Friday, June 15, 2007

Relationship: Do Not Repeat Do Not Repeat Do Not Repeat

How many of us make mistakes? How many of make mistakes every day? Well most of us. We make mistakes doing household work, doing office work and in relationships too. As we are humans we are sure to make mistakes. It is the mistakes that make us learn. Those of you who ignore the mistakes make the biggest blunder in their life. If you make mistakes learn from your mistakes and never repeat them.

YES, do not repeat…. Do not repeat your mistakes. A mistake is forgiven once, maybe twice or thrice but not always .If you do not learn from your mistakes you can never turn out to be an improved and a better person. Mistakes groom a person when he accepts it and learns to improve from it. You make a mistake once, feel a little embarrassed and are forgiven with a smile. You make that mistake twice, feel little less embarrassed and are forgiven with a frown, you repeat it for the third time feeling very little embarrassed you can be forgiven with a frown and then you repeat it again and again feeling nothing at all and you are thrown out, from the heart if not completely from the life. Under what category do you come? Certainly you would not like to be frown at or thrown out of the heart. After all it is the heart in a relationship that matters .Therefore do not repeat.
What is the way to improve? How can you learn? You have to observe and realize your mistakes. Remember when you hurt people they love you less. So that you do not hurt your partner think before you speak. Observe your partner reactions to the things you speak. Look at the reaction, the reply you get and the facial expression and you will know whether you have hurt your partner or not. Is he or she pleased by them, if not, then never make a mistake to repeat it.

When you come into a quarrel and conflict with each other and really not know the cause behind it then never pounce on each other. Sit together and try to resolve rather than finding faults with each other. You generally pounce on each other saying, you said that and you did that. You go on and on and on blaming each other. How can things work like that? You have to be calm and learn to ponder over the mistakes you make. This is how you work to improve yourself and your relationship.

At first it is difficult to accept and learn from your mistakes. We all have an ego within us that stops us from accepting our faults. We have to overcome that, learn to accept our mistakes and improve ourselves. Once we start doing and see it working then it becomes very easy to learn and improve.

Making mistakes, accepting and then not repeating them builds a positive attitude in a person. The positive attitude broadens your mental outlook and builds better understanding of people and situations. You build a personality that outshines.
You are no more an egoist and no more a rigid person. Acceptance brings flexibility in a person. Flexibility to mould yourself into a improved and better person.

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