Monday, May 28, 2007

Name a Star

Have you ever seen a clear sky at night with sparkling stars? It is an amazing sight. They attract you like diamonds that you would love to possess. Look at the star galaxies with innumerable stars at one glimpse that attract you and you keep gazing them continuously. A lone star too has a magnetic effect. Like a jewel in the crown it glitters and attracts. Watching stars at night with your lover is a unique way of being together with each other. Gaze at the sky with your partner and try to find stars you would choose and name for each other. Hold each other close and feel close while just staring at the wonderful sky.

Pick out a bright star for your partner and say it shines like her and is a special gift for her. The wife too should find a star, may be the North Star and say that while he is not around at nights she looks at it and feels close to him. It sounds silly but it is a good way to feel close to each other. You should do something different and unique to express love. Reach out to the stars to make them a part of your life and fill your life with brightness.

If you happen to come across a shooting star then tell your partner that you are a lucky couple as your dream of being together for ever will definitely come true. This does not make you feel like a conventional couple but a pair with profound intensity and passion.

Most of the times couples loose interest in each other as years pass by. They do not feel the closeness that they felt during the early years of their married life. There is lack of interest, lack of excitement and lack of enthusiasm. The char that was present in the initial years is lost. Well, if you keep coming up with such different acts in life to please each other you will never feel that boredom in your relationship. Couples should always come up with such ideas the make your relationship as young as ever.

Enter the world of starry night where all is calm and all is bright and feel that tranquility and brightness in your relationship. Both tranquility and brightness are necessary for a relationship. Serenity is the central theme of a relationship. Unless there is peace in a relationship it cannot run smoothly. A peaceful mind thinks better and behaves better. If you are at peace then only can you solve problem that you face in life. You are able to understand each other better and live happily. The brightness is the liveliness and excitement in a relationship that are a must. A relationship has to be high spirited and filled with excitement. If a relationship lacks these elements then it becomes tedious and boring. The love in a relationship fades away if there is no brightness.

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