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How To Have Lots of Guys Chasing You

How To Have Lots of Guys Chasing You
By Tonja Weimer

Would you like to know how to have lots of men chasing you? If you are single, do you know the secrets of being irresistibly attractive? Would you like to have your choice of many great men so you can have the relationship of your dreams?

In truth, it isn't the wisest move for a woman to "wait" for a guy to "find" her. Finding each other needs to be a mutual choice. Both parties should take responsibility for whom they select to be with.

Chase does not mean stalking, seeking someone only for sex, or playing games to get your attention in order to exercise control over you. "Chase" in this article means:

*Madly attracted

*Vulnerable to you

*Seeking intimacy AND a lasting relationship

*Adores you

*Admires, respects, and could easily fall in love with you.

Being "chased" assumes that you will go places, be friendly, meet people, and reach out to others. If you keep yourself a secret, no one can find you and chase you.

If you want to have multiple choices of great guys who want to be with you, pay attention to the following known reasons that guys "chase" women...and fall in love with them.

* Your appearance

It needs to be polished and as attractive as possible without your obsessing about how you look all the time. Girls who sell themselves on looks alone always come up bankrupt. Appearance is important but it is just the beginning. do have control over how good you look.

Colors, clothes, hairstyle, and makeup are all under your control. You can get yourself to the gym and workout every day to have the best healthy body you are capable of. Whiten your teeth, get cosmetic dentistry if you need it or can afford it, and stand up straight. Poor posture is a major turnoff.

Finally, when you have done your best to look your best, shift your interest to other people, your work, or your other passions.

* Be friendly and talk to people.

Guys are attracted to women who pay attention to them, listen, and give appropriate compliments. Hold off on sharing the traumatic moments of your life--no one wants to hear those too soon. Get a counselor if you find that you must talk about them. Humor goes a long way. But keep it light and friendly--no put down, sarcastic, or bitter remarks. Those are not attractive.

* Depth

What attracts and holds a guy forever? Your level of committment to your work or your studies, your compassion for other people, and your dedication to a cherished cause. Loyalty, sensitivity, spirituality, and concerns about more than just the material life is very attractive.

* Confidence

This is the quality everyone says they need more of. How do you develop confidence? By doing things that make you feel proud of yourself. We're not talking about arrogance or feeling better than other people. Just quietly knowing that you have done a good job; that you have done the right thing even if it didn't matter; and that you are on purpose with your goals and values.

Develop and work on the above qualities and notice the line of guys forming who want to meet you, know you, and date you.

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