Saturday, June 9, 2007

Open your eyes

A relationship goes through various moment and incidences with the passage of time. As it grows older couples mature and see things differently than the initial years. They become comfortable with each other and do not make efforts to impress each other as before, they know that there are there for each other no matter what. And they do stand for each other and give full support in times of need. However this is not the case with all the relationships. Many times in a relationship couples fail to stand by each other as they lack something or the other in their relationship.

A relationship is the coming together of two different people that could be from different walks of life, different religion and societies and also different countries. As such a lot of care should be taken to keep the partnership intact. At times differences are very obvious and are seen and felt straight away. Yet there are relationships where couples feel that things are going well between them but actually the case is something else. There are things missing from a relationship that couples do not realize or even if they do the take it to be normal. This in later period does cause problems.

Couples in a relationship should open their eyes and see to what is happening. Is everything going right or something out there is causing problems. This is necessary as in future it could turn out to be a major problem. If you give a close look at your relationship you would definitely find something or the other missing in your relationship. It could be that you are not spending enough time with each other and yet have no objection to it as you both are busy and happy with your work. You feel that everything is perfect in your relationship as you do not complain about not giving enough time to each other. Certainly there is no problem at that particular period but as time passes by there could develop a gap between the two of you. If you do not give sufficient time to one another a communication gap builds up. Since you do not spend an adequate amount of time together you are not able to share your feelings, emotions, thoughts and desires for each other and from life as a whole. In the long run you feel more like stranger and if not that then certainly there is some kind of formality in your relationship. And if a relationship has formality in it then you cannot call it a true relationship as such a bond is quite shallow. You do not talk about your true feelings and hesitate in speaking what is inside you.

There could be any problem or something could be missing in a relationship which could create difficulties at one point or the other. You all know that no relationship is perfect there is always something lacking. Yet it is in your hands to make a relationship better. If you have a laid back attitude and let things go as they are then you could be doing harm to your relationship. Each and every couple needs to work on a relationship. You have to work hard to maintain and make your relationship strong.

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