Sunday, May 6, 2007

Relationship: Go On A Date

With the passage of time the marriage of a person loses the romance and love which existed initially. You are no more that intense lover and merely a room mate of your partner. It is more likely to happen when you have kids. You stop loving like romantic lovers and becoming very boring couples. There is no excitement and thrill left in your married life or even if you have an affair.

Most of the couples after a certain period of their marriage become very comfortable with each other. There prefer sitting at home and watching movies together than being romantic and going out on the beach to enjoy each others company. Everything becomes a routine. You eat, work and sleep. On weekends as an extra routine you come together to watch a movie.

There was a couple who said, “The best part of our married life is that we never felt like married couples. Every day is like an initial stage of our marriage.” What did they actually mean? How was that possible? The answer they gave was “we are very busy in our careers and find less time for each other. It is difficult, but still on weekends and holidays we meet each other with excitement and like lover at an initial stage as we remember that it is, all five days work and just the two days in a week to make love and be with each other completely. You feel like teenage lovers who are unable to meet each other due to restrictions”. They believe, “if you meet with that attitude the romance in your life will never fade. It will feel like dating for the first time. We make it a point to go to some romantic place to get that feel of fresh lovers.” There was another couple who said that to keep the romance alive in their relationship they always went out dating in some natural surroundings. Nature makes you feel romantic and gets you close. You ask a number of couples with stable relationship the secret of their happiness. Most of them are the ones who never fail dating each other. They go on dates regularly on week ends and say that it is crucial in a relationship to go regular dates to keep that spark alive.

To keep the excitement and thrill in especially a married life people should make efforts to go for dating to never let that romance fade from their relationship. Whenever you have time ask you mate if he or she would like to go out to watch a play in a theater or in some secluded area where it’s just the two of you close to nature and each other. If you act like a boring couple who most of the times are sitting at home watching movies then you are sure to loose that fun and romance out of your relationship. It is essential to keep your married life happy. You should learn to make your married life happy rather envy married people. You have to make efforts and be lively and energetic. You have to learn to be innovative like fresh lovers and keep the fire alive.

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