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Relationship: Leave the Baggage Behind

Relationship: Leave the Baggage Behind

It is really, really heavy! Yes the baggage of the past we carry along with us when we plan to start all over again. Let not the baggage of the past over burden you in the present. Live in the present and leave the baggage behind to start afresh. A past is a past, forget it and move forward. But is it that easy to forget the past? The pain one undergoes due to a heart break surpasses all the physical pains. A pain is never so hurting than a pain caused by a broken relationship. Life becomes miserable and you find it very hard to start all over again.

A heart break not only affects you emotionally but also physically. But you have no medicine for that and the only remedy is to cry out your emotions for once and forget all the pain you underwent. Begin a new life with no signs of bitterness. All of us at times think about the past and obstruct others from entering into our heart. We are so much gripped in our past that we create a fence around us not letting somebody enter in our heart. Let this not happen. Dust out the negative feelings and keep the doors of your heart open for you never know a better partner is waiting for you. After a break up generally people fear to face the same situation in a new relationship. You should learn to not let your past ruin the present by merely thinking about it.

Let loose your past and feel like a free bird to fly into a new horizon. You do not have to jump into a new relationship but give yourself time. Indulge yourself into things you have never done and always wanted to do. Learn to dance, to play a piano do something creative that pleases your heart. Something that makes you live again. Try helping others, if you can help charity organization. You can do something individually. There are innumerable ways to keep you busy and engrossed. When busy you automatically forget your past and are focused in the present. Keeping yourself busy heals you very fast. There is so much to be done that you do not remember the past.

Get out of that depressed mood and experience the different phases of life. There is always much to be done in life. You just have to look around. There is a lot of work that requires your helping hand and a lot of other people who need you. You need to be with them without bothering them and yourself with your past. Be brave and courageous to forget the past and live in the present. Forgive and forget what happened. Unless you forgive the person you cannot forget the past. Although it is difficult to forgive yet it is satisfying. You have the satisfaction of not being the dark horse in the relationship and have the hope of starting a new relationship without a failure.

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