Saturday, May 26, 2007

No place for abuse

It is hard to keep a relationship steady and intact. In today’s society more than 50% of the relationships break due to some reason or the other. There are various reasons for that. Lack of tolerance for each other, selfishness and self centered attitude is what makes relationships weak and shaky. It is you who have to work to keep a relationship alive. There are a number of ways to not let your relationship fall off. Yet at times it becomes impossible for the individuals to keep up the relationship.

It is not very common but at times there are relationship where on of the partner is very aggressive and is the cause of emotional and physical pain. It is here where it becomes difficult for the other partner to live up in that relationship. At times in relationships some of the partners are very aggressive and cause physical pain to the opposite partner. They abuse and humiliate their spouse. If you are into such a relationship you should think before continuing the relationship as you could be at a risk of being harmed deeply.

No matter how much you love your partner or how good your partner is according to you if he or she is into the bad habit of abusing or physically hurting you then you should first try to solve the problem. If you both could sit together and talk over to try to solve the problem it would be great. But if you feel that talking does not work or did not work then proper counseling should be taken. Counseling will help solve the problem. It will make you realize where exactly the problem lies. Spousal abuse is the most painful in a relationship as it is a matter of spending the whole life with that person. And if your life partner abuses you then one cannot think of spending his or her life with that particular person. If your partner does not come with you for counseling then it is better to go on your own and see if things can be changed. It is a mental torture through which you are going and can create problems such as depression, frustration and may be some physical injury. Therefore it is necessary to improve situations in whatever way you can. If talking together does not work go for counseling, if your partner is not ready to come along with you go on your own. After trying all alternatives nothing works and your partner is the same causing verbal abuse and physical abuse then it would be better to leave that person than causing harm to yourself.

You should never hesitate to leave your mate if there is any kind of danger to you. Safety comes first so it would be sensible to keep away from that person. This could also be beneficial as when you leave your partner would feel your absence and realize his or her mistake and then would actually improve. At times people do not recognize the true value of people with whom they spent the major part of their life and whit whom they share their secrets. It is only when that person is not around the actual worth of the partner is realized.

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