Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You
By Kloudiia Iing Tay

Falling in love is something that everyone is looking forward to. It is that kind of heart-thumping, face-blushing, hands-shivering and mind-swirling feeling you would pay a million bucks to be seized with.

If falling in love is such a wonderful and heavenly feeling to have, then why is not everyone doing this? Is falling in love such a hard thing to do?

To answer this question, let's look at what it takes for someone to fall in love.

You meet the person. He/she attracts you and makes you want to get in contact with him/her. As you get to know each other more, sparks start to fly. Before you know it, you are in love. Your heart starts beating faster even at the sound of his/her name.

Doesn't the process sound simple enough? It sure does, at least on paper. But in reality, you know as well as I do that in order to reach that stage where you can get to know this person better, you need to first get his/her attention. Things start to become tougher at this point.

In short, you need to attract someone before anyone can fall in love with you and vice versa.

Therefore, the one prerequisite that anyone must possess before he/she can fall in love is to be attractive. So now the question is how to attract the person we like? Or better still, how do we attract anyone at anytime and anywhere?

Each of us has a unique set of criteria when it comes to attraction. Our neurons get stimulated when they are exposed to intelligent things like remarks made by someone or a crisp and acute analysis of a complex situation. We get psyched up when we see things that positively impact our vision pleasures or when we hear words of a flattery tone.

So do we really need to be Mr Know-All or Miss Gorgeous to be able to find a partner or to fall in love?

Truth is, no! Attraction is a perception. That means how attractive you are is a form of perceived reality in the eyes of the person you wish to attract. If this is the truth, that means perception can be manipulated. Which also means, it can be learned.

There are many ways in which you can be more attractive. But whether or not you will become attractive depends on your attitude towards yourself and people in general. I have listed five secrets to up your attraction quotient here. You may like to read it if you want to know the ropes to becoming more attractive.

When attraction is in place between you and your date, then there is a basis for the possibility to fall in love with each other. Add in some other ingredients like humour, sincerity and sensitivity and you are on your way to a heart-thumping, face-blushing, hands-shivering and mind-swirling experience in your life.

Attraction is not only the prerequisite to fall in love, it is also a critical component to stay in love even after you are in a relationship or marriage. Without the attraction, couples tend to fall out of love at a rate faster than they would have liked. Without a sound knowledge of how attraction works and how to handle it, a high tendency to get attracted by a third party is present. This is when the danger of extra-marital affairs and cheating comes into play.

Do not let this happen to you if you are in a relationship. Learn about the secrets of attraction now.

You can download the free eBook on how to increase your attraction quotient by visiting this site http://www.Kloudiia.com/Attraction.

This article is written by Kloudiia Tay, Dating Specialist and Love Coach who writes about Love and Marriage, Dating & Relationships on her site http://www.Kloudiia.com.

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orbitaaliyaan said...

iam 11 th standard boy u know i have girl in my heart i never spoke to her till now how should i get her attention

orbitaaliyaan said...

iam 11 th standard boy u know i have girl in my heart i never spoke to her till now how should i get her attention

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