Monday, May 21, 2007

Change Routines

In today’s world most of us are so busy that we hardly spend time together, this affects our relationship. We are too tired to give time to each other, and do something different that will bring excitement in our life. Mostly we follow the same daily routine. We get up in the morning, freshen up, have our breakfast, give each other the usual routine kiss and go off to work. At times we are so busy that we hardly talk to each other; at times we even don’t see each other for days. This makes our relationship tenuous and shaky.

Change in life is must as you experience a changed world with a little alteration made by you. Things tend to get boring when we often follow the same routine and don’t look for a change. It usually happens that we get used our everyday work and also the same behavior. This often leads us to becoming monotonous and boring. As such we at times get irritated and do not realize that it is due to the same schedule and that a change is a must in life.

Routine at times gets monotonous. Change is what we all are looking for. It is very natural that we get tired of eating the same kind of food or wearing the same kind of outfit every day. We feel fed up and many times disgusted when repeating the same things again and again. Each one of us wants something new and different, although at times it is unrealized. We want to eat a variety in food and wear clothes of different styles and color. Likewise we want to be greeted with a difference. Though we do not realize but the fact is that all of us want change in life. The same applies to a relationship. In a relationship if we have the same style of greeting and making love it indicates the sign of boredom. It means that we are not excited about each other and do not want to do something interesting. When love is fresh we are always up to something new and exciting. We always look for exciting our partners with something different. The same should continue when a relationships becomes old. That freshness and excitement should be retained. So change your life, not completely but little modifications and variations in your routine work.

Happy couples always make it a point to do something different to greet and love each other as they understand that once in a while things should be done differently. Such couples always make an effort to get some excitement in their love life. They greet their mates differently at different occasions. If you want to be one of these couples then try to get change in your routine. Just as a small example you could give a warm hug to your mate while he is going to work instead of that normal kiss or give just hold your partners hand tightly when she is leaving for office. Or you could enjoy your food sitting outside in the sun during winters rather than having it inside at the dining table.

Well if you want your relationship to be filled with love, affection and excitement then make changes in your routine life. A change brings freshness and helps you understand each other better as you are in a light mood and are able to comprehend things better.

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