Thursday, June 21, 2007

Relationship: Compliment a Lot

Look for the good qualities and points in your partner and be generous in making compliments to your partner about that individuality. Compliments are a golden key to your mate’s heart. Paying honest compliments is a very inexpensive way to reach out to your mate’s heart. Do not be a miser but generous in giving compliments.

Generally people keep to the heart what they admire in their partner especially after marriage. They admire but internally and do not speak out what they find pleasing or nice about the partner. Well, this should not be the way. All of us hunt for compliments. We often like to hear good things about us. Compliments boost us up and give us pleasure. You should constantly remind your partner that there are innumerable things that you admire about your partner. It makes your partner feel good and happy.
It is easy to make compliments and yet they have a powerful effect. It makes us feel good about us and great about the person complimenting. We attracted and like the person complimenting us. We never feel bad or disgusted on receiving compliments, whoever gives them to us. And the compliments are given by your mate you feel extremely close to him/her.

Never hesitate to say -What I like about you is….. Or you look stunning wearing…. Compliment your partner on the looks, the dress up, the outward features, it makes them feel good and look better. More importantly you should compliment them on the internal qualities. Always make it a point to compliment your partner when he or she does something out of the way. Suppose your wife or girlfriend makes arrangement for a special dinner in spite of being busy then make sure to compliment her for her effort. If your husband helps you clean the dirt never fail to compliment.
Compliment your partner with a touch of romance in it. At times compliment your partner with a bouquet of flowers for her beauty or a kiss for her kindness. You can compliment your partner with a hug for helping you out in your work or just holding hands to say a thank you.

Compliments work like glue and get people together. You get stuck in a relation for ever if you are into the habit of complimenting each other. But make sure to give genuine compliment. You should compliment on what you see and admire and not for the heck of it. We all are aware of most of the qualities about us. Your partner knows when it has been said in a genuine manner. You do not have to hunt for something extra ordinary in your partner to make compliments. You just compliment him or her on the positive qualities or simply when he or she is wearing something nice and attractive.
The fact is that if you find yourself criticizing and finding faults with your partner you will tend to split apart whereas if you look at the positive aspect of your partner you will find yourself getting close to each other. So it is a must to notice the good things about your partners and compliment each other and get glued together.

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