Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Relationship: Happy Birthday

Do you remember the days when as a child your parents celebrated your birthday! How excited you were to receive a birthday present! How many years have passed by since you have not celebrated your birthday? How happy were you when you received a birthday card or a birthday present on your birthday! Do you really long to enjoy your birthday as you did long time back with your lover and friends. It’s for sure that all of us have a baby hidden inside who wants to be loved, pampered and receive presents on our birthdays. Just like you your partner too would be happy if you celebrate his/her birthday.

So to please each other do celebrate birthdays and be happy in the relationship.
As time passes by we either make birthdays only a formal affair, just wishing and having good food and nothing else. No enjoyment and no fun and no excitement. Should it be the way to celebrate birthdays? No! Not at all! You should make it a point to celebrate birthdays with full vigor and an excitement.

Well if you want your relationship to be filled with love, affection and excitement then for sure celebrate your lovers coming birthday and make it a point to celebrate it every year. To please others is a virtue and birthdays are an occasion for that. By celebrating birthday of your partner you will definitely make him/her happy.

Birthdays are the occasions to show your love and affection. Plan out a candle night dinner, bake a cake, and buy a lovely outfit or a ring for your partner. Make it a true celebration to show your love and affection. Celebrating each others birthday gets you close. It shows your love and affection for each other and that you care for each other. It gives immense happiness to you when somebody remembers your birthday and makes it a special day for you. You realize his /her closeness towards you. It generates an extra bond between you and your partner.

If your love life is getting boring and stagnated then spice it up, celebrate each others birthdays and show that love and care for each other. It not only gets freshness and enthusiasm in your relationship but also increases your love for each other.
Birthdays break the boring routine and bring freshness into your life. Your partner will definitely appreciate the effort you make to celebrate your birthday whether it is a surprise or not. If it is a surprise it adds thrill. Be it a surprise party, a surprise present or a surprise dinner at a restaurant your effort gives an extreme happiness to your partner. This kind of celebration enlivens your relationship.

So celebrate your loved ones birthday and envelope your love with laughter fun and enjoyment.

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