtful gift, allowing the recipient to purchase exactly what it is they really need.

How many of us have received gifts that ended up unused, unloved? Even with the best will in the world, a well-thought out gift can miss the mark. Why complicate life by gifting items that only add stress to the lives of those we love by having to be dragged from storage each time we visit? It is not just the recipient who wants to find a gift that will beloved and cherished.

If you are worried about your gift card seeming impersonal, then make your mark on what is undoubtedly a special gift. Make your own handmade card to accompany your gift, and make a date to go shopping to spend it. By choosing a non-store specific gift card, such as those made by Visa, you can leave the arrangements in the hands of the recipient of your gift, so that you in effect present them with a twofold gift – the opportunity to purchase something they’ve always wanted and the chance to spend time with you.

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