Monday, June 11, 2007

Photo Album

Sweet memories are a treasure that we always like to keep with us. You will hardly find a person who does not have his or her share of memories. And it is always the sweet incidents that we like to treasure all our life. Such treasured memories are a strong motivation and booster during the times of hardships. Whenever a person is sad he contemplates on the good old days that have gone by and craves to for them to come back. Remembering such memories a person does try to bring back those happy times. In a relationship too such memories work. They bring back a drifting relationship back to a happy one. If you are into a relationship especially a married couple then it is a good idea to capture the days you spend together as the help you in delicate times when you are undergoing a through some problems with each other.

A making a photo album is a good idea for the collection of your good days spend together. One of the mates can collect photographs of your partner and children if you have and assemble them in your album. You can start with the day of you wedding. Stick pictures of the events of your wedding that you would cherish the most. Then as time passes by you can go on sticking photographs of your family. The photographs could be of a birthday celebration, your anniversary or maybe a picnic when you really enjoyed together. It really gives you great pleasure if you see photographs of your children. When your child was a baby unable to walk, but was trying his or her best to walk. You can capture all such moments that you would treasure all your life. Such moments do not give temporary happiness but are life long source of happiness. Whenever you are not in a good mood just a look at those pictures makes you smile. You can also include picture of your other family members, friends and relatives. Always click some pictures on special occasions so that they become a part of your collection of sweet memories. Such picture you relish all your life.

In a relationship there are phases when couples take each other for granted. They do not value their relationship and the consequences turn out to be bad. You come to a point where you start drifting apart and at times you even come to a break off. To keep your relationship intact one should always reflect the past. The good times spent together make you realize the worth of each other. So whenever you are at such a point in life where you feel you are drifting apart then just take out your photo album and have a look at the pictures of your mate and children that will make you contemplate on the shortcomings of your relationship. You will for sure not want to separate as this photo album will move you and make you understand that life has it own stages of the good and the bad. You have to learn to accept it and learn to improve when you face a bad time in your relationship. When give a glance at those photographs you remember how helpful and caring your partner had been. It is a reminder to you that nobody is perfect and every one tends to make mistakes in life. If he or she is ignoring you then too it is a mistake, but it is in human nature to make mistakes. You only need to make the other person realize his or her fault.

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