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Mini Love Letter - It's Magical!

In a relationship, one of the most important aspects to enhance the relationship or take the relationship to the next level is honest communication between people. If you study communication in depth, there are basically only two methods, verbal and written. The written form is the most effective but can be also the most damaging if care is not taken in writing. People can forget what is being said but what is being written sometimes lives on over decades. This is the reason why love letters are so precious and effective.

An even more effective method is writing mini love letters or sometimes this is called love notes. In my relationship counseling, I often teach others how to develop their own love letters as an effective means of communication. The most important characteristic of an effective love letter is that it must reek of effort from the writer. However, writing love letters often can be quite difficult and time consuming. The mood, the time and the environment must be right to create an effective love letter.

In a lot of relationships, couples often suddenly feel the love moment. The love moment hits one suddenly. It may come when one is engrossed in doing a task and a sight triggers off a pleasant memory and one feels a warm feeling overcoming the entire body. It is in these moments that one should seize to write a love letter. Sometimes when it may not be too convenient, then a mini love letter or love note becomes a viable option.

What is a mini love letter? It is a short letter usually consisting of 1 to 3 sentences. It can be sent on a physical scented paper, an email or even a mobile short messaging. It is even more effective when the mini love letter is written in an unconventional medium such as on a pencil, bottle, tree bark you picked up and even on a piece of nice cloth. When mini love letters are written in an unconventional medium, it becomes a treasure.

Are mini love letters effective? Well, if you think about it, mini love letters are a multi-billion dollar industry already – your greeting cards are mini love letters! Notice how many words or phrases are there in the cards which you will easily pay $3 dollars to as much as $15 per card? Those cards are mini love letters written for you and you just have to pick one out. Although, it is a nice gesture, the problem with those is that your recipient knows that you bought it. So, the best mini love letters are those that come from your thoughts, your heart and those you created yourself. If you use a very unconventional medium, the mini love letter becomes even more pleasurable to the recipient. With an unconventional medium, your mini love letters ‘reeks of effort’ which will automatically radiate from it, and the recipient will recognize that instantly.

An example of a mini love letter on an unconventional medium would be:

Take a pencil and scrap off consistently one side of the pencil until the wood is exposed. It does not have to perfectly flat but it would make writing easier. Then take a felt pen marker and choose a love phrase e.g. “Without you, my life would be empty of all inspiration, love Joe”. Wrap up the pencil with a ribbon and present it when you next see her.

The best part of such a mini love letter on an unconventional medium is that it will be unique, the only one kind in the entire world, and this makes the mini love letter a treasure in itself.

I can assure you that pencil will never be sharpened, and it will be the most treasured pencil in the world for the recipient. Go ahead and write a mini love letter to someone close to you today.

Catherine Preth is a die-hard fan of love and everything around it. People need it more now than ever before. Catherine is the author of where she teaches people how to do the simplest thing to enhance relationships between people.

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